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ionone world | architecture | 1564-2014 MICHELANGELO


27 May - 14 September 2014
A Universal Artist

Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist. The exhibition Michelangelo. Incontrare un artista universale, covering the life and work of this colossus for all times, is to be held at the Musei Capitolini on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome on 18 February 1564. In the heart of the city, in that very Piazza del Campidoglio which the genius of Michelangelo made unique in the world, over one hundred and fifty works ... read more »

ionone world | design | Stefan Beyst - Donald Judd's design - a turning point in the history of modern sculpture?


August 27, 2004
Stefan Beyst
Donald Judd's design

Apparently, Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Modern, was not prepared to let the name of Donald Judd (1928-1994) silently fade from our memories - did he not do his utmost to make the man famous in the first place? Ten years after his death - sixteen years after the last substantial exhibition - he presents a big retrospective of the work of the artist who has 'changed the course of modern sculpture''. The exhibition travels to Düsseldorf (19/06 to 05/09/04) and Basel (02/10 to 09/01/05). Heavy artillery ... read more »

ionone world | painting | Warren Richard Furman - Hi-tech arts


July 1, 2001
Warren Richard Furman
Hi-tech arts

Digital art is an extraordinarily exciting new medium that closely resembles the digital revolution in music and the way music is created, recorded and archived-so much so in fact that I could not resist applying some of the techniques that I use in composing electronic music to my digital paintings. Instant gratification is nice, and I experienced much of it at first, but as anyone will tell you who has used professional graphics programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and tried to create faithful and ... read more »

ionone world | gallery | Agora Gallery - Contemporary art gallery


February 08, 2005
Agora Gallery
Contemporary art gallery

Founded in 1984 by a fine artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art. Collectors are provided with a broad range of original artworks through our fine art sales website our biannual art magazine, and the ... read more »

news and events

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Art of Music: A New Narrative for Musical Instruments at The Met
Maison de la Photographie | memymom - Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens | Exposition du 5 mars au 7 avril
Agora Gallery | The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (CIFAC) | Opens February 5
Museum of the City of New York | Germ City - Microbes and the Metropolis | Through April 28
Safe Gallery | Shaun Krupa | February 22 - March 24
OCCCA | COASTAL, California | April 6 to April 27
SOLOWAY | Wolftones, Max Goldfarb, Nancy Shaver and Sterrett Smith | March 2 – April 14
MoMA | Joan Miró - Birth of the World | Through June 15
Arken Museum of Modern Art | PATRICIA PICCININI – A WORLD OF LOVE | 9 February to 8 September
NanoArt 21 | International Festivals, NanoArt Online Competitions, Art - Science - Technology Conferences, NanoArt 21 Exhibitions
janinebeangallery | ARNY SCHMIT "The Taste of Snow" | February 23 - April 13
MCA Chicago | Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera | Feb 23 – May 5
MoMA | The Value of Good Design | February 10 – June 15
IAAC | Strelka Institute & Zaha Hadid Architects at IAAC Lecture Series
(in)complete | is an ever-evolving, worldwide, community sourced and eternally (in)complete survey on life and design.
MoMA | If Everything Is Sculpture Why Make Sculpture? Artist’s Choice: Peter Fischli | Ongoing
The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas | Feb 28 - May 28
Hida Furniture®Award Furniture Design Competition | new designs of furniture made of domestic lumber using Hida’s techniques
The Metropolitan Museum of Art | American Artists Abroad: Stephanie Herdrich on Italy's Influence on American Art
Volume Gallery | (after RO/LU) OOIEE What Would Anything Be Without Everything Else | January 11
Numero Cromatico | Marcido Marcidorjs e Famosa Mimosa | 28-29-30 Marzo 2019
Tate | Fernand Léger: New Times, New Pleasures | Until 17 Mar 2019
Seventh Art Productions | Canaletto & the Art of Venice | In cinemas nationwide
Art Works for Change | Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint
eVolo Magazine | Registration – 2019 Skyscraper Competition
MIYAKO YOSHINAGA | Lisa Ross. I Can't Sleep: Homage to a Uyghur Homeland | Jan 17 - Mar 16
Building Bridges Art Exchange & Fabrik Magazine | All Women Are Dangerous | from Jan 7
Time Shrine Foundation | an ongoing artistic project by Anne de Carbuccia
Polk Museum of Art | Degas: The Private Impressionist | Dec 22, 2018 – Mar 24, 2019
LA Festival of Photography | accepting applications from photographers to exhibit at the 5th edition of Photo Independent
Mobile Photo Awards | Mobile Photography Awards
From the Producer of The Perfect Guy comes the drama 1982
Ivana Mer | Early Works Remixed Exstended Edition
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ESCALA Scale-Ruler Fountain Pen

ESCALA is a fountain pen designed by Los Angeles-based studio ēnsso, winners of the Red Dot and Good Design awards. The designers conceived this pen as a tool for architects and engineers. The pen’s triangular cap serves as a scale ruler graded with 6 imperial and 6 metric scales. The fountain pen slides in or out the cap so they can be used simultaneously. The pen is expertly machined from a solid block of aluminum anodized in matte black and comes equipped with a Peter Bock, German-made nib that provides the smoothest writing experience. It comes with a Schmidt K5 ink converter to use with bottled ink but also accepts short and long standard international ink cartridges.The metric scales included are 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:400, and 1:500 while the imperial scales engraved are 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1. read more »
submission date: 2/4/2019

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The Expo at World Market Center Brings Exhibit Space to Downtown Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – (January 28, 2019) - International Market Centers (IMC), owners and operators of World Market Center Las Vegas, broke ground today on construction of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new 315,000-square-foot exhibition facility, scheduled to open in summer 2020 on the World Market Center Las Vegas campus.
The new Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature 194,785 gross square feet of exhibit space, which is divisible into two halls – North with 97,684 gross square feet and South with 97,101 gross square feet – which can accommodate up to 1,000 booths. The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature an expansive lobby area, registration area, onsite shuttle bus depot, attached parking garage and two permanent “grab and go” food service areas.
“IMC is making a $90 Million investment in the creation of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility,” said Robert Maricich, CEO of IMC. “We’re delighted to cooperate with the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada to bring this new exhibition venue to Las Vegas. Our use of local labor, at ‘prevailing wage rates’ will make this project a win-win for the exhibition industry and the city of Las Vegas.”
Construction is scheduled to begin fully in April and the grand opening is expected for IMC’s Summer 2020 Las Vegas Market, a semi-annual marketplace for the gift and home furnishings industries. “According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) in 2017, the exposition industry generated $58.8 billion in economic benefit to Southern Nevada,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “With the addition of this new facility, Las Vegas now offers the exhibition industry a total of 4,214,047 gross square feet of exhibit hall space at four facilities – the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay and The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas.”
The Expo at Las Vegas Market will be the new permanent venue for presentation of temporary gift and home décor exhibits at IMC’s semi-annual Las Vegas Market, which showcases 4,000+ gift, home décor and furniture resources in five million square feet of permanent showrooms and temporary exhibition space. During the Las Vegas Market, IMC plans to use the lobby of the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas for attendee and exhibitor registration, making the new facility the gateway to its entire marketplace. The Expo’s contiguous positioning with Building C also will improve attendee traffic flow between Las Vegas Market’s permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits, which IMC expects will drive new resources to campus and enrich the pipeline for permanent showroom presentations. read more »
submission date: 1/28/2019

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Yogendra Kumar Purohit
My work concept

It's myself art journey. Last 10 years to continue I am busy in myself search through the art and painting. For me painting is a language. It's need vision not any kind of texts ... read more »
submission date: 1/21/2019

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34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Opens on February 5th, 2019
Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth.

“The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition has been an annual tradition within New York City’s vibrant art scene for more than 30 years. Artists from around the world can have their work reviewed by distinguished jurors and, if selected, exhibit their work in a major Chelsea gallery. It’s a marvelous opportunity open to all and we strongly encourage artists at every level of practice to participate!” -Eleni Cocordas, Director, Agora Gallery

The 2019 competition awards are valued at more than $70,000. In addition to cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, featured magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities, and an honorable mention. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

“My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.” -Herold P Alexis Patrick, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

The 2019 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting submissions between February 5th and March 12th, 2019. Results will be announced on April 16th, 2019, with the competition exhibition slated for August 10–20, 2019.
Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Apply to be recognized by Agora’s reputable jury. Visit for more information and detailed instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at read more »
submission date: 1/8/2019

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Fenomenologia della pittura di Enzo Marino

Siamo in presenza di un autore che sta apportando un contributo autentico. Enzo Marino, il cui gesto rigoroso può essere compreso soltanto guardando molto in dentro, non oltre la materia, ma dentro la materia, non oltre la pittura ma dentro la pittura.E’ proprio dei buoni pittori far vivere nell’opera una luce che sia quelle stessa della loro esperienza, storica e concettuale non meno che percettiva. Enzo Marino infonde la luce umida e blu, inconfondibile e non altrove reperibile, di una particolare area campana disposta sul mare e sotto un tremendo focolaio vulcanico. In questa luce l’esistenza persiste a rischio, è atletica, sfida potenze inumane, sopporta il travolgimento ma non ammette di non guardare avanti. Qui arte significa lotta: lotta per neutralizzare il soffocante statuto fisico delle cose e conseguire nella favorevole luce umida un respiro liberato dai giallori dello zolfo igneo, e così è enunciato il secondo estremo cromatico di questo abile colorista. Il Giallo è citrino, acerbo, bronzeo, dorato, diluito in biancori rosati, è la Terra in sussulto. Il Blu, appartiene alla profonda regione superiore, anticamente denominata «Etere». La comunione del Giallo igneo, terrestre, mutante, ansioso, e del Blu umido, aereo, stabile, costituisce il Verde, la vita. L’inumano si fa sovrumano, il sovrumano si fa inumano. Nel mezzo, sono i Mortali. Essi hanno dei corpi, quei corpi, segmentati da possenti linee di forza, che sono tema costante e centrale di Enzo Marino. Corpi eroici, corpi spirituali, sono in stretto nesso con l’Etere. Vi nuotano, vi si allungano e protrudono con le articolazioni per meglio penetrarlo. Esso risponde loro, sia che vorticando li accetti, sia che si condensi aureolando una testa in forma di trecce o foulard, sia che ne spinga qualcuno al suo bordo estremo per onorarlo consegnandolo a un destino di catastrofe sublime; esso precipita facendo propria l’imposizione necessaria mentre la rifiuta, con gesto di straordinaria tensione. read more »
submission date: 11/23/2018

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“Metropoli Novissima”
in Naples a major exhibition that shows the redevelopment of urban suburbs through the work of international designers and architects

From 10 October to 15 November 2018, the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore in Naples is the location for the exhibition promoted by "Annali dell'Architettura e delle Città" Foundation
Naples – Metropoli Novissima is an exhibition dedicated to urban suburbs, whose history unfolds through architectural and urban projects of international relevance. Curated by Prof. Cherubino Gambardella and promoted by the Annali dell'Architettura e delle Città Foundation, the exhibition is held from October 10th to November 15th 2018 inside the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore in Naples. Structured as a single urban route and thought as a ‘carnet de voyage’, the exhibition drives the viewer through suggestions and ideas of some of the greatest protagonists of urbanism and international architecture, a magnifying glass on processes and scenarios that unite cities of different latitudes and longitudes. Among the designers invited to share some of the most significant works on urban renewal there are works by: Alejandro Aravena, Archea Associati, Stefano Boeri, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Andreas Kipar of LAND, Francisco Mangado, Piuarch, Sauerbruch Hutton and Cino Zucchi, with locations that go from Paris to Moscow, from Johannesburg to Sichuan, from San Paolo to Milan. Architects and planners’ task is to develop the great potential of marginal places, redefining their suburban status in favour of antifragility conditions that are confronted with the new frontiers of rights, acceptance and coexistence. Thinking about a renewed conception of these spaces - in the visual history of the exhibition - unprecedented collective spaces, places of resistance and invention emerge, as a representation of a city capable of renewing itself. Metropoli Novissima shows a concept of "periphery" not intended as a marginal part of urban fabric, but rather as an unexplored resource to be shaped: more than forty designers have been called to present new scenarios and assets for the so-called "difficult places". Anti-fragile, sustainable and prolific, the suburbs represent a challenge for contemporary architecture and engineering. The exhibition is the final moment of the debate promoted, during the year 2018, by Fondazione Annali dell'Architettura e delle Città which, under the curatorship of Prof. Cherubino Gambardella, has chosen to investigate the theme of the suburbs and their environmentally sustainable development, starting from Naples and Campania, nowthe center of the political and planning debate, and then spread worldwide. The professionals were called to provide an analytical insight into urban contexts, to offer an exhaustive overview of the evolution of marginal spaces and the underlying social dynamics.
“The goal is to bet on a big city which is no longer divided by social and aesthetic hierarchies, but united in a kaleidoscope of figures” states Cherubino Gambardella “We like to investigate the overcoming of the peripheral dimension as a marginal crown thinking it, rather, as unexplored resource to be shaped, new mirror of another metropolis that we do not want to stop looking and dreaming”.
The connotation of suburbs doesn’t come from a geometric formula that measures its position in the urban perimeter, nor from a question of historicity: it is due to the ancient fabrics that it has acquired the unhappy connotation, as in the case of Naples, Genoa, Palermo, or as it was in times very remote, as for Ortigia. Therefore, the connotation of the periphery is not irreversible: plans and projects are essential remedies to the loss of meaning, degradation, caused by issues that mostly come from the outside as market logic, wrong social policies, marginalization. The periphery has an interesting, alive and enormous potential, it is up to the architects to develop it.
The city is therefore redefined and transformed through its dimensional explosion, a liquid metropolis in which the centre and the borders are in continuous evolution, fluid and vital spaces, mirrors of multitudes.
The installation, curated by Simona Ottieri for gambardellarchitetti with the scientific advice of Cherubino Gambardella, is very powerful: a red structure talks to the viewer simulating a metropolis inside an amazing baroque refectory. It is made by osb (oriented strand board) panels attached to a wooden frame that emphasizes the eco-sustainable nature of the design choice - materials were obtained from processing waste. Each of the projects is shown through illustrations of different nature, like a choral collection of fragments and traces that merge into a single rhapsodic vision. The chameleonic body of this compromising organism pushes the visitor to enter and fall into the intimate soul of different cities. Through the viewfinders, imagined as real windows on the world, it is possible to look beyond, pushing into the red perimeter, a place where are collected the testimonies and signs of life of those that we could define symbols of a collective domestic imaginary. read more »
submission date: 10/17/2018

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Italian Quantum Artist
Tony Nicotra

Tony Nicotra is an Italian Artist that was born in Caracas Venezuela on 17 August 1971. I have always exhibited an insatiable curiosity for the world that surrounds me, and have passionately tried to express my inquisitiveness through drawing and painting. As a young man after finishing my Fine Arts studies, (where by my talents were developed and refined), and with increasing recognition of my artistic skills, I was appropriated into the discipline of restorative art where I worked prodigiously for many years. During this period I won critical acclaim amongst my peers, for successfully restoring numerous important and prestigious Italian works of art and monuments including, The Arena of Verona, The Cathedral of Catania, The Royal Palace of Venaria in Turin as well as the Italian Embassy in Berlin, to name but a few.
Yet despite all these accomplishments, and still driven by my insatiable and ardent desire to fathom the truth and raison d’être of the existence of life, of humanity, and its relationship with its delicate environs, I elected to temporarily suspend my career, to commence a long period of introspective soul searching. I devoted myself exclusively to the search of inner wisdom through the pursuit of knowledge, with a view of liberating the soul within. During this endeavour, I became an avid scholar of various metaphysical and spiritual disciplines, and, despite severe financial constraints and hardships, found myself compelled to pursue a personal and arduous pilgrimage, by walking The Route of Santiago di Compostela, better known as the pilgrimage of St James Path, ending in Santiago Spain.
During this journey I became inspired to study the field of Quantum Physics, and coupled with the knowledge previously gained, I finally found the answers to my deepest questions. Renewed by this personal experience, my quest is to now share my new found understanding and wisdom, through the communicative medium of artistic works, literary prose, and poetry. To this end, I have currently devoted my artistic ability, to the pursuit of rendering tangible and visible, the enigmatic invisible energy fields that constitute the universe and life within it. My aim is to awaken in all humanity, the awareness and wonder, of the interrelatedness of all that exists, through the interactive dance of fundamental energy forms that constitute both living and non living things. This knowledge is rarely acknowledged, nor experienced by the uninitiated majority. Thus, my mission as an artist, is to utilize my personal wisdom, my faith and my new found perception of self as a singular, liberated and enlightened being, to demonstrate the existence of life as a divine source of permeating energy, constantly pulsating through dynamic and cyclic interactions. read more »
submission date: 9/28/2018

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Delvaux presents “Le 27” in Brussels, much more than a boutique

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

The Italian studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has transformed a historic nineteenth-century Mansion into a space halfway between a concept store and an art gallery, marked by eclecticism and contamination: a revolution in the language of luxury retail.

Delvaux, the oldest luxury leather goods house in the world, founded in Belgium in 1829, has inaugurated a new store in the heart of Brussels: "Le 27". Housed in a majestic Mansion on Boulevard de Waterloo, a high-end luxury shopping area, "Le 27" is much more than a boutique: it is a unique environment, combining the savoir-faire of the Delvaux collections with the beauty of the greatest pieces of Belgian design, paintings and ceramics, giving life to an art gallery in continuous evolution. The interior design project is by the Milan based Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, which since 2012 has been responsible for the creation of Delvaux stores worldwide.

"Le 27" is based on a completely new, made-to-measure concept: the architects assign a key role to Belgian historical memory, creating a boutique where Delvaux's philosophy and heritage find their ultimate expression. The rooms are a contemporary interpretation and celebration of the early period of modern design, that was so important in Belgian 20th century culture. An example are the wall displays, conceived as abstract paintings whose design is a homage to Mondrian's De Stijl artistic movement. The combination of the the richly baroque finish of the wardrobes, the apparently “poor” material and finishes of the wall displays and the out-centred coloured stripes, disrespectful of the classical spaces, creates a balanced cohabitation between classic and modern, order and disorder, rule and exception The furnishings are enriched by emblematic Belgian design pieces created by the greatest designers of the 20th century as Jules Wabbes, Pieter de Bruyne, Renaat Braem, Emiel Verannema: all works are signed and in limited editions, unique and rare, worthy of a museum collection. Inside the boutique are also hosted pieces of contemporary Belgian designers (Nathalie Dewez, Alain Berteau and Ben Storms) and international designers, such as the Italian Gino Sarfatti. Between the ground and the first floor what appears to be a collection old masters paintings turns out to be a series of photographs, archival pigment prints by the Argentine artist Romina Ressia, in which her post-neo-Flemish portraits are combined with daily and kitsch artifacts. "Le 27" also hosts a collection of 20th century Belgian ceramics: their striking form and deep pigments embodies the fantastic and endless creativity of Belgian artists. In "Le 27" the Maison’s bags and accessories meet the works of art and design, turning the boutique into a museum in constant evolution, a genuine place of encounter, dialogue and discovery. Open to visitors, ideal for wandering around with its historical, contemporary and eclectic furnishings destined to change as new pieces are acquired, "Le 27" is a deliberately original and decidedly unique environment. So unique that it will not be reproduced, ever, anywhere in the world. read more »
submission date: 7/5/2018

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ionone world | illustration | Rezo Kaishauri - Surreal and fantasy art


May 12, 2007
Rezo Kaishauri
Surreal and fantasy art

"Surrealism is not the way you live, act or feel. It's the way you dream. We, who call ourselves 'surrealists', are marked by the Lord himself with a slightest touch of insanity. Creative insanity that is, granting the freedom to transform reality, to reach beyond visible, and to display the possibility of impossible. My personal goal, as a surrealist, is to represent the unreality with maximum reality, trying to make you believe in what you see. This is what Salvador Dali did the best." ... read more »

ionone world | music | Live Earth  - Save Our Selves (SOS) 7/7/07


May 17, 2007
Live Earth
Save Our Selves (SOS) 7/7/07

THE LARGEST GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT EVENT IN HISTORY. More Than 30 Million Live Earth Videos Streamed on MSN by 8 Million People – The Largest Online Audience Ever for an Online Concert Approximately One Million People Participated in More Than 10,000 Friends of Live Earth Events in 131 Countries – the Largest Grassroots Organizing Program in History. LOS ANGELES (July 9, 2007) – Live Earth organizers today announced that the 7-continent, 24 hour music extravaganza on July 7th was the largest global ... read more »

ionone world | painting | Sonia Gil - Maps of future landscapes


September 22, 2005
Sonia Gil
Maps of future landscapes

"I am absolutely fascinated by cities. Because of this passion, I graduated in architecture in Rio de Janeiro. While at the university, I started my art studies at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro and experienced different kinds of media and techniques, from oil painting to jewelry making, but after being fully introduced to watercolour it soon became another passion. I started off with small sized watercolours, then I moved on to work with large scale canvas and acrylic colours, trying to ... read more »

ionone world | photography | ALBÜM - Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia


January 1, 2015
Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia

ALBÜM is a virtual and print magazine specializing in contemporary Latin American photography created by Galería MÜ. In order to identify new talents, we have opened four call for entries per year. Each one of our editions is focused on a region of Latin America: Southern Cone; Brazil and the Eastern Region; Andean Region; and Central and Mezo America and the Caribbean. The call for entries begins with each season according to a region. The selected artists receive 3 spreads (6 pages in total) ... read more »

ionone world | sculpture | Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski - Art works


August 09, 2003
Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski
Art works

Permanent exhibition containing more than 85 works of art, “ Wooden Objects 2000-2003” in the main workshop of the “Ausbesserungswerk” in Hamburg, Schlachthofstraße 3 (the exhibition can only be visited after prior application tel.: 0172 405 32 38) (...) Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski's biography reflects somewhat of the diverse relationship between Germany and Poland. Born in Gdansk he was 31 years old when he migrated to Hamburg during the Solidarnosc movement and became a member of the BBK ... read more »

ionone world | sculpture | Chris Oakley  - Art works


November 13, 2006
Chris Oakley

International video artist Chris Oakley has launched a website aiming to redefine the way video art is traded and consumed. The website offers the facility to preview Chris Oakley’s videos online, with the option to download high-resolution digital video files of the artist’s videos. Out of frustration with existing sales and distribution models, Chris Oakley built the website in part as a way of taking control of the distribution of his work and as a response to internet piracy of his videos. Previously, commercial galleries ... read more »

ionone world | art | Yogendra Kumar Purohit  - Art Vibration - 109


May 26, 2013
Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Art Vibration - 109

In 2008 I were very busy in communication and in search of art web site links because in that movement I were not connected to any online network and I did not knew much more knowledge about online use, so I were working with safe mode , I think that was must for me and I were lived with that mode . one day I were found a website link that was world wide art web site . I got that web page mail id and sent my blog post link with a short information about my art journey . after a one week I were received a reply by that web site owner ... read more »

ionone world | art | Alexander Chubar  - Thought on art


November 14, 2000
Alexander Chubar
Thought on art

Art, unlike science, is not measured by its progress. Its evolution reminds one of concentric circles on the surface of water that has been disturbed by a rock. Similarly, arts of cultures and civilizations stand independently, but at the same time they are unified by their common striving for order and harmony; a tendency that can be observed not only in art but in all organic life. Art is the physical manifestation of the sensual perceptions of the world as interpreted and organized by these various groups of peoples. This is why ... read more »