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ionone world | architecture | 1564-2014 MICHELANGELO


27 May - 14 September 2014
A Universal Artist

Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist. The exhibition Michelangelo. Incontrare un artista universale, covering the life and work of this colossus for all times, is to be held at the Musei Capitolini on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome on 18 February 1564. In the heart of the city, in that very Piazza del Campidoglio which the genius of Michelangelo made unique in the world, over one hundred and fifty works ... read more »

ionone world | design | Stefan Beyst - Donald Judd's design - a turning point in the history of modern sculpture?


August 27, 2004
Stefan Beyst
Donald Judd's design

Apparently, Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Modern, was not prepared to let the name of Donald Judd (1928-1994) silently fade from our memories - did he not do his utmost to make the man famous in the first place? Ten years after his death - sixteen years after the last substantial exhibition - he presents a big retrospective of the work of the artist who has 'changed the course of modern sculpture''. The exhibition travels to Düsseldorf (19/06 to 05/09/04) and Basel (02/10 to 09/01/05). Heavy artillery ... read more »

ionone world | painting | Warren Richard Furman - Hi-tech arts


July 1, 2001
Warren Richard Furman
Hi-tech arts

Digital art is an extraordinarily exciting new medium that closely resembles the digital revolution in music and the way music is created, recorded and archived-so much so in fact that I could not resist applying some of the techniques that I use in composing electronic music to my digital paintings. Instant gratification is nice, and I experienced much of it at first, but as anyone will tell you who has used professional graphics programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and tried to create faithful and ... read more »

ionone world | gallery | Agora Gallery - Contemporary art gallery


February 08, 2005
Agora Gallery
Contemporary art gallery

Founded in 1984 by a fine artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art. Collectors are provided with a broad range of original artworks through our fine art sales website our biannual art magazine, and the ... read more »

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Museum of the City of New York | City of Workers, City of Struggle - How Labor Movements Changed New York | Through January 5, 2020
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MoMA | member Pope.L, 1978–2001 | October 21, 2019 – January 2020
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Art of Music: A New Narrative for Musical Instruments at The Met
Museo Nacional del Prado | A Tale of Two Women Painters: Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana | 10/22/2019 - 02/02/2020
NanoArt 21 | International Festivals, NanoArt Online Competitions, Art - Science - Technology Conferences, NanoArt 21 Exhibitions
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MoMA | If Everything Is Sculpture Why Make Sculpture? Artist’s Choice: Peter Fischli | Ongoing
Hida Furniture®Award Furniture Design Competition | new designs of furniture made of domestic lumber using Hida’s techniques
Tate | Mark Leckey: O' Magic Power of Bleakness | Until 5 Jan 2020
Polk Museum of Art | Art of the Ancient Americas | Jul 5, 2017 – Feb 26, 2026
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From the Producer of The Perfect Guy comes the drama 1982
Ivana Mer | Ivana Mer & Awali · Divadlo Potoñ · Bátovce, Slovakia | 13/7/2019
Paris London Hong Kong | Frank Van Duerm | Sept 13 - Nov 2
Safe Gallery | Family Show | 11 October to 15 December 2019
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A new stadium in Florence, to redesign the relation between the old city and sport facilities
Pierattelli Architetture

Pierattelli Architetture presents a project for the new stadium of Fiorentina Football Club, together with a Masterplan able to upgrade the urban scenario of the city and offer new spaces and infrastructures.
Florence | The stadium of Fiorentina Football Club based in Florence (Italy) is a building of historical and artistic interest, built between 1930 and 1932. The Club belongs now to a new chairman, Rocco Commisso, an American-Italian businessman, which has put the need of a modern sport infrastructure as one of the strategic pillars of the club. In the public debate of the future of the old stadium, comes the proposal of the Florentine Studio Pierattelli Architetture, which has designed a project for the new Fiorentina football ground with a hallmark organic form and a metal mesh cover in the club’s colours – purple, white and red. The project takes the form of a Masterplan covering the redevelopment of an expansion area in the north-west of the city, Novoli’s district, and it would become a sign of renewal, growth and urban expansion. The project for the new stadium thus becomes an opportunity to upgrade the urban scenario of one of the most vital areas of the city. It redefines the relationship between architecture and context, resolving other critical issues weighing on the area through the arrival of the stadium. In fact, this also provides the opportunity to renovate the road network which is noteworthy today for its major infrastructural failings, redressing the balance and creating a new one with the Mercafir (the Florence fruit and vegetable market). The construction of artificial hills completes the project of creating a living, usable architecture with services always open to citizens. With its hallmark organic form, the particular conformation of the stadium, higher on one side than on the other, brings to mind a "Stone". A metal mesh in the club’s colours, purple, white and red, covers the outer structure. 16 entrances, 4 of them with turnstiles, with lifts and panoramic stairways, give access to 3 rings of grandstands, as well as to the shopping mall and catering area which are always open to the public. “The new stadium project certainly provides a unique opportunity for Florence”, says architect Massimo Pierattelli, “for rethinking the relationship between the building, its functions and the city, adding new meaning to the structure and creating added value for citizens, as well as for fans”. The new stadium designed by Pierattelli Architetture is therefore not only grafted on to the existing urban fabric, but becomes part of a new vision of the city, able to combine different functions and leaving areas that are active all year round as a legacy. A holistic vision of the relationship between architecture, urban planning and social life, able to optimise the relationship between city life and sport. read more »
submission date: 12/2/2019

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Patrizia Di Poce

Patrizia Di Poce, was born in Rome, where she lives and works. Her artistic course manifests during the years with a creativity in continue evolution, she moves with enthusiasm from painting to ceramics, choosing even common rocks or logs smoothed by sea or river waters as materials for her creations, all different techniques that nurture and develop the sensibility of her artistic expression to finally arrive to marble sculpture. During the 2006, driven by her quest for an intimate and profound realization, she arrives to Pietrasanta(Lucca) in the heart of Apuan Alps, where she stays on alternate periods in order to realize her creations. Her marble sculptures are splinters of matter transformed in language.
“ I choose that block of different dimensions (big, medium or small), by instinct, or maybe it chooses me. From this magical encounter, the rhythm of an ancestral dance is born that later manifests with my creations. Like this, that piece become “my piece” because I own its Essence and it reflects my free soul. Presently, to sculpt the marble my way, marble that I feel as a matter of great energy, is simply the realization of a natural talent that I had as a gift. I know I have arrived to the center of my creativity and I feel great. My creations are visible translation of what I feel intimately, a profound perception to which I remain connected and which accompanies me beaming towards the future, with consciousness of a mature woman and joy and enthusiasm of a curious little girl.” read more »
submission date: 11/21/2019

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"CONTEXT-ERE (In the frame of AMINA)"
Alessandro Carboni

Nov. 1st 2019 @Douglas Dunn Studio NYC. "CONTEXT-ERE (In the frame of AMINA)". Sardinia - New York - Sardinia 2019-2020. curated by Fabio Acca. Action #1. New York
AMINA>ANIMA (Soul) is a project created by 369gradi and directed by Valeria Orani to achive a contemporary prospective through the ancestral roots of Sardinia’s cultural identity and developed by the funds of European Union PO FESR 2014-2020 – RAS - Regione Autonoma della Sardegna. (view more at )
"CONTEXT-ERE (In the frame of AMINA)" is part of Alessandro Carboni’s larger project "Context".
the research that the artist intends to develop within AMINA>ANIMA (Soul), draws from these assumptions and aims to activate a reflection on the idea of weaving and loom as a model of the cosmic mind, and on its relations with the visual arts, cartographic processes and the stage.
During the Open Studio Alessandro Carboni will show his work and will talk about how he is studying and relating the patterns and modular structures developed in the Sardinian textile production with geometric volumes and primary elementary units of American minimalism. As "topos" Alessandro Carboni choose the traditional design developed in the town of Nule in Sardinia, the "Nule's flame" given by the rhomboid shape of the drawing, which resembles precisely a flame.
Alessandro Carboni is a visual artist, performer and researcher, whose artistic and conceptual production revolves around the complex web of correlations and permutations that occur between space and its constituent elements (people, places, relationships, meanings), starting from the concept of cartography, intended as a "scaled-down/reduced representation of the earth's surface and the phenomena that take place and evolve on it". In this sense, in his performative and installation projects, the artist uses the stage as an actual projection screen from which arise reflections and criticalities related to the contemporary world. (more at )
submission date: 10/29/2019

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"Espaço" in São Paulo: an urban regeneration project

On the occasion of the launch of the Enel project to digitalise the Vila Olimpia neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil, Piuarch illustrates, in a public initiative, the concept that gives life to inclusive, participatory spaces.
São Paulo (Brazil), October 2019 - New places for meeting and participation that promote the construction of urban social networks: Piuarch's Espaço project is presented in São Paulo in conjunction with Enel's launch of the programme for the digital transformation of the city's financial and high-tech heart. The occasion is provided by the initiatives being activated by Enel Distribuição São Paulo to initiate the digitisation of the Brazilian network, starting with the Vila Olimpia neighbourhood of São Paulo, where Enel will create a digital, smart and sustainable infrastructure, to make energy distribution more efficient. A project in which innovation, sustainability and circularity are key values in the growth of megalopolises: a growth not only digital, but also social, able to redesign the urban scenario in the name of an inclusive and circular development of the area.
As the technological network is built up on avant-garde infrastructure, the social network develops, also, through public space. Piuarch's Espaço project was presented in the context of the Enel event as best practice for circular urban spaces: an installation that rethinks and redefines the city, and which represents the meeting point between social and environmental sustainability. Espaço grows out of a modular element in recycled plastic that, like a puzzle, can be combined in infinite configurations, customised to specific needs and place. The basic three-dimensional volume can be extruded at different heights to create walk-on surfaces, seats, tables, signage totems, urban vegetable gardens... The results are coloured spaces of aggregation that invite the community to live residual, urban spaces in participatory fashion.
Espaço was born with a strong urban and cultural identity, based on the study and interpretation of local historical, social and artistic factors. The form of the volumes recalls Mirthes dos Santos Pinto’s graphic design for the pavements of the city: geometric, repeatable and characteristic, it is a true São Paulo icon. The concrete art of Helio Oiticica and Alfredo Volpi’s study contributed to the inspiration and definition of the geometries and colours. Versatile and modular, Espaço was designed by Piuarch (together with Duda Mitidiero and with the contribution of Cornelius Gavril for the Landscape Design part) with the aim of stimulating grassroots urban regeneration and community growth.
A project whose social and educational value can be replicated in different parts of the city, creating a widespread system tailored to local needs. This is the social equivalent of the smart grids that Enel is planning to install in Brazil: smart electricity grids that allow energy to be rationalised and distributed efficiently, reducing waste of resources and cutting CO2 emissions. Following this presentation, the future might see the concept being applied on a large scale, contextual to the digitalisation of the megalopolis, with a view to creating a network of technological, green and play points aimed at developing the local community’s quality of life. read more »
submission date: 10/17/2019

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Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

Dressed and undressed, curvaceous and angular, sleeping and watching. Over seven decades the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso depicts the female body as a colourful metamorphosis – full of longing and willpower, desire and eroticism. The exhibition Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model looks at the relations between one of the greatest painters in world history and his models, and reinterprets Picasso’s depictions of women. The famous artist’s portraits of women raise issues that are highly topical today as more and more people are discussing gender, privileges and identity in the context of equality and feminism. ARKEN’s Picasso exhibition focuses on the women in the portraits, their significance for Picasso’s wild changes of style and the comedy of his dramatic stagings.

Erotic thirst and burning desire
Pablo Picasso is famous for his talent for artistic innovation and notorious for his uncompromising life. Picasso’s artistic development and new stylistic departures parallel his love life – and it does not go quietly. In groundbreaking and expressive paintings Picasso interprets his family life, children, fame, artistic identity, love and crises. To one motif in particular he returns again and again: the naked female body, alone or in interaction with the artist. With a starting point in one of the most iconic motifs in the history of art – the painter and the model – Picasso depicts the desire to see and be seen. He shows our erotic thirst and eternal fascination with one another’s bodies as well as the lustful insistent looks that arise in the interaction between the parties.

More than muses
Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model challenges the balance of power between the artist and his models and takes a fresh look at Picasso’s pictures of those he loved. Picasso renders the women’s strengths, emotional life, pleasure and anger with great empathy, and stages his own role as artist with self-irony and humour. For the first time ARKEN’s exhibition tells the stories of Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Thérèse Walter, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque as more than Picasso’s muses and preferred subjects.

Masterpieces from Paris
ARKEN’s Picasso exhibition presents numerous masterpieces from the unique collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints as well as historical film clips, photos, poems and a photo album. A magnificent Picasso experience awaits the visitor in the autumn, when Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model takes over ARKEN’s galleries from 12 October.

New Picasso research
For the exhibition a richly illustrated catalogue will be published presenting new research on Picasso by Danish and international contributors. ARKEN’s Curator Naja Rasmussen’s peer-reviewed article explores the women’s partnerships with Picasso, his stylistic developments and the gaze applied to them and himself. Émilie Bouvard, former curator at Musée national Picasso-Paris where she was in charge of paintings (1938-72), research and contemporary art, and recently appointed director of collections at Foundation Giacometti, examines Jacqueline Roque’s significance for Picasso’s late art. Wendy Steiner, author and professor emerita at Pennsylvania University, addresses current viewer positions and the Picasso model as an idea. Writer, scholar and curator Harri Kalha analyses Picasso’s erotic and humorous (self-)staging and his eye for body and gender. read more »
submission date: 9/30/2019

Nick Suzuki
Latest works

submission date: 9/9/2019

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Scientists are challenging the status quo in the diamond industry

Over the years, there have been many attempts in pursuit of creating a perfect man-made diamond. It wasn’t until the mid-1950s, when scientists created colored and colorless gems, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Because of British writer, H.G. Wells, scientists have been able to read about the technique of high pressure and temperature (HPHT) to continue research. Like art, scientists have been able to“master the illusion” of what we see as a traditional diamond by making a series of synthetic ones. The process of creating synthetic gems, led to understanding the inner happenings of the diamond industry. In the late 1900s the diamond industry was under pressure when synthetic gems tried to enter the market. During the same time, more awareness was raised about blood diamonds on the market. Before 2003, 25% of the world’s diamonds were conflict. They were traded illegally, which in turn impacts profits, working environments and human rights. Around the world, innocent people were often exploited to collect conflict diamonds. With the HPHT method, scientists strived to recreate high quality, bright, timeless and valuable pieces of jewelry.

Creating The Right Diamond
Synthetic gems have become an alternative option to buyers. In fact, synthetic-diamond engagement rings are the most popular piece of jewelry in that field. As the lab-grown industry increases by 15% per year, the market has an ability to change in the years ahead. Creating a diamond is like perfecting a piece of artwork. Artists like Alexander Chubar emphasized we’ve come a long way with creativity and architecture. He observes that, “Art is the physical manifestation of the perceptions of the world as interpreted and organized by various groups of people.” The creation of the new diamond is like a combination of artistic lens and science, although they are distinctly different. Each stone has the same physical and chemical properties, but can still vary in size, shape and color.

The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Diamonds
Diamonds grown in labs are identical to their mined counterparts except for one minor flaw; synthetic gems do not have impurities. Under “controlled conditions,” scientists are able to remove cracks, unnatural coloring and cloudiness, but buyers will often not be able to spot the difference from a regular diamond or an artificial one, except for its price. Synthetic diamonds are available at a more affordable rate than mined diamonds. They have been crafted to be environmentally friendly, ethical and without flaw. The creation of synthetic gems has significantly changed the diamond industry. Diamond labs are at the forefront of innovation with new geometric styles and colors; and though it will take time for the industry to accept synthetic gems, it leaves scientists time to design timeless pieces of artistic jewelry.
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About the author
Karoline is a human rights activist and writer. She left her corporate job to pursue this more meaningful career.
submission date: 8/20/2019

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BONIFACIO "Melón Jiménez" (fandangos)

Este video video esta dedicado al genial maestro de la pintura del siglo XX Bonifacio, va por él. Este video a sido posible gracias a la amabalidad y gentileza de la ganaderia Aurelio Hernando, gracias a la Laura por su generosidad.

Melón Jimenez (Wiesbaden Novemeber 27,1986 )is a musician and composer. He has played guitar for Anoushka Shankar, Richard Bona, Enrique Morente, Niña Pastori between others. Melón has estudiad piano, sax and bass and specially brilliant on the guitar Moved to Madrid at the age of 2. Raised in a musical family, his father is a flamenco guitar from Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucía) and his mother is a classical piano player in her native Germany, introduce him in the music world very early and he showed skills for all kinds of music. When he was 10 years old was able to play sax, piano and guitar and start to write some tunes. Finally he decided to play flamenco guitar and start to play often in all kind of places when he turned 15. In the year 2010 played on Enrique Morente´s live recording: "El Barbero de Picasso". During 2011/13 performed with Anouskha Shankar around the world presenting her grammy award winner "Traveller" blend of Indian traditional music with flamenco.

Melón Jiménez es guitarrista flamenco. Afincado entre Madrid y Jerez de la Frontera comenzó a tocar la guitarra con tan solo 4 años, estimulado por su padre Miguel Jiménez, guitarrista flamenco y discípulo del maestro " Rafael del Aguila ". A partir de los 13 años toca profesionalmente con artistas como Armando Manzanero, Antonio Carmona, Pitingo, Niña Pastori y un largo etc. Sus trabajos más reconocidos los ha realizado junto a grandes artistas internacionales de la talla de Anoushka Shankar, Enrique Morente,Mulatu Astatke y Richard Bona entre otros. Las experiencias de alto voltaje junto a gigantes de la música se suceden una tras otra como un hecho habitual en su vida artística. Ha echo arreglos musicales con músicos como Javier Colina, Chuchito Valdes,Niña pastori, Enrique Morente, Richard Bona, Anoushka Shankar o Tino di Geraldo . read more »
submission date: 6/30/2019

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Crosstown Arts Presents Kafé Kirk:
Slate of guests to include Kameron Whalum (Bruno Mars) and Kortland Whalum (of STAX Academy); and GRAMMY nominated artist Jonathan Butler. Regarded as one of the most prolific and important Memphis musicians of his generation, twelve-time GRAMMY nominee and GRAMMY-winning Memphian Kirk Whalum will host Kafé Kirk, a new monthly series, at Crosstown Theater at Crosstown Concourse on Sunday, June 2 at 6 pm. Kafé Kirk is a concert with musical collaborations between Whalum and his special guests as well as on-stage interviews between the musicians about music, life, and spirituality.
The kick-off event June 2 will feature Whalum alongside his Memphis-born nephews: vocalist, actor, and STAX Music Academy professor Kortland Whalum; and trombonist Kameron Whalum, a member of Bruno Mars’ band who is featured on “Uptown Funk” and who has performed on MTV’s Video Music Awards, The GRAMMYs, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Saturday Night Live. The second iteration will be July 7 with Whalum and two-time GRAMMY-nominated, gold-selling singer-songwriter Jonathan Butler.
Around each event, guests will also do a workshop with a local youth program.
“Kafé Kirk specializes in the soul connection. A liminal space where extraordinary music seasons the atmosphere, and ‘ain’t nobody scared’ to celebrate our mutual connections: horizontal — with each other, across every boundary, and vertical — with The Divine,” says Whalum of the new series.
WHO: Kirk Whalum with special guests Kortland Kameron Whalum
WHAT: Crosstown Theater kick-off of Kafé Kirk series
WHEN: Sunday, June 2, 2019, 6 pm
WHERE: Crosstown Theater, 1350 Concourse Ave., Memphis, TN 38104
TICKETS: $45 for regular ticket, $60 VIP packages via Eventbrite or at the door. VIP packages include a meet-and-greet with the performers and a free CD:
Growing up literally in the shadow of Stax Records before moving to Orange Mound, Whalum was a standout musician even as a student at Melrose High School. Recipient of a brass note on Beale Street, he is a professor of music at Visible Music College in Memphis, TN and an ordained minister with a Masters of Arts in Religion from Memphis Theological Seminary. Whalum’s saxophone graces records by Barbara Streisand, Al Jarreau, Luther Vandross, Larry Carlton, and Quincy Jones as well as Whitney Houston’s smash hit rendition of the Dolly Parton song “I Will Always Love You.” He is a recipient of an NAACP Image Award nomination and has won two Stellar Awards, gospel music’s highest honor.
Whalum’s most recent album is ‘#LOVECOVERS,’ part of his Gospel According to Jazz series, which reached #2 on the Billboard Jazz chart. He is host of the daily podcast Bible In Your Ear (BIYE).
Crosstown Arts — founding partner, co-developer, and tenant of Crosstown Concourse — is a contemporary arts organization dedicated to further cultivating the creative community in Memphis by providing resources and creating opportunities and experiences to inspire, support, and connect a diverse range of creative people, projects, and audiences. Crosstown Arts recently announced the opening of the Green Room, a multi-genre music venue ideal for listening within the Crosstown Concourse. read more »
submission date: 5/28/2019

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Abdullah Ibrahim
'The Balance' out June 28 on Gearbox Records

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, under apartheid, he combines rhythmic influences of South Africa with jazz. After the notorious Sharpeville massacre of 1960, mixed-race bands and audiences were defying the increasingly strict apartheid laws, and jazz symbolized resistance, so the government closed a number of clubs and harassed the musicians and he left the country. None other than Duke Ellington produced an album on him in 1963 and in 1974, he recorded "Mannenberg Is Where It's Happening," an unofficial anthem for black South Africans; he performed at the 1994 presidential inauguration of Nelson Mandela. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Newport Jazz Fest, joined the Elvin Jones' quartet for a time, and made an album with Max Roach. read more »
submission date: 4/12/2019

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Eugenio Galli

Eugenio Galli nasce nel 1951 a Seregno (MB), dove lavora tuttora, e vive a Briosco (MB). Sin dall’adolescenza coltiva la passione per la pittura. Terminati gli studi scientifici a Monza lavora per circa vent’anni nella bottega orafa di famiglia specializzandosi in gemmologia. Dopo aver abbandonato la figurazione, agli inizi degli anni ’90 si sofferma sulla questione della luce approdando ad uno spazio creativo sottolineato da un colorismo fine e sommesso. Iniziano così i suoi cicli astratti, denominati materia e spirito, percezioni universali, iridescenza cromatica, sino ad arrivare alla recente produzione che sfocia in una particolare filosofia alla ricerca dell’universalità spirituale che va sotto il nome di “La trascendenza di Eugenio Galli”. A questa nuova linea pittorica-scultorea appartengono l’elegia del bianco, le opere multimateriche e le sculture in materiali vari, specie in cor-ten. Eugenio Galli ha partecipato a numerose personali e collettive in Italia e all’estero tra Roma, Firenze, Milano, Berlino, Lugano, Lione, Budapest, Sharjah (Emirati Arabi) e il Cairo. Sue opere sono conservate in collezioni pubbliche e private, nazionali ed internazionali.

La trascendenza
…ecco allora la Trascendenza cioè l'”andare oltre”… quindi andare oltre la realtà dell’universo fisico, del pensiero e della ragione. Questa mia linea pittorica-scultorea non prende perciò spunto da elementi materiali, da immagini o elaborazioni mentali, ma è l’individuo in quanto essere spirituale che crea scevro da qualsiasi interferenza. È vero per fare ciò deve usare il proprio corpo, gestire i vari attrezzi e materiali ma questo non è pensiero ma unicamente automatismo che deriva dalla tecnica acquisita. Non si deve quindi confondere questa condizione con la casualità in quanto qui abbiamo la consapevolezza dell’essere.
submission date: 3/29/2019

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Architectures for children: the design of education

Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

The Italian Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has designed four kindergartens in China, where the immersive and experiential architectural space becomes a stimulus for imagination and learning.
An ever closer relationship links architecture and pedagogy: school spaces play today a decisive role in the education of children, fostering their wellbeing and accompanying their learning process. This is the principle behind the project by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, architecture studio based in Milan and Shanghai, for Gymboree Play & Music. The American brand – with 700 centres in more than 40 countries around world - offers courses for infants and children up to the age of 6, with the aim of developing their cognitive and relational skills in early childhood, through play activities based on listening to music, art classes, group activities and problem solving games. To translate Gymboree’s educational philosophy into architectural language, the architects have come up with the concept of the four schools - two in Shenzhen and two in Suzhou - designing places capable of arousing children's curiosity and also encouraging them to learn. The spaces are designed to interpret the theme of "travel" through shapes, colours and materials, with different areas recreating different environments: the ocean, the forest, the desert, the Arctic, the canyon and space. A magical, dreamlike context stimulates the children to use their imagination to live unique experiences and visit unknown worlds. Without leaving their classrooms they are able to rest in the shade of a tree in the middle of the forest; immerse themselves underwater with inhabitants of the ocean, run up and down dunes until they reach an oasis in the desert. The protagonists of this adventure are not only the children, but also their parents, who are able to relive the fun of childhood and develop their creative potential along with their children.
The inspiration for the design of the spaces, which stand out for their simple geometries, bold colours and different materials, derives precisely from this identification with the children. "We tried to interpret the environments through the eyes of children, creating a context that provided them with sensations rather than images, so as to leave them free to fly on the wings of their imagination. The imagination of children is pure and original, they see the world with the independence and creativity of their own thoughts. Imagination is more important than knowledge, since knowledge is limited, while imagination is the driving force behind progress and the source of the evolution of knowledge", say architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino.
The concept finds its brightest expression in the school of Shenzhen Upper Hills, a space of over 2000 square metres, which accommodates the offices of Gymboree employees as well as the classrooms. Here the whole building - and not just the classrooms - is an immersive and highly experiential space. Colours, shapes and geometries become tools for giving life to an imaginative world, which characterises the corridors, transit areas, the reception, the bar, the common areas and the classrooms. The central garden with playground allows children to interact and play in the open air. The offices are located on the upper floor and accommodate the entire Gymboree team in Shenzhen with meeting rooms and training areas, bar and kitchen. The lavish programme of collateral activities - such as gymnastics and cooking classes - is also open to parents, who can enjoy themselves while their children are having fun in class. The Gymboree logo and its iconic orange colour characterise the facades, making the space immediately recognisable from the outside. read more »
submission date: 3/25/2019

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The Expo at World Market Center Brings Exhibit Space to Downtown Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – (January 28, 2019) - International Market Centers (IMC), owners and operators of World Market Center Las Vegas, broke ground today on construction of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new 315,000-square-foot exhibition facility, scheduled to open in summer 2020 on the World Market Center Las Vegas campus.
The new Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature 194,785 gross square feet of exhibit space, which is divisible into two halls – North with 97,684 gross square feet and South with 97,101 gross square feet – which can accommodate up to 1,000 booths. The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature an expansive lobby area, registration area, onsite shuttle bus depot, attached parking garage and two permanent “grab and go” food service areas.
“IMC is making a $90 Million investment in the creation of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility,” said Robert Maricich, CEO of IMC. “We’re delighted to cooperate with the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada to bring this new exhibition venue to Las Vegas. Our use of local labor, at ‘prevailing wage rates’ will make this project a win-win for the exhibition industry and the city of Las Vegas.”
Construction is scheduled to begin fully in April and the grand opening is expected for IMC’s Summer 2020 Las Vegas Market, a semi-annual marketplace for the gift and home furnishings industries. “According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) in 2017, the exposition industry generated $58.8 billion in economic benefit to Southern Nevada,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “With the addition of this new facility, Las Vegas now offers the exhibition industry a total of 4,214,047 gross square feet of exhibit hall space at four facilities – the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay and The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas.”
The Expo at Las Vegas Market will be the new permanent venue for presentation of temporary gift and home décor exhibits at IMC’s semi-annual Las Vegas Market, which showcases 4,000+ gift, home décor and furniture resources in five million square feet of permanent showrooms and temporary exhibition space. During the Las Vegas Market, IMC plans to use the lobby of the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas for attendee and exhibitor registration, making the new facility the gateway to its entire marketplace. The Expo’s contiguous positioning with Building C also will improve attendee traffic flow between Las Vegas Market’s permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits, which IMC expects will drive new resources to campus and enrich the pipeline for permanent showroom presentations. read more »
submission date: 1/28/2019

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Yogendra Kumar Purohit
My work concept

It's myself art journey. Last 10 years to continue I am busy in myself search through the art and painting. For me painting is a language. It's need vision not any kind of texts ... read more »
submission date: 1/21/2019

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Italian Quantum Artist
Tony Nicotra

Tony Nicotra is an Italian Artist that was born in Caracas Venezuela on 17 August 1971. I have always exhibited an insatiable curiosity for the world that surrounds me, and have passionately tried to express my inquisitiveness through drawing and painting. As a young man after finishing my Fine Arts studies, (where by my talents were developed and refined), and with increasing recognition of my artistic skills, I was appropriated into the discipline of restorative art where I worked prodigiously for many years. During this period I won critical acclaim amongst my peers, for successfully restoring numerous important and prestigious Italian works of art and monuments including, The Arena of Verona, The Cathedral of Catania, The Royal Palace of Venaria in Turin as well as the Italian Embassy in Berlin, to name but a few.
Yet despite all these accomplishments, and still driven by my insatiable and ardent desire to fathom the truth and raison d’être of the existence of life, of humanity, and its relationship with its delicate environs, I elected to temporarily suspend my career, to commence a long period of introspective soul searching. I devoted myself exclusively to the search of inner wisdom through the pursuit of knowledge, with a view of liberating the soul within. During this endeavour, I became an avid scholar of various metaphysical and spiritual disciplines, and, despite severe financial constraints and hardships, found myself compelled to pursue a personal and arduous pilgrimage, by walking The Route of Santiago di Compostela, better known as the pilgrimage of St James Path, ending in Santiago Spain.
During this journey I became inspired to study the field of Quantum Physics, and coupled with the knowledge previously gained, I finally found the answers to my deepest questions. Renewed by this personal experience, my quest is to now share my new found understanding and wisdom, through the communicative medium of artistic works, literary prose, and poetry. To this end, I have currently devoted my artistic ability, to the pursuit of rendering tangible and visible, the enigmatic invisible energy fields that constitute the universe and life within it. My aim is to awaken in all humanity, the awareness and wonder, of the interrelatedness of all that exists, through the interactive dance of fundamental energy forms that constitute both living and non living things. This knowledge is rarely acknowledged, nor experienced by the uninitiated majority. Thus, my mission as an artist, is to utilize my personal wisdom, my faith and my new found perception of self as a singular, liberated and enlightened being, to demonstrate the existence of life as a divine source of permeating energy, constantly pulsating through dynamic and cyclic interactions. read more »
submission date: 9/28/2018

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ionone world | illustration | Rezo Kaishauri - Surreal and fantasy art


May 12, 2007
Rezo Kaishauri
Surreal and fantasy art

"Surrealism is not the way you live, act or feel. It's the way you dream. We, who call ourselves 'surrealists', are marked by the Lord himself with a slightest touch of insanity. Creative insanity that is, granting the freedom to transform reality, to reach beyond visible, and to display the possibility of impossible. My personal goal, as a surrealist, is to represent the unreality with maximum reality, trying to make you believe in what you see. This is what Salvador Dali did the best." ... read more »

ionone world | music | Live Earth  - Save Our Selves (SOS) 7/7/07


May 17, 2007
Live Earth
Save Our Selves (SOS) 7/7/07

THE LARGEST GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT EVENT IN HISTORY. More Than 30 Million Live Earth Videos Streamed on MSN by 8 Million People – The Largest Online Audience Ever for an Online Concert Approximately One Million People Participated in More Than 10,000 Friends of Live Earth Events in 131 Countries – the Largest Grassroots Organizing Program in History. LOS ANGELES (July 9, 2007) – Live Earth organizers today announced that the 7-continent, 24 hour music extravaganza on July 7th was the largest global ... read more »

ionone world | painting | Sonia Gil - Maps of future landscapes


September 22, 2005
Sonia Gil
Maps of future landscapes

"I am absolutely fascinated by cities. Because of this passion, I graduated in architecture in Rio de Janeiro. While at the university, I started my art studies at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro and experienced different kinds of media and techniques, from oil painting to jewelry making, but after being fully introduced to watercolour it soon became another passion. I started off with small sized watercolours, then I moved on to work with large scale canvas and acrylic colours, trying to ... read more »

ionone world | photography | ALBÜM - Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia


January 1, 2015
Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia

ALBÜM is a virtual and print magazine specializing in contemporary Latin American photography created by Galería MÜ. In order to identify new talents, we have opened four call for entries per year. Each one of our editions is focused on a region of Latin America: Southern Cone; Brazil and the Eastern Region; Andean Region; and Central and Mezo America and the Caribbean. The call for entries begins with each season according to a region. The selected artists receive 3 spreads (6 pages in total) ... read more »

ionone world | sculpture | Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski - Art works


August 09, 2003
Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski
Art works

Permanent exhibition containing more than 85 works of art, “ Wooden Objects 2000-2003” in the main workshop of the “Ausbesserungswerk” in Hamburg, Schlachthofstraße 3 (the exhibition can only be visited after prior application tel.: 0172 405 32 38) (...) Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski's biography reflects somewhat of the diverse relationship between Germany and Poland. Born in Gdansk he was 31 years old when he migrated to Hamburg during the Solidarnosc movement and became a member of the BBK ... read more »

ionone world | sculpture | Chris Oakley  - Art works


November 13, 2006
Chris Oakley

International video artist Chris Oakley has launched a website aiming to redefine the way video art is traded and consumed. The website offers the facility to preview Chris Oakley’s videos online, with the option to download high-resolution digital video files of the artist’s videos. Out of frustration with existing sales and distribution models, Chris Oakley built the website in part as a way of taking control of the distribution of his work and as a response to internet piracy of his videos. Previously, commercial galleries ... read more »

ionone world | art | Yogendra Kumar Purohit  - Art Vibration - 109


May 26, 2013
Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Art Vibration - 109

In 2008 I were very busy in communication and in search of art web site links because in that movement I were not connected to any online network and I did not knew much more knowledge about online use, so I were working with safe mode , I think that was must for me and I were lived with that mode . one day I were found a website link that was world wide art web site . I got that web page mail id and sent my blog post link with a short information about my art journey . after a one week I were received a reply by that web site owner ... read more »

ionone world | art | Alexander Chubar  - Thought on art


November 14, 2000
Alexander Chubar
Thought on art

Art, unlike science, is not measured by its progress. Its evolution reminds one of concentric circles on the surface of water that has been disturbed by a rock. Similarly, arts of cultures and civilizations stand independently, but at the same time they are unified by their common striving for order and harmony; a tendency that can be observed not only in art but in all organic life. Art is the physical manifestation of the sensual perceptions of the world as interpreted and organized by these various groups of peoples. This is why ... read more »