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    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age ... | May 5 - Aug 14
      Volume Gallery | Converging Lines | opening January 29th
      Marmomacc | International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology | Sep 28 - Oct 1
      MoMA | Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye | thru November 1
      Volume Gallery Five to Life: A Very Serious Reenactment | March 13
      Marmomacc | International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology | Sep 30 - 3 Oct
      Las Vegas Design Center | ANDYZ Awards | Deadline May 29
      Volume Gallery | Anders Ruhwald - The Charred Room | May 1
      Maison & Objet Paris | Interior Design & Lifestyle SUMMIT | May 5 - 15
      Las Vegas Market | Winter 2015 Las Vegas Market | January 18 - 22, 2015

    • Piuarch put on show the Kinetic Garden

ionone world | design | Piuarch | Piuarch put on show the Kinetic Garden

      At the Milan Design Week 2016, Piuarch pays tribute to Venezuelan Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez with an optical installation created using botanical essences. Chromatic effects make dynamic the courtyard of Via Palermo 1 in Milan

      For the Milan Design Week 2016, Piuarch dedicates to kinetic art a special set up of its roof garden in Via Palermo 1, Milan. Set in the heart of the old city, the Kinetic Garden is a homage to the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez which has always been a reference point for Piuarch. The project is a collaboration with the landscape designer Cornelius Gavril which trough the use of flowers and vegetables, designs the space in order to produce the feeling of movement and dynamism. The peculiar structure of flower beds and pallets created by Piuarch on the roof of their building, welcome a disposition of 4 plants - two varieties of salad in red and green and two pansy in yellow and blue - each essence defines a uniform color strip arranged in straight lines constantly repeated. The chromatic effect is amplified by the use of triangular axis placed along the lines of color to increase the perceived depth. The installation creates an active relationship between space and guests: the static image becomes dynamic. Partners are VerdeVivo who oversaw the preparation of plants and Vivai Mandelli who took care of the installation.

      Kinetic Garden is the special exhibition designed for the 300 square meters roof area of the Piuarch building – in via Palermo 1, Milan. THE MODULAR PALLET SYSTEM Central to this concept is the creation of a modular system that uses pallets to build easily assembled structures that combine aesthetics and functionality at a reasonable cost. The Garden aims to be an inspiring system, repeatable on a large scale for redeveloping areas that are not used. The pallets are used both as a walking surface and, upside-down, as containers for soil. In this way, a single modular element is used to create the garden’s layout.

      Kinetic Garden
      Via Palermo n. 1
      From April 12 to 16
      Schedule: 10.00 / 14: 00 and 15.00 / 18: 00

      submission date: 4/5/2016

    • Tanya Aguiñiga, Ania Jaworska, and Christy Matson - Converging Lines

      by Volume Gallery
      CHICAGO- Volume Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition with Tanya Aguiñiga, Ania Jaworska, and Christy Matson, Converging Lines, opening January 29th from 5-8 PM at 845 W Washington Blvd, Chicago. Converging Lines offers new works by Aguiñiga, Jaworska and Matson which are the result of each designer challenging, amplifying and emphasizing the traditional contextual mediums within which they work.
      Christy Matson is a fiber artist whose jacquard woven work can often be ‘read’ as brushstrokes, nuanced in palate and structure. The watercolor works by Matson in Converging Lines are simultaneously studies for weavings and complete expressions. In these pieces that same palate and structure is evident, effectively guiding Matson effortlessly from one medium to another while emphasizing the materiality of each.
      Three extractions from Ania Jaworska’s suite titled A Subjective Catalog of Columns explore the history of architecture and challenge our perceptions of the built environment. In Catalog, she isolates the columns from a building’s structure, thus removing the context and enabling the images to immediately take on a decorative and graphic tone. By examining the re-contextualized image, the impactful nature of the column’s simultaneous role as art and architecture – both structural and beautiful – can be fully appreciated.
      Tanya Aguiñiga specializes in woven fiber work, hovering between art and design, communicating through the conceptual and physical. Reveling in their liminal qualities, her practice belongs to both worlds. A well-versed maker and designer, steeped in Mexican and American cultures, her bilingual aesthetics and means of making blend and emphasize traditions specific to each. Aguiñiga’s Knot series are bold colorful massive knotted ropes. Exaggerated in color and scale, and born of the desire to explore the nature of dyes and create a burst of rope, Knots 1, 2, and 3 reveal surprising and remarkable personalities.
      submission date 1/26/2016
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    • 2015 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

ionone world | design | eVolo Magazine  | 2015 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

      eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition. The award recognizes innovative design and creates a forum for the discussion and development of the discipline. What is the future of furniture design? eVolo Magazine received 233 entries from 34 different countries. The Jury selected 3 winners and 20 honorable mentions.
      The first place was awarded to Somdatta Majumdar from the United Kingdom for the design of Fabric Chair. This project is an investigation on the use of fabric as a structural material in furniture design. A special resin was developed to harden fabric placed on a rigid mold. The resin hardens the fabric to become structural while retaining its softness in specific locations. Studio La Cube from Spain received the second place for their project Simmis Chair. This simple and elegant design is a study on symmetry and proportions. The goal was to create a dialogue between visual lightness and the strength and heaviness of wood and steel. The third place was awarded to Open Source Workshop from Italy and the United States for the design of Helix, a diffuse furniture system that generates a continuous interior space by adapting simultaneously to any vertical and horizontal surface while defining an immersive spatial atmosphere. The honorable mentions include materials explorations, the use of digital design and manufacturing processes as well as studies in ergonomics and experiential possibilities. The members of the Jury are: Ammar Eloueini [principal Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio], Joel Escalona [principal Joel Escalona Studio, NONO], Mitchell Joachim [principal Terraform ONE], Po Shun Leong [principal Po Shun Leong Design], and Alexander Lervik [principal Lervik Design AB].
      submission date: 12/17/2015
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    • Volume Gallery is pleased to announce Norman Kelley’s participation in Treatise: Why Write Alone?, opening Friday, January 23rd at the Graham Foundation, 4 West Burton Place, Chicago. “An exhibition and publication project that brings together fourteen young design offices to consider the architectural treatise as a site for theoretical inquiry, experimentation, and debate,” Treatise: Why Write Alone? will feature the design collaborative’s Wrong Chairs. Reconfigured iconic Windsor chairs, Norman Kelley’s Wrong Chairs investigate alterations in wrongness responsible for second looks. Some more drastic and others less, their formal additions and subtractions transform a domestic American staple into something simultaneously familiar and fresh. Treatise: Why Write Alone?, organized by Jimenez Lai, also includes works by Bittertang, Bureau Spectacular, CAMES/Gibson, Design With Company, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, First Maymind, Point Supreme, Softlab, SPEEDISM, and Young & Ayata. The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts, created in 1956, makes project-based grants to individuals and organizations while producing public programs to foster the development and exchange of diverse, challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture and society.

      Maison & Objet Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary and Myface and its team are proud to announce their participation from the 23rd to the 27th of January 2015 at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Myface will officially present its outdoor collection for 2014-15, which includes a wide range of elegant furniture pieces – seating, tables, lounging and complements to create or add a special touch to any space. Enjoy outdoor spaces all over the year is our main statement with this collection, where comfort, design and innovation are the fundamental values.

      eVolo Magazine | 2015 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

Las Vegas Market

      LAS VEGAS – (May 1, 2015) – Las Vegas Design Center (LVDC) announced today the creation of a new design awards program titled “ANDYZ,” in partnership with the California Central/Nevada Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID,) to recognize and celebrate the year’s best interior design. Projects by interior designers, architects and design students based in the region will be honored in nine categories at the inaugural ANDYZ awards during the Summer 2015 Las Vegas Market, August 2-6, 2015 ...
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    • Pavilion

      presents "The Space In Between" March 19 - April 4
Pavilion presents
The Space In Between

      With Felicia Ferrone’s training in architecture in the US and years working in Milan and Christopher Gentner's as a metalsmith at the Cleveland Institute of Art, each come to the same result from opposites ends of the spectrum with highly original, well designed, and exceptionally crafted work. Delivering the unexpected through a seemingly simple gesture, is one of the driving forces behind Ferrone's work. With her modernist roots and a minimalist aesthetic, the work is highly resolved and incorporates a mastery of proportion and meticulously considered details. Working with the best artisans in their respective mediums, Ferrone's work is produced in limited run editions. Gentner's work is rooted in the language of sculpture, character defining detail, world renowned craftsmanship, and is at the crossroads of art and design. The work exhibited in “The Space In Between” has an intimacy about personal expression and the hand of the artist.
      Pavilion 2055 N. Damen Ave Chicago, Il 60647 Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-5:30
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    • Marmomacc 2015

      The 50th Anniversary Edition Will Feature an Impressive Program of New Business Opportunities, Continuing Education and Celebrations
Marmomacc 2015

      The 50th edition of Marmomacc (, the International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology, will be held at Veronafiere from Wednesday the 30th of September to Saturday the 3rd of October 2015. As in 2014, Marmomacc will be co-located with Abitare il Tempo, Veronafiere's b2b exhibition for professionals from the contract sector, which showcases the latest in materials, interior finishes and décor ( For four days, Marmomacc will, once again, turn Verona into the capital of the entire natural stone sector: marble, granite, stone, machinery and technologies will be on display, during an increasingly business-oriented and international 50th Edition hallmarked by innovation, design and professional education ...
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    • Bonaveri presents Aloof, the new frontier of mannequin’s design. In London


      On 15 May, Bonaveri hosted a special evening for the leaders of Britain’s fashion industry A gala dinner was held during the London leg of The Journey – the Bonaveri road show promoting new concepts in visual merchandising – to present the new Schläppi Aloof collection. The event was attended by the elite of the English fashion industry - visuals, art directors, buyers, architects and designers – who experienced an evening dedicated to creativity “behind the glass” ...
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    • Widianto Utomo: a multi-talents art designer

Widianto Utomo

      Widianto Utomo born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant. His interest in drawing has been shown from very early age by drawing on his parents’ bedroom wall. His east and western style educational background and his intensive travel due to his studies, work related, curiousity, passion for travelling and sense of discovering makes his design unique and culturally rich. It is uniquely passionate and ingenuity design with European delicate-minimalist art touch functional design, harmoniously blend with ingenuity yet colourful Asian beauty and heritage accent. His works: drawings, photography, design ...
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    • Piuarch presents “FlyingGarden”


      At the 2014 Fuorisalone Piuarch offers its vision of urban renaissance through a redevelopment project for the courtyards of Milan: “from Courtyard to Courtyard”. FlyingGarden is the name of the installation that Piuarch (winner of the 2013 Italian Architect Prize) and Cornelius Gavril (garden landscaper, green designer) have developed for the 2014 Fuorisalone. It is a floating installation in which the façade and the interior spaces and walls of the Piuarch studio ...
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    • designphase dba wins ‘Asia’s Top Design Practice’

designphase dba

      at prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2014. Partner and Design Director Joris Angevaare recognized as ‘Asia’s Top Designer’ for Singapore based design firm.
      19 March, 2014 (Singapore) – Singapore based firm designphase dba has been named one of Asia’s Top Design Practices at the Singapore Design Awards 2014. Organised by the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) and IE Singapore. The awards also recognised ...
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    • istanbular


      Aliantedizioni is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul. A source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers of romances, the Turkish metropolis never ceases to fascinate visitors from around the world, thanks in no small part to its complex architecture and hypnotic Islamic decoration. Indeed the thousand mosques, the Topkapi Palace and the Serraglio, Sultanahmet, Bazar and Beyoglu ...
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    • Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 
The Common Project

      The Common Project
      The Acapulco Chair is one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th Century. This year The Common project is celebrating the chair's 60th Anniversary with a very special Limited Edition. The 60th Anniversary Edition consists of a chrome-plated frame with a translucent shell. The choice of materials evokes refinement and sophistication and brings the classic design into the 21st Century ...
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