Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

Dressed and undressed, curvaceous and angular, sleeping and watching. Over seven decades the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso depicts the female body as a colourful metamorphosis – full of longing and willpower, desire and eroticism. The exhibition Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model looks at the relations between one of the greatest painters in world history and his models, and reinterprets Picasso’s depictions of women. The famous artist’s portraits of women raise issues that are highly topical today as more and more people are discussing gender, privileges and identity in the context of equality and feminism. ARKEN’s Picasso exhibition focuses on the women in the portraits, their significance for Picasso’s wild changes of style and the comedy of his dramatic stagings.

Erotic thirst and burning desire
Pablo Picasso is famous for his talent for artistic innovation and notorious for his uncompromising life. Picasso’s artistic development and new stylistic departures parallel his love life – and it does not go quietly. In groundbreaking and expressive paintings Picasso interprets his family life, children, fame, artistic identity, love and crises. To one motif in particular he returns again and again: the naked female body, alone or in interaction with the artist. With a starting point in one of the most iconic motifs in the history of art – the painter and the model – Picasso depicts the desire to see and be seen. He shows our erotic thirst and eternal fascination with one another’s bodies as well as the lustful insistent looks that arise in the interaction between the parties.

More than muses
Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model challenges the balance of power between the artist and his models and takes a fresh look at Picasso’s pictures of those he loved. Picasso renders the women’s strengths, emotional life, pleasure and anger with great empathy, and stages his own role as artist with self-irony and humour. For the first time ARKEN’s exhibition tells the stories of Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Thérèse Walter, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque as more than Picasso’s muses and preferred subjects.

Masterpieces from Paris
ARKEN’s Picasso exhibition presents numerous masterpieces from the unique collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints as well as historical film clips, photos, poems and a photo album. A magnificent Picasso experience awaits the visitor in the autumn, when Beloved by Picasso – The Power of the Model takes over ARKEN’s galleries from 12 October.

New Picasso research
For the exhibition a richly illustrated catalogue will be published presenting new research on Picasso by Danish and international contributors. ARKEN’s Curator Naja Rasmussen’s peer-reviewed article explores the women’s partnerships with Picasso, his stylistic developments and the gaze applied to them and himself. Émilie Bouvard, former curator at Musée national Picasso-Paris where she was in charge of paintings (1938-72), research and contemporary art, and recently appointed director of collections at Foundation Giacometti, examines Jacqueline Roque’s significance for Picasso’s late art. Wendy Steiner, author and professor emerita at Pennsylvania University, addresses current viewer positions and the Picasso model as an idea. Writer, scholar and curator Harri Kalha analyses Picasso’s erotic and humorous (self-)staging and his eye for body and gender. read more »
submission date: 9/30/2019

El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina​
25 de Junio al 15 de Agosto del 2018
Agora Gallery

La competencia ofrece a artistas de América Latina, el Caribe y de la diáspora latinoamericana la oportunidad única de presentar su arte a un público internacional en el famoso distrito de arte de Chelsea, en la ciudad de Nueva York. Los premios (valorados en USD $ 55,000) incluyen la participación en una exposición en la ciudad de Nueva York, participacipación en una feria de arte en Estados Unidos y oportunidades de promoción en línea y premios en efectivo. Un panel de jurados especializados en arte Latinoamericano revisará todas las inscripciones en busca de grandes talentos. El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina​ es una plataforma espectacular para promover tu obra a nivel internacional. ¡Aprovecha esta excelente oportunidad para artistas latinos en cualquier etapa de sus carreras! Para obtener más información o para participar, visita Contáctanos en​ ​​ ​o en​ ​Facebook​.
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition ​- June 25 to August 15, 2018
The competition offers artists from Latin America, the Caribbean and the Latin American diaspora the unique opportunity to present their art to an international audience in the famous art district of Chelsea, in New York City. Prizes (valued at $ 55,000) include participation in an exhibition in New York City, participation in an art fair in the United States, online promotion opportunities and cash prizes. A panel of juries specialized in Latin American art will review all the entries in search of great talent. The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition ​ is a spectacular platform to expose and promote your work internationally. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity for Latino artists at any stage of their careers! For more information or to participate, visit Contact us at ​​ or on ​ Facebook​. read more »
submission date: 5/14/2019

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34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Opens on February 5th, 2019
Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth.

“The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition has been an annual tradition within New York City’s vibrant art scene for more than 30 years. Artists from around the world can have their work reviewed by distinguished jurors and, if selected, exhibit their work in a major Chelsea gallery. It’s a marvelous opportunity open to all and we strongly encourage artists at every level of practice to participate!” -Eleni Cocordas, Director, Agora Gallery

The 2019 competition awards are valued at more than $70,000. In addition to cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, featured magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities, and an honorable mention. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

“My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.” -Herold P Alexis Patrick, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

The 2019 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting submissions between February 5th and March 12th, 2019. Results will be announced on April 16th, 2019, with the competition exhibition slated for August 10–20, 2019.
Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Apply to be recognized by Agora’s reputable jury. Visit for more information and detailed instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at read more »
submission date: 1/8/2019

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The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition
El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina

The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition is an ideal way for Latin American artists to gain valuable exposure for their artwork and to exhibit their talent to a wider international audience. It is also an excellent opportunity to foster their talent and develop the résumé of a successful professional artist. With a distinguished panel of jurors and more than $55,000 in valuable prizes. The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition is an event not to be missed.
The competition is open for Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American diaspora at any stage of their careers. Artists are invited to submit in any of the following mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media, and print. Art submitted to the competition will be reviewed by a rotating panel of expert jurors, each representing a different field in the art world, ensuring a fair and balanced selection process.

El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina es la manera ideal para que artistas Latinoamericanos puedan obtener una valiosa exposición de su obra, aumentar su confianza, y exponer su arte frente a un público más amplio. También es una excelente oportunidad para fomentar su talento y desarrollar el currículum de un artista profesional exitoso. Con un distinguido panel de jurados y más de US$ 55,000 dolares en valiosos premios; el Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina 2018 es una oportunidad que no querrá perderse.
El concurso está abierto a artistas visuales de Latino America, el Caribe y la dispora Latinoamericana que habiten en cualquier parte del mundo, y en cualquier etapa de su carrera. Se invita a los artistas a presentar sus obras en los siguientes medios: pintura, escultura, fotografía, dibujo, técnicas mixtas, y grabado. Las obras serán evaluadas por un panel de jurados expertos, que rota cada año. Cada uno representando diferentes campos en el mundo del arte, lo que garantiza un proceso de evaluación justo y equilibrado. read more »
submission date: 6/25/2018

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'Simbolismo intimo (Intimate Symbolism)'
A. Sartorio | G. Previati | Pelizza da Volpedo
11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery

An unprecedented and private look on some little-known works by the three giants of Italian Symbolism: Giulio Aristide Sartorio, Gaetano Previati and Pelizza da Volpedo.
'Intimate Symbolism' is an unprecedented and private look on some little-known works by Giulio Aristide Sartorio, Gaetano Previati and Pelizza da Volpedo. Faces and interior landscapes as a state of mind disclose a hidden and intimate aspect of the three greatest interpreters of Italian Symbolism. All artworks but one come from the same private Collection, where they've been kept for half a century.
11 [HellHeaven] - Ars Perpetua 111
Via dei Coronari 111, Roma IT
Opening Time: Tue to Sat 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Vernissage: 23 June h.7:00 p.m.
read more »
submission date: 6/14/2018

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564), a towering genius in the history of Western art, is the subject of this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. During his long life, Michelangelo was celebrated for the excellence of his disegno, the power of drawing and invention that provided the foundation for all the arts. For his mastery of drawing, design, sculpture, painting, and architecture, he was called Il Divino ("the divine one") by his contemporaries. His powerful imagery and dazzling technical virtuosity transported viewers and imbued all of his works with a staggering force that continues to enthrall us today.
This exhibition presents a stunning range and number of works by the artist: 133 of his drawings, three of his marble sculptures, his earliest painting, his wood architectural model for a chapel vault, as well as a substantial body of complementary works by other artists for comparison and context. Among the extraordinary international loans are the complete series of masterpiece drawings he created for his friend Tommaso de' Cavalieri and a monumental cartoon for his last fresco in the Vatican Palace. Selected from 50 public and private collections in the United States and Europe, the exhibition examines Michelangelo's rich legacy as a supreme draftsman and designer. read more »

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Halbdunkel - Florian Fausch, Ulla Reiter and Dominik Schmitt
janinebeangallery Berlin

Influenced by cartoon characters and the world of consumption, Ulla Reiter creates impressing mystic sculptures with an abundance of avant-garde and joy of invention using the unconventional material of plastic foam. The artist shapes this material deliberately using a classic scupltural technique: The figures are carved with weaver‘s scissors and dissecting instruments directly from the block. Ulla Reiter lives and works in Bamberg, Bavaria.
The paintings of the Swiss artist Florian Fausch are utopian architectural landscapes with a formal language which follows its own laws. These are places as well as „non-places“ at once, circling the concept of the painting. Landscape and interior space are being unfolded and splintered, interlock with each other again and form something entirely new. Dominik Schmitt comes from the deep south of Germany, from a town called Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. His artworks comprise paintings and drawings, but also video art. He manifests his anatomical introspections in a both morbid and ironic way on canvas and thereby addresses subjectivity as well as questions about art and its conception. Despite all modernity Schmitt makes formal use of elements of the Renaissance and christian iconography. read more »
submission date: 11/17/2017

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Flavio Pellegrini - Progetto Nero espessivo
Milano Scultura - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

Flavio Pellegrini was born in Brescia italy in 1960. His technical training does not hinder but stimulates his artistic career. Since 1999, he has followed a mixed path made of technicalities and harmonies, studies and experiments. The wood is the predominant element in all his works. The study of the eighteenth century mathematical methodologies enriches his way of interpreting the stretch. Grooves and etchings patiently researched and regulated by algorithms alternate balancing the form and expressing themselves with the reflection of light. His own recipes harmonize the visual and tactile perceptions of the user. He works, studies and researches in Flero Brescia Italy.

Nato a Brescia nel 1960. Ha una formazione tecnica, ma questo non limita la sua estrosa e florida fantasia. Dal 1999 ha seguito un percorso misto fatto di tecnicismi e armonie, di studi e sperimentazioni. Predilige il legno come elemento modellabile e lo caratterizza con giochi geometrici. Sostituisce il tratto generato dal pensiero con incisioni regolamentate da algoritmi matematici. Ricerca costantemente formule matematiche ispirate a metodologie studiate da matematici del XVIII secolo. Modella le grafie generate per dare profondità alla scultura. E' il modo per sintonizzare la percezione visiva e tattile dell'osservatore con le sue sensazioni del creare e del fare. Lavora, studia, ricerca e sperimenta a Flero (Brescia) read more »
submission date: 11/17/2017

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BeDifferent Art Show

BeDifferent Art Show is going to open in the ancient Church of Misericordia, during the finissage of Venezia Biennale. BeDifferent is dedicated to emerging and divergent arts. This year's theme is: "A New Kind of Beauty". Personal exhibitions: Marco Guglielmi (Reimmortal) and Re.Mi. Irreverent and politically incorrect, Marco Guglielmi is a conceptual artist giving life to amazing installations between sculpture, video and performing art. Re. Mi. died in 2011. He is an outsider in art and in life - who was able to embody a new form of beauty through a bizarre and macabre hyperpsychic painting. read more »
submission date: 11/3/2017

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BeDifferent Art Show

“What can you teach? Not art. That’s impossible. Contrary to the common view, art can’t be taught. I believe that a piece of art comes out naturally  from a human being. Just like a human being comes out from another“. Kazuo Ohno, “What can you teach? Not art.”
11HellHeaven firmly believes that art is a natural process like life itself, and that has to be shared for the growth of the whole mankind. 11HellHeaven is a cultural symposium, an experimental circle of arts and ideas with a strong focus on innovation and contemporaneity. beyond the limit of “average”. With respect to our artists we act as a nomadic Gallery, opening to unconventional locations and pooling knowledge and experience.
Our logo is two arrows moving upwards and downwards, to represent the continuous shifting between opposite poles. Our motto is: “In Media non stat virtus”, whose translation from latin is: “there is no virtue in the middle”. Mediocrity is not a value. At the same time, “there is no truth in the media” and that is why we deliberately misspelled the latin motto (middle = media). For us, art represents the last bulwark against the flattening of consciousness in the media society.
Informal, conceptual, performing arts and videoart are 11Hellheaven’s core. We produce visions, performances and ideas. Everyone is welcomed to share his/her art and vision. It’s our contribution to increase the global level of awareness of the planet. read more »
submission date: 9/17/2017

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Mei Xian Qiu "I Love You"
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

"I started to think towards two divergent rivulets. One, the phrase "I love you" as used in daily parlance, aggressive, vulnerable, necessary, and common simultaneously, the most important frightening thing; it was also a gateway to what you, yes, as an individual with a perceived sense of identity, believe others want you to say to them; it was a qualifier to other more alluring and emotionally specific concerns. How do we trade in love, sex, happiness?" An inspiration for the series had been "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe" by Edouard Manet, depicting a nude woman at a picnic with 2 well dressed men. Painted in a rough, bold manner, this painting caused controversy in 1862 for its shocking and raw depiction of gender inequality, revealing the nude tantalizing figure as both a probable prostitute as well as an allegorical muse. Again, there is the study of contrasts -- the feminine versus the masculine, the naked versus the clothed, the elite versus the commonplace, and the innate aggression versus the vulnerability of the act of nudity itself. Which led to secondly, maybe not so divergently, the fetishization and objectification of inspiration, of the muse, of all passion—the shattering, obvious, hard edge of this that tail gates easier romanticized views. The series, "I love you” examines the intersections of adoration and desperation, victim and aggressior, oppression and self oppression, globalism, even colonialization and provincialism." read more »
submission date 1/16/2016
The Nymph of the River Lou; Autumn2014 by Mei Xian Qiu

Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer "Séance"

The janinebeangallery announces the upcoming exhibition "Séance ", featuring artworks of the photographer Katrin Günter and the painter Tanja Selzer. January 9th – February 20th 2016 Kathrin Günter knows all about the illusions of eternal fame and of everlasting love. She is familiar with the mechanisms of the media and all the different forms of manipulated adoration. For more than 15 years Kathrin Günter has been observing and studying every celebrity moment, particularly the simultaneous longing for attention and a desperation to stay out of the permanent spotlight. Kathrin Günter sees and records everything for what we call eternity. Tanja Selzer lives and works as an artist in Berlin since 2003. Her paintings resemble snapshots of a dream, enchanted and unreal. Seemingly incoherent motifs are combined by the artist as a sequence of an ecstatic and dream-like plot, reflecting everyday sceneries, but continuously evading mere causality. read more »
submission date: 1/5/2016

I AMsterdam YOU BErlin
Contemporary art from Amsterdam and Berlin – „HIDDEN TREASURES“

April 30th – May 3rd 2015 at St. Johannes Evangelist-Church | Auguststr. 90 | 10117 Berlin AMSTERDAM: Galerie AdK, Galerie Bart, Galerie Brandt, Cityscapes Gallery, Livingstone gallery, Vriend van Bavink, Galerie Wit BERLIN: C&Kunterwegs Galerie, janinebeangallery, Jarmuschek+Partner, lorch+seidel, Petra Riez Salon Galerie, seifert | lardon, Wichtendahl Galerie For the third time Amsterdam and Berlin based galleries organise a collaborative exhibition that displays current positions of Contemporary Art. Titled as I AMsterdam YOU BErlin works of international artists will be shown in the St. Johannes Evangelist church in Auguststraße. Parallel to numerous exhibition openings in Berlin, I AMsterdam YOU BErlin presents thereby a concrentrated insight into the vivid contemporary art scene of two cities with a rich background of artistic tradition. With 10 participating galleries and 4.000 visitors at one weekend, the second issue of I AMsterdam YOU BErlin has already been a great success. This year the sacral environment stirs again a special interaction with the space, whereby it invites to include the spacial component for the presentation. Works of 37 artists from 11 nations will be displayed. The focus is therefore set on painting and drawing, but also genres like installation, photography and sculpture are represented. Entitled as “Hidden Treasures“ the exhibition holds for the first time a concrete metatopic, of which every of the 14 galleries is inspired by. Therefor it creates on a superior level a diverse metatopic-related exhibition of different positions. The aim of this event is the intercultural exchange and the presentation and imparting of Contemporary Art. Each artwork is linked to the exhibition topic and of course can be purchased. The entrance is free. The project takes place in collaboration with the Kulturbüro Elisabeth. During the opening on 30th of April the artist and musician Melle presents at 8 p.m. a musical performance. read more »

Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy
Purpose - webmag photographique

For several years magazine has been offering space to well-known and unknown photographers who question our world, bringing together photography and contemporary musical compositions. Today we are opening our work to the publication of books, magazines, fanzines… with the creation of PURPOSE ÉDITIONS. We are delighted to present our first publication: Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy. During three years, Gilles Raynaldy observed the everyday life of students, professors and staff of a school establishment in Montreuil near Paris: “the cité scolaire Jean-Jaurès”. Gilles Raynaldy’s photographs are both distant and very close to their subjects, they capture the multiple facets of a complex reality: individual gestures, movements of groups, attitudes, postures and signs of adolescence. As in a film, the book moves through the seasons of the school year; it opens classroom doors, it shows playgrounds, laboratories, kitchens, the dining hall… places that are sometimes bustling with people and sometimes silent. Shots of the exhibition which was organized by the photographer in the “cité scolaire” mingle with these black and white and colour photographs. This exhibition in situ accompanied the students’ life for a few months, forming one body with the buildings’ walls. Release date 11th June 2015 Available in bookstores and on read more »

Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia

ALBÜM is a virtual and print magazine specializing in contemporary Latin American photography created by Galería MÜ. In order to identify new talents, we have opened four call for entries per year. Each one of our editions is focused on a region of Latin America: Southern Cone; Brazil and the Eastern Region; Andean Region; and Central and Mezo America and the Caribbean. The call for entries begins with each season according to a region. The selected artists receive 3 spreads (6 pages in total) that include images and text about the selected series and a resume at the end of the magazine. The call for entries are open to artists born in Latin American countries, foreigners that have lived for a minimum of 5 years in a Latin American country, or collectives in which at least half of their participants are Latin American. We only accept projects with photography or derivations thereof, including but not limited to: collage, scanography, image appropriation, etc. ... read more »

TECHNARTE Art + Technology
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Featured Artists: OPN Studio, Patxi Araujo, 3DKUMO, Rachael Runner, Frederik De Wilde, Joaquin Fargas, Alessandro Scali The Technarte exhibition showcases select artists from the last 10 years of the Technarte conference on art and technology based in Bilbao, Spain. This years inagural US conference is being held at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station Dec 10-11, 2015 and LACDA proudly presents the conference’s satellite show at it’s downtown Los Angeles location. Technarte is a vessel for growth and encourages artists to challenge the traditional boundaries and preconceptions of what is considered art, science and technology. The unique Technarte platform of support cultivates innovative ideas and fosters new opportunities for artists. These artworks, transmitted through Mobile art, Nano art, Bio art, Sciart or Robotic Art, are only a few examples of how the artists use technology to create and understand both the artistic and scientific world. TECHNARTE Conference will be held at the Writers Boot Camp on Thursday & Friday, December 10th & 11th at Bergamot Station with the Artists’ Opening Reception at LACDA Saturday December 12th at 7pm. December 10, 2015 - January 2, 2016 read more »

Stanley Tigerman - 821 Stanley Tigerman Sketches 821
Volume Gallery

CHICAGO - Volume Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with Stanley Tigerman, 821 Stanley Tigerman Sketches 821, opening October 24th from 4-8 PM at 845 West Washington Blvd, Chicago. The story of the 821 sketches of Stanley Tigerman begins with a road trip following the premier Venice Architecture Biennale, and culminating nearly 40 years later with the first Chicago Architecture Biennial. From 1976 to the present, Tigerman has maintained a constant flow of sketchbooks roughly divided into three main categories: Architectural, Travel, and Architoon sketches. The continuation of sketching, as opposed to photographing a vacation or building, is equally met with a “no shit, I am an architect, I sketch” attitude that suddenly illuminates their meditative quality. The images lose their ‘sketchiness’ and turn into studies in place, philosophy, religion, building, etc. Tigerman’s sense of recall is fully displayed; a rendered church from a trip in France becomes an Architectural sketch for a residence after ten years, and morphs once again 20 years later playing a role in the religious grappling of his Architoon drawings. Viewing the work, which is displayed chronologically, themes begin to emerge and narratives reveal themselves. There are celebrations of life and death, there are periods of extreme activity and drought, there are quick jots, and later, the work of a contemplative life.
Stanley Tigerman a principal in the Chicago architectural and design firm of Tigerman McCurry and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Stanley Tigerman has thus far designed over 450 buildings and installations around the world throughout his 51 years in private practice. He was the founding member of “The Chicago Seven” as well as the Chicago Architectural Club. In 2008, Mr. Tigerman was named the recipient of the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education as well as the AIA Illinois Gold Medal in recognition of outstanding lifetime service. Stanley Tigerman was honored by AIA Chicago with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. The author of seven books, he recently completed an essay on “erring” for Perspecta, Yale Architecture School’s journal due out in the fall and is currently working on his next manuscript on “Aura: Unattainable Architectural Longings.” read more »
submission date 10/13/2015

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Guido Moretti: Riflessioni sull'arte

Guido Moretti is the second of three sons, was born on 12 August 1947 at 20 Via Gramsci, Gardone V.T. His father Luigi was a carpenter and used part of the hallway of the house as his workroom. Later, he was able to set up his own furniture factory. Guido much preferred his father's carpenter's shop to school desks. Guido completed the senior section at the main school in Brescia, where he discovered and was captivated by the beauty of analytical geometry. Then he entered to the Faculty of Engineering at Padua University in 1967. There he created his first sculptures in plastiline. Completed first two years of university, Guido switched to the Faculty of Physics and moved to Milan. In that time he was considering teaching as a carrier. During this time in Milan his sculpting output increased. In 1973, he settled in Brescia and graduated in Phisics. In the beginning of 1974 Guido started to teach in various schools. He became involved with the Loggetta artistic group and followed various courses in drawing and ceramics. In 80s his creativity knew no bounds: from stratifications he moved on to rotations followed by orthogonal intersections. He created a set of sculptures of orthogonal intersections with various optical illusion shapes and impossible figures. Photos of his sculptures were published in several Italian magazines. Also his sculptures are part of collections of various museums. Since 1996 he has worked with Anna Canali's Milan gallery Arte Struktura. read more »

Guido Moretti Scultore - Architettura Arte Contemporanea
La mostra sarà aperta dal martedì al sabato dalle ore 15,30 alle ore 19,30 fino al 24 ottobre 2015 Le opere esposte, oltre 20, sono in bronzo, plexiglas, nylon, alluminio coloratissimo. Forme spiazzanti realizzate con un originale metodo che talvolta raggiunge la magia dell’illusione e a volte si astrae nella perfezione matematica. Guido Moretti, nato nel 1947 a Gardone Val Trompia, cresce giocando e costruendo i suoi giocattoli con il legno nel laboratorio del padre. Questo materiale lo affascina e gli consente di sviluppare la propria manualità. Laureato in fisica, diventa insegnante, organizza e frequenta corsi di disegno e di affresco. Inizia la sua ricerca dapprima nel mondo del figurativo poi nel mondo della scienza, e associando le sue conoscenze matematiche e fisiche, trova una sua personalissima linea che lo porteranno ad ottenere prestigiose onorificenze sia in Italia che all’estero. Nel 2004 Pubblica il libro “La Terza Via Alla Scultura” in cui documenta più di venti anni della sua originale ricerca plastica. Il direttore del più grande centro mondiale d’arte illusoria di Los Angeles, Mr. Al Seckel, pubblica il suo libro “MASTERS OF DECEPTION” in cui dedica un intero capitolo al lavoro di Guido Moretti. Partecipa a numerose mostre e fiere d’arte in Italia e all’estero, tenendo spesso anche conferenze sul suo originale metodo di lavoro. Nel 2009 è stato invitato dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Toronto ad allestire un sua mostra personale. Negli anni 2012- 2013 viene onorato nell’ambito della 1° e 2° “grande festa della matematica al parco OLTREMARE di Riccione” con una mostra personale. Attualmente, in Australia, una sua opera il “Cubo-non Cubo”, è usata come oggetto di scena nelle riprese del film “Other Life” dal regista Ben C. Lucas tratto dal romanzo “Solitaire” di Kelley Eskridge, sua estimatrice. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Giacomo Filippini - Ferro

Born in Brescia, Giacomo Filippini grew in close contact with art, wandering in the laboratory of his mother, Giuliana Geronazzo, famous artist from Brescia. A vantage viewpoint, a living room where he could understand the movements and personalities that have built the history of contemporary art of Brescia. It is precisely in the workshop in via Quinzano that Giacomo takes his first steps, building his first works with glass. Teacher of art and life Gero was an indispensable starting point from which Giacomo began to build his identity. Through time Giacomo experiments new techniques, including ceramics and raku. Finally, the first sight with iron. First is the iron combined with glass. The strength of iron is opposed to the more fragile exists in nature fascinates Giacomo. The antithesis is the synthesis of these works: energy versus frailty, the metal that does not leave pass light against the transparency, the colour black approached with which glass is painted . The figure of Giacomo in the contemporary artistic scene, however, is defined with his iron works, which are also the biggest part of its production. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Giuliana Geronazzo - Vetro

Sculptress and painter: born in Bergamo, Giuliana Geronazzo  lives and  works in  Brescia, with her own open art studio.  After her early studies and exams at Liceo Artistico of Venice, Giuliana starts her personal quest in matter of sculpture: terracotta, bronze, wood, glass resin, raku and glass are the materials and techniques she is nowday  engaged in. From 1986 to 1988 she specializes with internships in raku and ceramic technique in Faenza, with Prof. Galassi Mariani Cimatti. In 1990 in Germany she attends internships of glass fusion techniques. From 1995 collaborates with Museo Preistorico dell’Alto Mantovano: excavations and teaching activities. In her laboratory and in the museum, where a specific path has been set up, Giuliana collaborates at courses of clay modeling also for hyposeeing and blind people: this project is done with a specialized team.  At present she organizes several didactic projects with schools. “Under, above and inside glass” is the emblematic title Giuliana Geronazzo uses to present her glass works at Villa Pomini in 2001. Informal works, three-dimensional objects through “contemporaneity of glass”, because glass is only volume and what is enclosed inside is only transparency. Works resulting from a rich variegated journey, where studies and research marked a series of important transitions from painting to sculpture, to ceramic, to glass seen like “ union between painting and sculpture” (Franco Azimonti, Councillor for Culture at Castellanza). “Glass with its numerous applications allows a further deepening of stylistic  sphere…the value of light becomes fundamental; light, expressed through strokes, intrusion, bubbles, bravura of spirals, becomes a kind of renewed brush which works out forms and suggests mind patterns…. abstract installations the Artist seems to better build new expressive solutions in, somehow  innovative, but also rooted into her history…For Gero fortune is in her hands…” (Mauro Corradini, art critic – Monograph 2009). Giuliana is present in international art catalogues. Her works are held at both public and private collections. Her sacred art works are displayed in some churches in Brescia and Milano. Solo and group exhibitions and some art pieces are visible on this website. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - Discorsi sull'arte

Zaven Nevaz LIVE 2014 - Architettura Arte Contemporanea - October 11 - 31, 2014
E' una attenta riflessione sul mondo quella che Zaven traduce in forza e quindi in colore trasmesso con l'impeto del gesto con pennelli e spatole, per cogliere quell'attimo breve ed interminabile e fissarne l'essenza del segno. Lo spessore della materia, nell'interpolazione tra colori primari, si mescola tra strati sovrapposti, componendosi e ricomponendosi fino al punto in cui la tela diventa luogo di creazione e concepimento. Quella stessa gestualita' che intercorre tra la tela ed il colore trova l'esatta conformazione quando fissandosi staticamente sulla superficie la impressiona, come una pellicola fotografica attraversata dalla luce, permettendo cosi' all'anima di rappresentarsi e rendersi visibile al mondo che la contiene. Colore come parole che parlano e scrivono frasi il cui senso raggiunge l'interno dall'esterno, il bianco dal nero. E' quella parte interiore che parla raccontando il complesso vissuto che separa microcosmo da macrocosmo, miniature da possenti pennellate, luogo dove il gesto misurato e sottile si dilata nell'impatto travolgente del tempo. In questo modo, nelle opere di Zaven, tempo e materia si incontrano attraversando lo spazio per fermarne un frammento che racconta l'intera esistenza di quell'anima che stenta a farsi vedere e riconoscere ma che invece parla eloquentemente attraverso l'opera d'arte. Un perfetto equilibrio tra realismi figurativi e trasformazioni astratte culminanti in un linguaggio simbiotico tra rappresentazione di un mondo apparente ed il suo profilo indefinito, intangibile, in continuo movimento, etereo ed eterno.
Artista armeno dedito alla ricerca del divino, che si esprime nell' arte figurativa delle icone e in quella dell'espressionismo dei suoi quadri. read more »

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - La pittura

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.
L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
L'occhio dell'anima - AAC mostra Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.

L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.

Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Ugo Nespolo "Invenzioni italiane"

AAC is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ugo Nespolo "Italian inventions" to reveal the richness and expressiveness of this Italian artist published in the prestigious encyclopedia Treccani and present in foreign museums with the largest number of exhibitions. from 09 May to 12 June 2014
AAC e’ lieta di presentare la personale di Ugo Nespolo “Invenzioni italiane” per svelare la ricchezza espressiva ed appassionante di questo artista italiano pubblicato nella prestigiosa enciclopedia Treccani e presente nei musei stranieri con il maggior numero di mostre. dal 09 Maggio al 12 Giugno, 2014

Architettura Arte Contemporanea

Lo staff di Architettura Arte Contemporanea vuole testimoniare e promuovere la cultura dell’impulso estetico  ponendo uno sguardo incrociato nei vari ambiti disciplinari del campo visivo ed architettonico. La galleria, luogo di eventi non di silenzi, è uno spazio non unicamente espositivo ma un’agorà contemporanea dove vivere e far crescere l’emozione che l’arte in tutte le sue contaminazioni esprime. Punto dove si espongono artisti famosi ed emergenti con carattere, dove artisti e collezionisti possono trovare la loro collocazione ideale. read more »

Talberg Museum
Zwei Juden in Deutschland: Max Weinberg und Ruben Talberg

Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg (86!) wurde 1928 in Kassel geboren. Seine Eltern flohen mit ihm und seinen Schwestern vor den Nationalsozialisten 1933 zunächst nach Belgien und schließlich 1935 nach Israel. Dort verbrachte er das erste Drittel seines Lebens und nach Abschluss des Kunststudiums kam er 1959 mit 31 Jahren nach Frankfurt am Main.
In Weinbergs Werk treffen das Irrationale und Rationale, das Impulsive und das Kalkulierte, das Chaos und die Ordnung aufeinander. Seine Kunst ist unberechenbar, ordnet sich keinen Trends unter und bezweckt, der Phantasie neue Spielräume zu öffnen.

Ruben Talberg
Ruben Talberg wurde 1964 in Heidelberg geboren. Er lebt und arbeitet in Offenbach am Main. Talberg ist Pataphysiker. Die Pataphysik ist eine Teufelskreis, in dem die schwefeligen Zeichen und Metamorphosen des Rausches verrückt geworden sind, ohne daran zu glauben. Sie entwickelt sich in einem parodistischen Universum, da sie die Resorbtion des Geistes in sich selbst ohne eine Spur von Blut ist. Jean Baudrillard.
The “wrong” side of the canvas becoming the “right” side. The material depth of wood, carvings, other miscellaneous textural and textual inscriptions. The big black scratch signature dipped in the pen of ashes (an imprint of tar). Beyond the visual to the tactile. Art of great significance for semiotic graffiti- style resistance against global capitalism and finance. Alan N. Shapiro, New York / hfg Offenbach.

13. April - 31. Juni 2014
Eröffnung am Sonntag, den 13. April 2014 - 14:00 Uhr

About Talberg Museum
The Talberg Museum was founded 2011 and considers itself as a long-term investment into the cultural landscape of the Rhein-Main area, a high-carat complement with regards to contemporary art. Paramount is TAMU’s task to preserve, to explore and exhibit the art of Ruben Talberg, The TAMU sees itself as a permanent autonomous zone of dialogue which manifests itself through temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and events. Special exhibitions are planned with regards to contemporary Israeli (Jewish) art. The building itself dates back to 1891 when Carl Kraushaar opened a carpenter's workshop. He died in 1939 as his son-in-law Carl Salzmann took over the firm. In 1944 the structure was completely bombed out like the rest of Offenbach. After the war it was gradually rebuilt from the ashes and 1951 on its 60years jubilee Salzmann could reopen his carpentry here.

About Ruben Talberg
Multiple media sculptor and contemporary artist, based in Offenbach/Germany and Southern France. The German-Israeli artist creates abstract works from various materials with hidden references to alchemy, Kabbalah etc. Website features biography, press, photo galleries and contact information. read more »

Asher Neiman Gallery
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

On March 1st, 2008, Asher Neiman Gallery made its foray into the art world. While we are a fine art gallery, our definition of 'fine art' is expansive; that is, in addition to paintings and photography, we aim to house, purvey, and promote: hand-made jewelry, sculpture, music, and film. Our artist stable contains an ever-increasing variety of mediums and methodologies. Our gallery takes on a separate identity in the evenings. We host meetings, small corporate events, live music, budding artist showcases, as well as fundraisers for various charities. Asher Neiman Gallery is located in Red Bank, New Jersey, a unique and charming enclave just 5 miles from the Jersey shore and 45 miles from NYC. We're honored to inhabit 16 Monmouth Street, the former location of Art Forms Gallery, a beloved Red Bank landmark for 23 years. "I want to disseminate beauty and to stir the soul of any who are curious, to bring a fine aesthetic to peoples' homes and to fill the gallery walls with spectacular examples of creative spirit in a range of color and form." — Emily Asher Neiman, owner read more »

Gallery 198
Contemporary Art by Culturally Diverse Artists

The 198 Gallery seeks to enhance the cultural perceptions of the wider community through the comprehension and appreciation of culturally diverse visual art. It aims to provide a platform for a new and fresh visual art language that represents the cultural diversity of British society and give the opportunity for an analysis and appreciation of this work through interpretation and education. The 198 Gallery was established in 1988 after the Brixton riots to support the work of black artists by meeting their needs for exhibition space. The 198 Gallery is now a venue for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and has gained a profile for innovative issues-based exhibitions and critically acclaimed work in the field of multicultural art education

Urban Vision-METROPOLIS (6/23 – 7/29/05)
198 Gallery in Brixton showcases the work of the young people who have taken part in the Urban Vision digital media arts education programme. 198 Gallery is proud to cement its position as a key contributor to both the wider community and the London art scene. Since its creation, in 1988, after the Brixton riots, 198 Gallery has been at the leading edge of creative education in Lambeth. Designed to provide young people aged 13-19 with access to new media technology, Urban Vision is 198 Gallery’s unique new media arts programme addressing young peoples creative needs. The Urban Vision - Metropolis exhibition gives talented budding graphic designers, photographers and illustrators an opportunity to exhibit their innovative work and celebrates the integration of the urban lifestyle to the UK culture. This year, the Urban Vision – Metropolis exhibition includes artworks created in partnership with the Youth Advocate Programme (ISSP) Digital Expressions (YAP) and the Lambeth Youth Offending Team. The exhibition is presenting pieces that have been produced through the new ‘Pix and Mix’ programme in Graphics, Photography, and Illustration. It will also include video projects such as the Africa Remix film ‘Brixton Bytes’, in collaboration with Digital Extensions-Hayward Galley. This show is the young people’s response to the urban sprawl expressed through photography and Graphic Art. They are the new lifeblood of the British Art scene and this will be their debut.

OOM Gallery
Art by Pogus Caesar

Pogus Caesar was born in St Kitts, West Indies and grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom. An award winning broadcaster (Prix Circom Regionale 1995), he has produced and directed numerous programmes for Central TV, Carlton TV ('Xpress' , 'Respect', 'Drumbeat'), BBC TV ('A-Force') and was the first Chairman of Birmingham International Film & TV Festival. In 1993 he set up Windrush Productions Ltd, a film, television and radio production company, and has directed select individuals including Lennox Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Jada Pinkett Smith, Prince, Sir Paul McCartney, Isaac Hayes and the late r&b superstar Aaliyah. At an early age Caesar scribbled and sketched on anything he could find lying around the one room that he shared with his family in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. At 7 years old Caesar found a creative release in drawing and painting, later taking inspiration from the work of Georges Seurat, the French pointillist painter who created pictures using dots, "I couldn't afford paintbrushes so I had to use old fountain pens instead". In his teens he began to sell work in Birmingham's Rag Market, his pointillist paintings were so successful that within a few years he was exhibiting in major galleries like Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, Herbert Art Gallery and the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield. A highlight of this period in his career was presenting one of his pieces to Princess Diana in 1982, a painting called 'A New Approach'. Finding it increasingly difficult to create the fine pointilist images, due to less than perfect eyesight, Caesar's focus moved to photography. The project took him to New York and culminated in 'Instamatic Views of New York' his first touring photographic exhibition, venues included the National Museum of Film and Photography, Bradford (1986). He is best known for 35mm black and white photography and unique and compelling photo montages, created using traditional methods of cutting, burning and breaking images, using his photographs, resin, sand, dirt, pieces of cloth and other household materials. '" I like simplicity and prefer using fixed focus Nikon or Canon cameras, I just photograph the world around me, things I find interesting". Caesar's works are represented in many private and public collections overseas and in Britain including the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Leicestershire Museums, Art Galleries and Records Service and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery. In 2002 Caesar directed his first cinema film drama, commissioned by Artangel Interaction, 'Forward Ever - Backward Never' is a tragic love story set against the backdrop of oppression in 19th century Cuba. Pogus Caesar's life story is documented in the inspirational and moving book 'Portraits of Black Achievement - Composing Successful Careers', written by Jacqui MacDonald and published by Lifetime Careers Wiltshire. Lenny Henry and Paul Boateng MP are also featured in this uplifting book. In 2001 OOM Gallery was established in Birmingham, United Kingdom, our aims are to contribute and promote artistic excellence in the city OOM Gallery proudly presents a life time's work, showcasing Caesar's photography, photomontage and film collections, we will be updating the site regularly with new images and online exhibitions. OOM Gallery is a privately funded organisation.
Located in Birmingham, UK OOM Gallery has established itself as one of Britain's best online gallery spaces. OOM Gallery offers art by Pogus Caesar that suits a variety of spaces, from photographic prints to limited edition montages we will help you to achieve the perfect look for your personal space.

Agora Gallery
Contemporary art gallery

Founded in 1984 by a fine artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art. Collectors are provided with a broad range of original artworks through our fine art sales website our biannual art magazine, and the Collectors Corner. read more »

Heinz Sterzenbach
Online-Gallery & E-Shop Sterzenbach

Heinz Sterzenbach is a german artist who lives and works in Berlin. His Online-Gallery shows 300 "Views of Berlin". The pictures are originals and in different mediums: etchings / watercolor and oil on canvas. In the gallery you`ll also find a catalogue with 600 surrealistic pictures in various mediums (oil on canvas, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor, etc.). The E-shop enables you to purchase original works of the artist. Also you will find a link-list with top voting and rating system. read more »

Museum of Modern Art

From Skagen painters to Damien Hirst
On 26 January 2008 the new ARKEN is opening. The premiere exhibitions offer new light on the Skagen painters, a solo show with the bright young thing Andreas Golder and not least: A new hanging of ARKEN’s Collection, now for the first time exhibited permanently and including a unique Damien Hirst room. At last! After 2½ years of construction ARKEN can open wide its doors to the new extension. 5,000 m2 of exhibition space will be the end result – twice as much as now, making ARKEN one of Denmark’s biggest museums. The new ARKEN will continue the course of shedding new light on the classic modern art. At the same time the focus on contemporary art will be intensified through both special exhibitions and a permanent exhibition of the museum’s collection. read more »

Audart Gallery
Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory

In "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" the artistic achievements of six of Warhol's associates are featured. Gerard Malanga, Billy Name,.Ultra Violet,.Allen Midgette and Christopher Makos are included in the exhibition, as well as Warhol's nephew, James Warhola, who carries on the artistic tradition within the Warhola family. Laura Rubin joins the artists of the Warhol Circle with select photographs from the factory years. This multimedia exhibition examines the artistic and cultural achievements of six living artists, who first gained prominence through their association with Andy Warhol, and who continue to practice their arts to the present day. The group comprises several generations of Warhol's associates. It begins with those who played an integral role in founding the famous silver Factory in the early 1960's (Gerard Malanga and Billy Name) and those who were attracted to Andy and his studio in the early years (Ultra Violet and Allen Midgette); extends to one who entered Warhol's circle after his move to Union Square in 1968, and then to the final location on 33rd Street (Christopher Makos); and concludes with Andy's own nephew (James Warhola), who carries on the artistic tradition within the Warhola family. Each artist is represented by a mini-retrospective of ten works, surveying the varied media and phases of his or her career. These include themes of human sexuality (homosexual, heterosexual, transvested); spirituality (Christian subjects and Zen philosophy) and death and disaster (guns and car accidents); a fascination with famous people and Native Americans, with physical beauty and international travel, and with conceptual art and its progenitors (especially Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and John Cage); the union of word and picture (in concrete poetry, and in poetic/photographic memoirs); and the appropriation and replication of images (through photography, photo silk screening, and photocopying). Laura Rubin joins the artists of the Warhol Circle with select photographs from the factory years. read more »