It Rises All Nectar "Seven Seas" feat. Ivana Mer
Asteroidea Digital Records

After working in collaboration with Mexican and Argentinian artists in his first two singles, the european settled-argentine musician and producer realeases "Seven Seas". It's about that downtempo electronic dreamy song which can carry you to a subtle universe through the vocals and lyrics of Slovak singer Ivana Mer. Shaped by the sound of harps, processed piano, violin, cymbal, timpani, bells and a display of complex choirs that are best to experience with headphones. Being an anagram for Cristian Estrella, It Rises All Nectar becomes an ideal excuse to make a solo project also collaborative. As a multimedia driven artist, Cristian created his own videos. Simple and handy tools were used, such as paper, watercolors, a table light, an adapted microphone and a cellphone. Slow-motion and zooming during edition revealed an organic life within this colourful world, tunning accordingly with the song. Cristian also works with Ivana since 2015, both as founders of Asteroidea Digital Records, editing artists from Europe, Latin-America and Asia.

Ivana Mer has given the song a dose of delicacy from her voice and a sense of profound poetry in her lyrics, focused in ethereal beings like angels all along human history. “Seven Seas is an archaic designated for all seas in the world. Fusing that peaceful feeling and harmony for the planet in challenging times for everyone”. Ivana unveils her music career since 2008, doing live performances with different formations, composing music for theater, dance, videoart and other kinds of performance. During these months she continues her recording sessions and producing along Cristian her awaited third album.

Music: Cristian Estrella & Ivana Mer. Voice and Lyrics: Ivana Mer. Cristian Estrella: virtual instruments (harp, piano, violin, timpani, cymbal, bells) and electronic drums. Composed and mixed by Cristian Estrella. Recorded and filmed in Banská Stiavnica (Slovakia). Camera and edition: LINEA1. YouTube: It Rises All Nectar - Seven Seas »
submission date: 4/15/2020

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It Rises All Nectar "In Astral Reticles" feat. Gustavo Jacob [MX]
Cristian Estrella - Asteroidea Digital Records

It Rises All Nectar is the new collaborative project of the Argentinian musician and producer Cristian Estrella. His first single "In Astral Reticles" is officially out now, released by Asteroidea Digital Records. This instrumental piece was born from a piano improvisation during the artistic residency in Batovce, Slovakia. The process of creation brought charango, synthesizers and with added electronics changed the mood into electro-acoustic-glitch sound. For Cristian "... is a channel to resize everyday problems, by observing us as a small particle in this cosmos. We are in a vast cosmic arena, as Carl Sagan mentioned in the sample.”
Cristian compose music for theater and is also stable member on keyboards, electronics and visuals in the band of Ivana Mer (Slovak singer and composer). Besides performs folktronic DJ sets under the name Mira Tus Manos. This is the first step in the way to the whole album, that will be released by the end of the year. It will contain the playlist that dive into several styles, with guests from various countries.
Gustavo Jacob the mexican musician (Luz de Ríada, Los Jaigüey, Ádada, The Room Trío, Los Importantes de la Noche) is the guest artist on the track. Recorded various guitar layers for this song about micro and macro cosmos. Cristian and Gustavo met in Buenos Aires on september 2014 during a tour of Luz de Riada. read more »
submission date: 2/3/2020

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Nick Suzuki
Visual composer

I consider myself a visual composer who, with lightness, careless and without shame, utilises and mixes different techniques and visual arts. I don’t go along or belong to any group, school or trend. Groups and schools are prisons. Bounds are boundaries to the freedom, the freedom which is the base to try understand who I really am, who You really are.
Artistically I don’t have conscious influences. I usually improvise, in art so in life. I don’t use to prepare and organise things before to do something. It’s tedious and I don’t have enough discipline for it. In Italian I would say: Navigo a vista. Literally Dead Reckoning. My interest goes to people and their faces, that’s why only love figurative arts in every style or form I like to observe people which are the mirror of myself and the understanding of Myself in their daily activities and emotions, and I keep myself ready. Sometimes, for few seconds, it’s like I can experience their momentary emotions, especially if it is frustration or sacrifice. A stranger can make us feel emotions that don’t belong to Us. Empathy. And it is that vision, in which I transcend, that I want to translate into something real using Art as a device tool. I use the others. I then confront them with myself. It can be seen often in my art where my portrait is often the background layer, hidden or drowned under other’s emotions.
I was born in Bologna, Italy, the 8th of August 1973 in a middle-class family, basically formed by Teachers, Doctors and Economists. I was forced to follow my parents steps so I graduated in Economics. Meanwhile, I was 18, I met and get along with Massimiliano Valli, a talented Film director and peculiar person witch I still admire. He made Best Boy in his movies. That’s where my love and dreams for Cinema light up. In secret I attended a Cinema university, DAMS Bologna. During the university time in Urbino, I I get really well along with the Maestro Bruno Tontini, a contorted painter and sculptor, known in Urbino for being hot-headed alcoholic and untameable trouble maker. With him I spend 5 years of real friendship, interrupted by his incarceration.
Together we mostly experiment with the videocamera doing short videos using us as actors. He also teaches me the basic of sculpture and painting. I consider Bruno my first Maestro d’arte, even if his style didn’t influenced any of my works. Bruno is in prison and I get my graduation. Back to Bologna I start to work in my parent’s business as business consultant. After 6 month I buy a ticket to Shanghai and I quit the job. Since that day I still wandering around asia doing videos, photos, drawing and tattooing. Nick Suzuki (Nicola Suzzi)
submission date: 4/4/2019

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"There is the sense of theatre that artists such as Sufjan Stevens achieve, and Gruen's music certainly stands alongside such artists comfortably...truly a thing of beauty." Americana UK Kris Gruen writes songs about grownup life infused with a mystic wonder, softening the world's sharp edges like a glass of exceptionally fine bourbon. Kris grew up steeped in classic records. His Americana influenced new folk is grounded in the tradition of great narrative songwriters like Cat Stevens and Paul Simon and yet Kris's voice is strikingly current. A New York City native who's put down roots in Vermont, Kris effortlessly blends sagacious wit and emotional depth. Americana UK writes "There is the sense of theatre that artists such as Sufjan Stevens achieve, and Gruen's music certainly stands alongside such artists comfortably...truly a thing of beauty." While often garnering comparisons to contemporaries like The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, and Andrew Bird, Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority aptly notes, "Kris Gruen is no mere imitator. He possesses a sound all his own."
Open heartedness is featured prominently on Kris Gruen's forthcoming album 'Coast and Refuge" (out June 22, 2018).This is true in both the themes and the making of the album-- whether in writing about what it takes to keep a relationship or a friendship going-- or in the process of making art in a series of collaborations that included LA producer Dan Wilson (Adele, Semisonic,) Justin Gray (Dirty Heads, James Bay & John Legend,) Finnish singer-songwriter Peppina and AM, a singer-songwriter who's toured with Beck and Air. And after a seven country European tour supporting Jesse Malin, another coast led him to work with Peter Morén, of Peter Bjorn & John. Gruen also collaborated with filmmaker Melissa Miller Costanzo for her feature film "All These Small Moments" starring Molly Ringwald and Jemima Kirke which appeared at The Tribeca Film Festival this past April . Coast & Refuge is an album both about and created by partnerships where the sonic and thematic threads feel constant, equally at home in the old townships of Vermont where the new folk-artist lives, as it is in the new frontiers of Scandinavia, and the California coastline where much of it was written. The songs retain folk roots, but bring a contemporary urgency and a huge sound. The result draws comparisons to Matthew Perryman Jones, Pete Yorn, Elbow, Griffin House, Ryan Adams, and Peter Bjorn and John; in fact, the latter's Peter Morén appears on the album as vocalist and co-writer of "Every Day and Night Now." Kris Gruen's voice is seasoned, soaring, and at the height of his craft. Coast &Refuge is a must listen and Kris live is a must-see Gruen has also released acclaimed albums Lullaby School and Part Of It All, and his third studio album, New Comics From The Wooded World came out in the summer of 2013. In 2015 amidst an 8 country European tour supporting Jesse Malin, Kris did a short run release of the Duos and Trios EP which included some and collaborations from 4 friends including Jim and Sam, The Bones of J.R. Jones, Rachel Ries and Peppina. This laid the groundwork and spawned the idea for the upcoming Coast & Refuge. He has shared the stage with the likes of The Avett Brothers, Nicole Atkins and Sean Lennon and is currently touring as support for Alejandro Escovedo on the east coast. read more »
submission date: 6/7/2018

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Billboard today premieres "Coldplay", the new music video by Mr Hudson feat. Vic Mensa. The latest single by the acclaimed singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Ben Hudson (a.k.a. Mr Hudson) was first heard on Beats 1 as Zane Lowe’s #WorldRecord. The track's release follows Mr Hudson's acclaimed, "Can't Forget You" which premiered via Pitchfork in September.
Mr Hudson on the “Coldplay” music video - "Here it is at last! I'm really proud of this. We managed to squeeze a whole movie into four minutes. Videos are often throwaway or a distraction from the song, but i believe this adds another layer of story to the song. I hope you feel the same way too. Jade Lorna Sullivan and Vic Mensa are rockstars as always. PS Let me know if you can spot any of the references to some classic films.” First meeting in London in 2013, Hudson and Mensa's admiration of one another developed finally into collaboration in early 2017. After performing in L.A. for the Celebrating David Bowie show, Mr. Hudson skipped the curtain call and headed straight to the Record Plant to work with Mensa on the latter's track "Almost There," released in June 2017.
Fast forward a few months to October and Mensa returns the favor, cutting a verse for Mr Hudson’s new single "Coldplay." "For me "Coldplay" is about that moment when you're about to give up on someone, but you don't," explains Hudson. "You dig deep. You keep working. Even though it might be easier to walk away." He continues, "Vic's verse is powerful. It's more than a feature. He wears his heart on his sleeve. We've been friends for four years and we only just worked together! You can hear in our collaborations that we really wanted to add a lot to the records. Not all features are like that. Sonically, I love the jazz quartet on a space-station aesthetic. Sad-robot music. That's my happy place."
As a sought-after writer and producer Mr Hudson has been working writing for some of the biggest names in music including, Future, DJ Snake and others this year. Most recently, Hudson co-wrote two tracks with English singer JP Cooper including, "September Song" which went platinum in the UK and hit #6 on the UK singles chart resulting in over 260 million plays on Spotify. Mr. Hudson also scored the soundtrack for the 2017 anime short, Children of Ether.

About Mr Hudson
In 2008 after the release of Mr Hudson’s critically acclaimed album, A Tale Of Two Cities, he made a list of producers he’d like to work with for his follow-up album. Unexpectedly, Kanye West offered to sign Mr Hudson to West's G.O.O.D. music and exec produce the album. Next thing Mr Hudson knew he was on a plane to Hawaii. "Before I got to America I was a reluctant collaborator but on the first day in Hawaii, Kanye said 'I want you to help' and I took that to heart and it stuck with me ever since. I just try to help in whatever context I'm in. It's a good headspace." In addition to Kanye, Mr Hudson soon began collaborating on a string of hits and #1 albums with Jay Z, Kid Cudi and Big Sean. read more »
submission date: 2/1/2018

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Ivana Mer
A planetary compilation

The edition of "Early Works" issued in February 2016 through the Slovak label Slnko Records, brought Ivana Mer's compositions to the international scene. Her songs continue in the cosmopolitan spirit in which they were created and reached various djs and producers around the world. Now this album reborn, full of astonishing and powerful collaborations from intercontinental artists. Japan, Argentina, Australia, Greece, Ukraine, Mexico, Hungary, Slovakia and Uruguay. Fresh visions of her music. Welcome to EARLY WORKS REMIXED EXTENDED EDITION.

Una compilación planetaria
La edición de "Early Works" realizada en febrero de 2016 a través del sello eslovaco Slnko Records, puso a las composiciones de Ivana Mer en la escena internacional. Elegido por diversos medios como uno de los lanzamientos destacados del año, sus canciones siguieron el impulso cosmopolita con el que fueron originadas, y llegaron a los oídos de distintos djs y productores alrededor del mundo. Ahora nace este album con colaboraciones de sorprendentes y poderosos artistas intercontinentales. Desde Japón a Argentina, pasando por Australia, Grecia, Hungría, Ucrania, México, Eslovaquia y Uruguay, se produjeron distintas y novedosas miradas sobre su música. Bienvenidos a EARLY WORKS REMIXED EXTENDED EDITION. read more »
submission date: 12/8/2017

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Elisabetta Pandimiglio
La cena di Toni

Elisabetta Pandimiglio is an Italian film director, writer and screenwriter. In almost 20 years of activity she has written and directed over 50 works: a feature film, documentaries, shorts, educational videos and non-profit ads commissioned by the European Union, the City Council of Rome, NGOs and many other institutions. She is one of the founders of the Italian Association Telefono Rosa (fighting against violence on women). She has written and published researches, surveys, essays, inquiries and short stories on feminine condition and social uneasiness, and the novel “Ilia di Notte” (Data News, Rome 2001), and the bio-narrative "Il camoscio e il borraccino" (Limina, Arezzo 2010). On a commission from Nanni Moretti she has made in 2002 the Sacher Diary “Zappaterra”. Her solo films or in co-direction with César Meneghetti have been shown in over 20 countries and have received several recognitions. For her directing work she has won over 50 awards, among them three Nastro D’argento - a special mention by the SNGCI (Italian Cinema Journalists Association) Annual Award. In 2009 she made the feature documentary "L'incontro" and the short "1000 days of Vito" (Official selection atthe Venice Days - 66th Venice Film Festival, winner of several international awards, among them Best Film at the 2nd Italian Cinema Festival of Madrid and another Nastro D'argento in 2010; nominated for the Golden Globes 2011). In 2011 she wrote and directed "Più come un artista" (More as an artist), official selection at the Venice Days - 68th Venice Film Festival. In 2012 she shot the bookciak “TURNING POINTS”, special event at Venice-Days  – 69 Venice Film Festival. In 2013 she made the multimedia work entitled “FAME” about the increasing of eating disorders linked to media interests. Latest works: “SBAGLIATE” (wrong women) on the feminine choice of non-maternity, “SCUOLA CALCIO” (80’), LA CENA DI TONI (70’).

Elisabetta Pandimiglio, regista, autrice, scrittrice. Ha scritto e diretto oltre cinquanta lavori: lungometraggi di finzione, documentari, corti narrativi, video e spot educativi per conto di Unione Europea, Comune di Roma, Telefono Rosa, Regione Lazio. È una delle fondatrici di Telefono Rosa (Associazione Nazionale contro la violenza sommersa). Ha pubblicato indagini, denunce, inchieste, saggi, racconti su condizione femminile e disagio sociale, il romanzo “Ilia di Notte” (Data News 2001). Su commissione di Nanni Moretti, ha realizzato nel 2002 il Diario Sacher “Zappaterra”. I suoi film sono stati esibiti in oltre venti paesi. Come regista ha ricevuto numerosi  premi e riconoscimenti tra cui tre menzioni speciali ai Nastri d’Argento. I suoi lavori più recenti: nel 2009 ha  scritto e diretto il lungometraggio “L’Incontro” e il cortometraggio “Mille giorni di Vito” (selezione ufficiale Giornate degli autori - 66 Mostra d’arte cinematografica di Venezia,  vincitore di numerosi  premi nazionali e internazionali tra cui Miglior film al Festival del Cinema Italiano a Madrid 2009; cinquina finalista  e menzione speciale ai Nastri d’argento 2010; nomination Globi d’oro 2011). Nel 2010 ha scritto il libro “Il camoscio e il borraccino” (Limina 2010) edito con il documentario “Taccone- fuga in salita”. Nel 2011 ha scritto e diretto “Più come un artista” (selezione ufficiale Giornate degli autori - 68 Mostra d’arte cinematografica di Venezia). Nel 2012 realizza il bookciak “SVOLTE”, evento speciale alle Giornate degli Autori – 69 Mostra d’arte cinematografica di Venezia.  Nel 2013 realizza l’opera multimediale “FAME” sulla diffusione dei disturbi alimentari.  I suoi ultimi lavori: SBAGLIATE (70’) sulla scelta femminile della non maternità ( selezione ufficiale 11° Biografilm festival - Concorso Italia Bologna giugno 2015 22° Libero Bizzarri – Italia doc selezione ufficiale luglio 2015 - 2° Via EmiliaDoc Fest 2015 Modena novembre 2015 - 37° Festival Internazionale di Cinema e donne Firenze novembre 2015 - 10° Italia Doc - Casa del Cinema 2015 Roma marzo 2016 - Rassegna Centro Doc donna Modena - Udi Carpi marzo 2016- 23° Sguardi altrove - Women’s Film Festival Milano marzo 2016 - Cinema Lumière Bologna aprile 2016 Rassegna Libreria delle Donne Milano aprile 2016 - Cinema Lumière Bologna aprile 2016 - Rassegna Libreria delle Donne Milano aprile 2016- Centro di Psicanalisi Italiana Roma maggio 2016 - Biblioteca Comunale di Monterotondo - Roma giugno 2016- MonFilmFest 14 edizione Casale Monferrato (Al) luglio 2016 – Saronno- Rassegna “Stelle del cinema italiano indipendente”edizione agosto 2016 (dove ha ricevuto un premio per la regia di una serie di lavori) - Alla Dogana di Milano - Cassero LGBT Center di Bologna - Casa Internazionale delle donne Roma gennaio 2017 - Teatro Cantelli – Vignola (Mo) marzo 2017 - Circolo ARCI San Vito di Leguzzano (Vi) marzo 2017 – Bari – 6° edizione Festival delle Donne e dei saperi di genere/ Casa donne del Mediterraneo Aprile 2017- Lugano 7° Other Movie Lugano Film Festival Evento Speciale. “SCUOLA CALCIO” (80’) del collettivo Mina di cui ha curato scrittura, riprese, direzione artistica. LA CENA DI TONI (70’) documentario su una vita segnata dall’irruzione di un evento imprevedibile (Evento speciale Molise film Festival 2017 - Premio speciale giuria Mediterraneo Video festival 2017). read more »
submission date: 10/9/2017

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Ivana Mer
presents her new video of the song "Mereus" remixed by Poncho+Casino Tart [Japan]

As a result of the exchange between Slovakian singer and songwriter Ivana Mer and Japanese producer Ugh Yoing (member of Poncho+Casino Tart), appears this powerful remix of "Mereus". The original song is the first single from "Early Works" [2016, Slnko Records], the debut of Ivana. In "About Early Works" she says that "the lyrics and the music came together in one moment in Prague, in 2008 I think, when I recorded it alone with the computer. It speaks about the mythological creature, which is Mereus, the king of the seas. He is calling you by sirens so that you can see your soul in his mirror. All of a sudden the lyrics appeared and I did not really understand their meaning. And then gradually, through this mythological story, I realized that it was about the deeper inward immersion." About his work, Ugh tells "we added an accompaniment of images that were suitable for the voices and that were different from the original song. I started adding a chord progression, a base, different from the original. Then I added a beat that fits good, the melody and then appears other. All the work was done in one week. We released a new double album through Nunulaxnulan, Japanese label, containing recent works, collaborations and remixes. Mereus is included, we like it a lot."
Filmed in 10 cities of 6 countries (Banská Bystrica, Bátovce, Banská Štiavnica, Bratislava and Zvolen [Slovakia], Venice [Italy], Ibiza [Spain], Prague [Czech Republic] ), the clip was produced and edited by Cristian Estrella. His work was focused on "connecting with water in all its forms and states, seas, rivers, fish ponds, snow ... most of the shots were made with a mobile phone and the macro lens. Amazing shapes appeared. We are made of water. More than half of our body belongs to it. Ivana's martial attitude adds an amusing and dynamic component." The remix is part of "Early Works REMIXED vol.1" along with works of djs and producers from Argentina, Uruguay, Greece, and Australia. The track will be also included in the second volume that will be released in the physical format during the following months. Musicians from Mexico, Slovakia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Hungary already confirmed their participation. read more »
submission date: 9/24/2017

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Canaletto & the Art of Venice
Seventh Art Productions

A new film shot in ultra HD 4K, based on the much anticipated exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
In cinemas nationwide from 26th September 2017
Directed by David Bickerstaff
Co-written by David Bickerstaff and Phil Grabsky
EXHIBITION ON SCREEN open its fifth season with Canaletto & the Art of Venice, an immersive journey into the life and art of Venice’s famous view-painter.
No artist better captures the essence and allure of Venice than Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto. Despite Canaletto’s close relationship with the city in which he lived and died, the world’s largest collection of his works resides not in his native Italy, but in Britain as part of the Royal Collection. In 1762, George III purchased almost the entire collection amassed by Joseph Smith,British Consul in Venice and Canaletto’s principal agent.
EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’s latest release will grant unique access to the Royal Collection’s exceptional holdings of Canaletto's work, much of which is on display as part of the exhibition Canaletto & the Art of Venice at The Queen’s Gallery (19 May - 12 November).
The remarkable group of over 200 paintings, drawings and prints on display offer unparalleled insight into the artistry ofCanaletto and his contemporaries, and the city he became a master at capturing. The film also offers the chance to step inside two official royal residences - Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle - to learn more about the artist, and Joseph Smith, the man who introduced Canaletto to Britain.
From London, Canaletto & the Art of Venice will travel to the great Italian city to explore the origins of Canaletto’s art. Whilst appearing to be faithful representations of the city, Canaletto's skill came from his manipulation of reality. He moved buildings around or opened up vistas to create the perfectcomposition, and his paintings of Venice were highly sought after by Grand Tourists. His playful imagination extended into a new genre in which he excelled. The 'capriccio' combined real and fantasy architecture into imagined views. In this sense, Canaletto is more than a topographical artist - he is a master storyteller.
Cinema-goers will embark on their very own 21st century Grand Tour, visiting the sites enjoyed by their 18th century counterparts and immortalised in Canaletto’s views - from the Rialto Bridge to the Piazza San Marco, and the Palazzo Ducale to the Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Guided by RoyalCollection Trust curators and the world’s leading experts in Venetian history, the film is not only a wonderful way to see the exhibition, but an opportunity to get closer to Canaletto and the city that inspired him.

Working with top international museums and galleries, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN create films which offer a cinematic immersion into the world’s best loved art, accompanied by insights from the world's leading historians and arts critics. Since launching in 2011, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN have released 16 films which have been shown in over 50 countries worldwide.
Submission date: 7/17/2017

Seventh Art Productions

Adam Roose "Egocentric"
Dir J A Williams

Adam "BixbyKnolls" Roose, A Bixby Knolls (Uptown Long Beach) California Native born May 3rd 1987, hence the alias "Mr. May 3hird", is a melodic threat to those who underestimate him. His music consists of a pure original and versatile sound allowing Adam to create a refreshing twist to current Hip Hop. Influenced by the likes of artists as timeless as The Isley Brothers to current artists like The Weeknd, he creates a sound that allows the audience to bite their tongues before proclaiming the absence of originality in Long Beach. He also provides the rare combination of skills that would make any A & R think twice.
When he's not displaying his flow, he's probably producing or composing the very music he's writing to, not to mention working with the melodic gift of serenity he also possesses. When singing he delivers a very soulful and warming tone that can bend and fit virtually any style of music. "Consider my music the postcard for Long Beach, CA". Adam Roose refers to his music as the representation that is never displayed through music in his hometown. "I feel the options available for music being represented by Long Beach is good and I support all of them, but my sound is long beyond what people actually have to offer and doesn't need to be hidden or free any longer. People pay for music of this quality." A confident and proud individual is the self-proclaimed "Dean" and CEO/Founder of the illustrious "University". Open your minds and ears to what the "University" and Adam Roose have to offer.

Elevated on Apple Music
The University Creative Group on YouTube

From the Producer of The Perfect Guy comes the drama 1982
A film by Tommy Oliver

A riveting story about love and redemption starring Hill Harper, Sharon Leal, Bokeem Woodbine, La La Anthony, with Wayne Brady and the legendary Ruby Dee in her final performance. Witness the lengths one man will go to for his family when 1982 arrives on DVD, Digital and On Demand March 1 from Codeblack Films and Lionsgate. From the producer of the 2015 smash hit The Perfect Guy, 1982 features an all-star cast including Hill Harper, Sharon Leal, Bokeem Woodbine, La La Anthony, Quinton Aaron, introducing Troi Zee, with Wayne Brady, and the legendary Ruby Dee in her final performance. An Official Selection of the Toronto Film Festival, the 1982 home entertainment release includes audio commentary with actor Hill Harper and writer/director Tommy Oliver and will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $19.98. Tim Brown is a devoted family man who has worked hard to provide a good life for his wife Shenae and daughter Maya. But all is threatened when Shenae's old boyfriend returns from prison and lures her back into a dangerous lifestyle. Though his wife has abandoned him, Tim refuses to give up hope, fighting against impossible odds to bring his family back together in this powerful drama. read more »
submission date: 12/21/2015

ionone presents
Rayon de lune

Rayon de lune Original soundtrack from Il Giornalista by Tony Morgan. Music by Alessandro Giurato performed by Erika Lo Giudice. An ionone production 2015

TECHNARTE Art + Technology
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Featured Artists: OPN Studio, Patxi Araujo, 3DKUMO, Rachael Runner, Frederik De Wilde, Joaquin Fargas, Alessandro Scali The Technarte exhibition showcases select artists from the last 10 years of the Technarte conference on art and technology based in Bilbao, Spain. This years inagural US conference is being held at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station Dec 10-11, 2015 and LACDA proudly presents the conference’s satellite show at it’s downtown Los Angeles location. Technarte is a vessel for growth and encourages artists to challenge the traditional boundaries and preconceptions of what is considered art, science and technology. The unique Technarte platform of support cultivates innovative ideas and fosters new opportunities for artists. These artworks, transmitted through Mobile art, Nano art, Bio art, Sciart or Robotic Art, are only a few examples of how the artists use technology to create and understand both the artistic and scientific world. TECHNARTE Conference will be held at the Writers Boot Camp on Thursday & Friday, December 10th & 11th at Bergamot Station with the Artists’ Opening Reception at LACDA Saturday December 12th at 7pm. December 10, 2015 - January 2, 2016 read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Guido Moretti: Riflessioni sull'arte

Guido Moretti is the second of three sons, was born on 12 August 1947 at 20 Via Gramsci, Gardone V.T. His father Luigi was a carpenter and used part of the hallway of the house as his workroom. Later, he was able to set up his own furniture factory. Guido much preferred his father's carpenter's shop to school desks. Guido completed the senior section at the main school in Brescia, where he discovered and was captivated by the beauty of analytical geometry. Then he entered to the Faculty of Engineering at Padua University in 1967. There he created his first sculptures in plastiline. Completed first two years of university, Guido switched to the Faculty of Physics and moved to Milan. In that time he was considering teaching as a carrier. During this time in Milan his sculpting output increased. In 1973, he settled in Brescia and graduated in Phisics. In the beginning of 1974 Guido started to teach in various schools. He became involved with the Loggetta artistic group and followed various courses in drawing and ceramics. In 80s his creativity knew no bounds: from stratifications he moved on to rotations followed by orthogonal intersections. He created a set of sculptures of orthogonal intersections with various optical illusion shapes and impossible figures. Photos of his sculptures were published in several Italian magazines. Also his sculptures are part of collections of various museums. Since 1996 he has worked with Anna Canali's Milan gallery Arte Struktura. read more »

Guido Moretti Scultore - Architettura Arte Contemporanea
La mostra sarà aperta dal martedì al sabato dalle ore 15,30 alle ore 19,30 fino al 24 ottobre 2015 Le opere esposte, oltre 20, sono in bronzo, plexiglas, nylon, alluminio coloratissimo. Forme spiazzanti realizzate con un originale metodo che talvolta raggiunge la magia dell’illusione e a volte si astrae nella perfezione matematica. Guido Moretti, nato nel 1947 a Gardone Val Trompia, cresce giocando e costruendo i suoi giocattoli con il legno nel laboratorio del padre. Questo materiale lo affascina e gli consente di sviluppare la propria manualità. Laureato in fisica, diventa insegnante, organizza e frequenta corsi di disegno e di affresco. Inizia la sua ricerca dapprima nel mondo del figurativo poi nel mondo della scienza, e associando le sue conoscenze matematiche e fisiche, trova una sua personalissima linea che lo porteranno ad ottenere prestigiose onorificenze sia in Italia che all’estero. Nel 2004 Pubblica il libro “La Terza Via Alla Scultura” in cui documenta più di venti anni della sua originale ricerca plastica. Il direttore del più grande centro mondiale d’arte illusoria di Los Angeles, Mr. Al Seckel, pubblica il suo libro “MASTERS OF DECEPTION” in cui dedica un intero capitolo al lavoro di Guido Moretti. Partecipa a numerose mostre e fiere d’arte in Italia e all’estero, tenendo spesso anche conferenze sul suo originale metodo di lavoro. Nel 2009 è stato invitato dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Toronto ad allestire un sua mostra personale. Negli anni 2012- 2013 viene onorato nell’ambito della 1° e 2° “grande festa della matematica al parco OLTREMARE di Riccione” con una mostra personale. Attualmente, in Australia, una sua opera il “Cubo-non Cubo”, è usata come oggetto di scena nelle riprese del film “Other Life” dal regista Ben C. Lucas tratto dal romanzo “Solitaire” di Kelley Eskridge, sua estimatrice. read more »

RUFUS La Serie - Episodio #0 ft Gionata Mirai - L'inferno
Casa Lavica

Rufus is an audio/video project based on a series of episodes accomplished with several different video techniques. The main character of the series is Rufus, a "junky" rat. Episodes have no dialogues, they are instead replaced by music. Each episode has a collaboration, in fact the projects involves several among the most influential underground artists in Italy (I'm from Naples). The project has a strictly artistic and experimental non-for-profit nature, but it will be broadcast one episode at a time over the web by our staff. Here is the link of the episode 0 (featuring Gionata Mirai from "il Teatro degli orrori"), location: Hell. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Giacomo Filippini - Ferro

Born in Brescia, Giacomo Filippini grew in close contact with art, wandering in the laboratory of his mother, Giuliana Geronazzo, famous artist from Brescia. A vantage viewpoint, a living room where he could understand the movements and personalities that have built the history of contemporary art of Brescia. It is precisely in the workshop in via Quinzano that Giacomo takes his first steps, building his first works with glass. Teacher of art and life Gero was an indispensable starting point from which Giacomo began to build his identity. Through time Giacomo experiments new techniques, including ceramics and raku. Finally, the first sight with iron. First is the iron combined with glass. The strength of iron is opposed to the more fragile exists in nature fascinates Giacomo. The antithesis is the synthesis of these works: energy versus frailty, the metal that does not leave pass light against the transparency, the colour black approached with which glass is painted . The figure of Giacomo in the contemporary artistic scene, however, is defined with his iron works, which are also the biggest part of its production. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Giuliana Geronazzo - Vetro

Sculptress and painter: born in Bergamo, Giuliana Geronazzo  lives and  works in  Brescia, with her own open art studio.  After her early studies and exams at Liceo Artistico of Venice, Giuliana starts her personal quest in matter of sculpture: terracotta, bronze, wood, glass resin, raku and glass are the materials and techniques she is nowday  engaged in. From 1986 to 1988 she specializes with internships in raku and ceramic technique in Faenza, with Prof. Galassi Mariani Cimatti. In 1990 in Germany she attends internships of glass fusion techniques. From 1995 collaborates with Museo Preistorico dell’Alto Mantovano: excavations and teaching activities. In her laboratory and in the museum, where a specific path has been set up, Giuliana collaborates at courses of clay modeling also for hyposeeing and blind people: this project is done with a specialized team.  At present she organizes several didactic projects with schools. “Under, above and inside glass” is the emblematic title Giuliana Geronazzo uses to present her glass works at Villa Pomini in 2001. Informal works, three-dimensional objects through “contemporaneity of glass”, because glass is only volume and what is enclosed inside is only transparency. Works resulting from a rich variegated journey, where studies and research marked a series of important transitions from painting to sculpture, to ceramic, to glass seen like “ union between painting and sculpture” (Franco Azimonti, Councillor for Culture at Castellanza). “Glass with its numerous applications allows a further deepening of stylistic  sphere…the value of light becomes fundamental; light, expressed through strokes, intrusion, bubbles, bravura of spirals, becomes a kind of renewed brush which works out forms and suggests mind patterns…. abstract installations the Artist seems to better build new expressive solutions in, somehow  innovative, but also rooted into her history…For Gero fortune is in her hands…” (Mauro Corradini, art critic – Monograph 2009). Giuliana is present in international art catalogues. Her works are held at both public and private collections. Her sacred art works are displayed in some churches in Brescia and Milano. Solo and group exhibitions and some art pieces are visible on this website. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - Discorsi sull'arte

Zaven Nevaz LIVE 2014 - Architettura Arte Contemporanea - October 11 - 31, 2014
E' una attenta riflessione sul mondo quella che Zaven traduce in forza e quindi in colore trasmesso con l'impeto del gesto con pennelli e spatole, per cogliere quell'attimo breve ed interminabile e fissarne l'essenza del segno. Lo spessore della materia, nell'interpolazione tra colori primari, si mescola tra strati sovrapposti, componendosi e ricomponendosi fino al punto in cui la tela diventa luogo di creazione e concepimento. Quella stessa gestualita' che intercorre tra la tela ed il colore trova l'esatta conformazione quando fissandosi staticamente sulla superficie la impressiona, come una pellicola fotografica attraversata dalla luce, permettendo cosi' all'anima di rappresentarsi e rendersi visibile al mondo che la contiene. Colore come parole che parlano e scrivono frasi il cui senso raggiunge l'interno dall'esterno, il bianco dal nero. E' quella parte interiore che parla raccontando il complesso vissuto che separa microcosmo da macrocosmo, miniature da possenti pennellate, luogo dove il gesto misurato e sottile si dilata nell'impatto travolgente del tempo. In questo modo, nelle opere di Zaven, tempo e materia si incontrano attraversando lo spazio per fermarne un frammento che racconta l'intera esistenza di quell'anima che stenta a farsi vedere e riconoscere ma che invece parla eloquentemente attraverso l'opera d'arte. Un perfetto equilibrio tra realismi figurativi e trasformazioni astratte culminanti in un linguaggio simbiotico tra rappresentazione di un mondo apparente ed il suo profilo indefinito, intangibile, in continuo movimento, etereo ed eterno.
Artista armeno dedito alla ricerca del divino, che si esprime nell' arte figurativa delle icone e in quella dell'espressionismo dei suoi quadri. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - La pittura

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.
L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
L'occhio dell'anima - AAC mostra Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.

L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Ugo Nespolo "Invenzioni italiane"

AAC is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ugo Nespolo "Italian inventions" to reveal the richness and expressiveness of this Italian artist published in the prestigious encyclopedia Treccani and present in foreign museums with the largest number of exhibitions. from 09 May to 12 June 2014
AAC e’ lieta di presentare la personale di Ugo Nespolo “Invenzioni italiane” per svelare la ricchezza espressiva ed appassionante di questo artista italiano pubblicato nella prestigiosa enciclopedia Treccani e presente nei musei stranieri con il maggior numero di mostre. dal 09 Maggio al 12 Giugno, 2014

Screenone minute
Paolo Conti

Film Festival

The CineVegas Film Festival is a platform for artists and art lovers who are drawn to the edge. Held amidst the unique, unpredictable and intoxicating environment that is Las Vegas, the CineVegas Film Festival pushes the boundaries of cinema. The Festival annually presents work by innovative, uninhibited, and renegade artists to an audience of local and national film lovers, journalists, and film industry representatives. Robin Greenspun serves as the festival’s President, Trevor Groth serves as Artistic Director and Dennis Hopper serves as the Chairman of the Creative Advisory Board.

Easier with Practice Receives Grand Jury Prize
Godspeed and Etienne! Receive Special Jury Awards
All In: The Poker Movie Awarded Documentary Jury Award
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo Wins Special Documentary Jury Award
The Revenant receives Dramatic Audience Award and Documentary Audience Award awarded to Winnebago Man

Las Vegas, NV (June 15, 2009) – The 11th Annual CineVegas Film Festival announced its jury award winners at the CineVegas Awards Reception last night, where Jon Voight, Willem Dafoe, George and Mike Kuchar, Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago were also honored.   Festival winners included Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s Easier with Practice, which received the Grand Jury Prize; Godspeed was acknowledged with an Exceptional Artistic Achievement Award for Cory Knauf, Joseph McKelheer and Robert Saitzyk; and Jeff Mizushima with the Filmmaker to Watch Award for his film Etienne! Additionally, the Grand Jury Prize for Pioneer Documentaries was awarded to Douglas Tirola’s All In: The Poker Movie, with a Special Jury Award for Artistic Vision going to Jessica Oreck’s Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo.   Kerry Prior’s The Revenant won the audience award for best narrative, and Ben Steinbauer’s Winnebago Man won the audience award for best documentary.    
Feature Jury Competition
This year’s feature jury was presided over by indieWIRE editor-in-chief and co-founder Eugene Hernandez, writer/director Jody Hill, The Associated Press film critic Christy Lemire and film journalist Glenn Whipp.   The Grand Jury Prize went to Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s Easier With Practice. While on a road trip to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell finds himself falling for a mysterious phone sex caller.   An Exceptional Artistic Achievement Award was given to Cory Knauf for Godspeed. Directed by Saitzyk, Godspeed is an intense, dramatic thriller set in the lingering light of the Alaskan midnight sun.   Jeff Mizushima was also given a Filmmaker to Watch Award for his film Etienne! After Richard's best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to take his pocket pet on a bicycle road trip up the California coast to show it the world before he must put it to sleep.
Documentary Jury Competition
Producer/Director Heather Rae, Senior Editor of Features for Variety Sharon Swart and Bob Tourtellotte, editor-in-charge for entertainment for Reuters news service, made up the Pioneer Documentaries Jury. The Documentary Jury Award went to Douglas Tirola’s All In: The Poker Movie, which tells the story of poker focusing on why one of our nation’s oldest games has had a renaissance in the past decade and why for so many people poker is a way to chase the American Dream.   Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, directed by Jessica Oreck, was awarded with a Special Documentary Jury Prize for Artistic Vision. Working backwards through history, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo solves the mystery of the development of Japan’s cultural obsession with bugs.    
Shorts Jury
Emily Doe, associate editor/producer for Wholphin, Denver Film Society Festival Director Britta Erickson and film and culture writer Stu VanAirsdale made up this year’s shorts jury.   Destin Daniel’s Short Term 12 received the CineVegas Short Film Jury Prize while Justin Nowell’s Acting for the Camera won a special Grand Jury Prize in Directing. The jury also acknowledged Markus Kirschner’s Communion with the CineVegas Nevada Short Film Jury Prize.  
Audience Awards
CineVegas audiences chose The Revenant to receive the CineVegas Dramatic Audience Award, and Winnebago Man to receive the CineVegas Documentary Audience Award.   The Revenant is a satirical treatise on friendship, regret, and the nature of evil under the guise of a rootin'-tootin' vampire buddy movie. Jack Rebney’s outrageously funny outtakes from a Winnebago sales video became an underground phenomenon and made him an Internet superstar. In Winnebago Man, filmmaker Ben Steinbauer sets out to find him.

Live Earth
Save Our Selves (SOS) 7/7/07

More Than 30 Million Live Earth Videos Streamed on MSN by 8 Million People – The Largest Online Audience Ever for an Online Concert Approximately One Million People Participated in More Than 10,000 Friends of Live Earth Events in 131 Countries – the Largest Grassroots Organizing Program in History
LOS ANGELES (July 9, 2007) – Live Earth organizers today announced that the 7-continent, 24 hour music extravaganza on July 7th was the largest global entertainment event in history. “Live Earth rallied an unprecedented audience to take action to tackle the world’s paramount challenge – the climate crisis,” Live Earth Founder and Producer Kevin Wall said. “The climate crisis is a global problem that requires a global response – and that is just what we’ve received. Live Earth has established a deep foundation for the ongoing campaign that will continue to move people to help solve the climate crisis.” “Live Earth is officially the largest global entertainment event in history,” Live Earth Partner and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said. “Live Earth is already the largest in history, and the numbers are still coming in.” MSN, Live Earth’s official online partner, broadcast the entire concert series live and has delivered more than 30 million video streams since the concert series began. More than 15 million video streams were seen during the live coverage by over 8 million people and more than 237,000 people watched the video streaming coverage from MSN simultaneously, the most simultaneous viewers of an online entertainment event. Visitors to MSN enjoyed live programming of all Live Earth concerts and extensive climate change coverage, including the Live Earth short films, detailed information on the issues and how to make a difference, and the opportunity to connect with a global community through Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Spaces, and more. MSN expects millions more to enjoy the on-demand video experience, with extensive footage of the Live Earth concerts from every venue, celebrity interviews, backstage footage, easy searching/filtering capabilities for viewing specific songs, artists and much more. Visitors to MSN can continue to learn more about climate change through a wealth of information, tools, and resource; and can continue to Answer the Call by pledging their personal commitment. “July 7, 2007 was the greatest day in the history of MSN. Our Live Earth offering has delivered more than 30 million video streams to over 8 million people around the world, a milestone in online history,” said Joanne Bradford, corporate vice president and chief media officer, MSN. “We are beyond thrilled that MSN connected a global audience together for this important issue and invite people to explore the in-depth experience available on MSN, which millions are continuing to enjoy.” Live Earth reached its massive audience through an unprecedented media architecture covering television, radio, Internet and wireless channels. Live Earth was broadcast across television networks in more than 100 countries. In the U.S., NBC Universal dedicated all of its domestic networks to Live Earth on July 7 culminating with a Prime Time special that aired on NBC. More than 20 of the world’s leading broadcasters including NBC (US), Shanghai Media Group and CTV (China), BBC (UK), Pro Sieben (Germany), TVGLobo (Brazil), Fuji TV and NHK (Japan), South Africa Broadcast Company (South Africa) and Foxtel (Australia) dedicated a combined total of more than 100 channels to Live Earth concert coverage. Live Earth was broadcast via radio channels in more than 130 countries. Through a partnership with Premiere Radio Network, four separate radio broadcast programs at 18 hours each were heard on 200 syndicated stations in the U.S. Both XM and SIRIUS satellite radio devoted 8 channels each to carry all concerts and messaging in its entirety for 60 total hours of music. In addition, World Space satellite radio delivered 22 ½ hours of audio content across Africa, Asia and Europe in 134 countries. Beyond regular concert programming, each partnering radio station carried Live Earth PSAs and promotions to deliver the call to action and encourage listeners to take action. Wall further demonstrated the global reach of the Live Earth message by announcing that millions of personal commitments have been made via the Web and SMS in 178 countries and 35 territories. Live Earth will continue to call on people around the world to commit to make immediate and lasting changes in six key areas of their lives – at home, at work, while shopping, in their transportation, in their communities and with their governments. Live Earth is offering people simple steps they can take – like using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances – and asking people to sign a far-reaching 7-point pledge:
· To demand that my country join an international treaty within the next 2 years that cuts global warming pollution by 90% in developed countries and by more than half worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth;
· To take personal action to help solve the climate crisis by reducing my own CO2 pollution as much as I can and offsetting the rest to become “carbon neutral;”
· To fight for a moratorium on the construction of any new generating facility that burns coal without the capacity to safely trap and store the CO2;
· To work for a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of my home, workplace, school, place of worship, and means of transportation;
· To fight for laws and policies that expand the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on oil and coal;
· To plant new trees and to join with others in preserving and protecting forests; and,
· To buy from businesses and support leaders who share my commitment to solving the climate crisis and building a sustainable, just, and prosperous world for the 21st century.

The names of people who made commitments and signed the pledge through their computers or mobile phones on July 7th were displayed on the Live Earth web site, on the screens at the concerts, and on the global television broadcasts. However, people can continue to make these important commitments and find solutions for the climate crisis at or After the announcement of Live Earth in February, people and organizations all over the world asked to host their own events to support the cause, and the “Friends of Live Earth” program was created to support these efforts. More than 10,000 of these events were held in more than 130 countries ranging from gatherings in people’s homes to public screenings and music events exceeding tens of thousands of people. These large-scale music events, of which there were hundreds, occurred in international cities such as Zurich, Montreal, Malta, Jakarta and Singapore. While still calculating full attendance totals from around the world, Live Earth organizers estimate that more than 1 million people participated in this groundbreaking global grassroots program. In addition, Wall noted that Live Earth has produced more than 60 short films, 30 PSAs featuring stars like Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, and a book – The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild – to serve as lasting media that will echo the Live Earth call to action delivered at the concerts on July 7.

Live Earth was a monumental music event that brought together a global audience on July 7, 2007 to combat the climate crisis. Live Earth staged concerts in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Hamburg – as well as special broadcast events in Antarctica, Kyoto and Washington, DC – and featured feature more than 100 of the world’s best music acts – a mix of both legendary music acts like The Police, Genesis, Bon Jovi and Madonna with the latest headliners like Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas and Jack Johnson. Live Earth's 24 hours of music across 7 continents delivered a worldwide call to action and the solutions necessary to answer that call. Live Earth launched a multi-year campaign to drive individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve the climate crisis. Live Earth is partnering with the Alliance for Climate Protection, Avaaz, The Climate Group (We’re in This Together), Stop Climate Chaos (I Count) and other international organizations in this ongoing effort. Live Earth was founded by Kevin Wall, CEO of Control Room, the company that produced the concerts globally. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is the Chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection and a Partner of Live Earth. Exclusive online media partner MSN is helping Live Earth reach people in every corner of the globe.  Official Live Earth concerts were streamed live at MSN’s 39 localized web portals worldwide attract 465 million monthly users.  smart is the world's only automaker serving as an Official Partner. Unlike any other vehicle, the new smart fortwo combines a modern, individual lifestyle with environmental protection by setting the standard in urban mobility and offering the lowest CO2 emission of any vehicle on the market. smart responds to environmental demands with innovative, technologically sound solutions and as a result produces positive and credible answers to the question of ecological driving. Philips, as the world’s leading lighting supplier, joined Live Earth as an Official Partner. Philips was the first to introduce the energy saving light bulb in 1980 and has put environmental product improvement at the heart of its business with its EcoDesign program since 1994, increasing its green product range year by year. Live Earth partnered with companies on a local level who share the commitment to helping people live a more energy efficient lifestyle. PepsiCo, an Official Partner of Live Earth, is committed to making a difference with eco-friendlier packaging, energy and water conservation and waste reduction. It’s all part of PepsiCo’s commitment to Performance with Purpose -- to do better by doing better. Esurance, the direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance company, joined Live Earth as an Official Sponsor and is the latest extension of Esurance's efforts to conserve energy and preserve the planet's precious resources.  For more than seven years, Esurance policyholders have helped save thousands of trees by buying their auto insurance online and using electronic documents. An official partner of Live Earth, The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc., a subsidiary of V&S Group, produces and markets ABSOLUT® VODKA, Level ™ Vodka, FRÏS® Vodka , Plymouth™ Gin and Cruzan® Rum. The Absolut Spirits Company focuses on reducing the impact on climate change, sustainable agriculture and optimizing use of natural resources as mandated by V&S Group. To view details on the company’s efforts to combat global warming, visit and click on “Corporate Responsibility/Environment.” Intelsat, the leading provider of fixed satellite services worldwide, is the official satellite capacity sponsor to Live Earth, providing the global high definition infrastructure for an unforgettable viewer experience. Intelsat connects the planet to Live Earth through its network of 52 satellites and global terrestrial facilities. For more information, visit or read more »

Chris Oakley

International video artist Chris Oakley has launched a website aiming to redefine the way video art is traded and consumed. The website offers the facility to preview Chris Oakley’s videos online, with the option to download high-resolution digital video files of the artist’s videos. Out of frustration with existing sales and distribution models, Chris Oakley built the website in part as a way of taking control of the distribution of his work and as a response to internet piracy of his videos. Previously, commercial galleries selling exclusive high-priced artist’s editions, typically 5-10 DVDs, to private collectors, drove video art sales. Chris Oakley aims to offer a more democratic model for video art sales based global access to specialist. Emerging models for the distribution of video offer a new means for artists to challenge the commoditization of video and new media forms by the contemporary art market. An artist based in the UK and working with video and digital imaging, Chris Oakley’s concerns are focused on mediated experience in its many forms, including mainstream media, amateur photography and mass communications. In the past 3 years, Oakley’s works have received widespread media attention within Europe and beyond. His works have been shown alongside those of established masters such as Tony Oursler, Jozef Robakowski, and Pipilotti Rist, and at major media arts festivals, in gallery exhibitions and on television. He is currently working on a feature length artist’s video to be completed in summer 2007 read more »

Geert Wachtelaer

My work concentrates on universal human experiences, birth, death and the secrets of the human conciousness, and found its roots in the psychoanalytical foundation and the esoteric world. Living in a city and experiencing the world through my eyes. A lot of artists are aware that they're working for the museums of tomorrow. Others dream of an art without a museum, they only want to transmit to the future a contaminated piece of art of their present memory. I'm always making movies. It's really what I do. They are arty bricolages of pictures, videofootage and selfmade sounds. In all of them are some hidden clues. People do not know if they necessarily enjoy the video's.... I also do not claim to be an artist.... I'm a researcher, an observer, a thinker and a dreamer.

Doron Altaratz
Video artist

sputnik is the alter ego of doron altaratz, a video artist, Visual Jocky and Motion Designer living in New York City. sputnik creates exceptional artworks by digitally manipulating images, sounds and video in real time. this site contains static examples of sputnik’s work in 3D modeling, video production, progreming (soyuz vj software) and photography. Pixels shifted. Tape stretched, cut, copied, recopied, looped. Streams of motion emerging from the aether. Endlessly morphing streams of images changing, reversing, blurring as they skip effortlessly between subjects, genres, moods, themes. From humble beginnings in the Lumiere brothers home experiments to contemporary experiments on Powerbooks around the world, there is no question that moving images and the tools to manipulate and express with them are streaking light years ahead in evolutionary terms. The challenge now is to use these tools to push the boundaries of possibility. Visual Jockeys or VJs are at the forefront of a new wave of art that is being created live, in real-time. Transient images flicker and multiply on screens as the work is created and constantly reconstructed, deconstructed, tweaked and fine-tuned by the artist. Sputnik blurs the lines separating live performance, VJing and video art even further by using computer generated video sources, custom-built physical controllers and tight synchronization with audio. Like a good DJ, Sputnik keeps it fresh by constantly refining, reworking and adding new material to his sets. His sources are renewed by mining the deep veins of life in New York City, shooting his own video, sculpting his own three dimensional landscapes and hunting for the freshest clips. read more »