Above & Beyond Acoustic
Live from Porchester Hall

After months of anticipation, Above & Beyond will today premiere the full concert film from their critically-acclaimed acoustic project. The premiere will take place on Vice's THUMP channel at 4pm EST/1pm PST, and will be immediately followed by a Google Hangout with the band at 5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST. The release of Above & Beyond's acoustic studio album will follow on Tuesday January 28 via Anjunabeats/Ultra Records. The feature-length concert film captures the backstories and performances from Above & Beyond's acoustic shows at London's Porchester Hall last summer, during which Jono, Tony and Paavo performed some of the biggest and best-loved Above & Beyond songs as part of a 15-piece band. Following the London performances, the band recorded an acoustic studio album and went on to sell out two further acoustic gigs at LA's Greek Theater (described by Billboard Magazine as "one of the finest and more memorable shows in EDM history).
Acoustic - Above & Beyond - February 7, 2014
About Above & Beyond
Over their three critically acclaimed studio albums, Above & Beyond have continually been celebrated for placing real musicianship and songwriting at the heart of what they do. While their famed club mixes have resonated with the dance generation, the songs behind them have touched fans of all ages across the globe. As influenced as much by Jeff Buckley or Bon Iver as they are by their deep love of electronic music, Above & Beyond's songs and lyrics have been sung back to them at the world's biggest stadiums and stages - from Brixton Academy to LA's Hollywood Palladium, to their famed 1 million people gig at Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro in 2007. read more »
submission date: 1/24/2014
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Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Art Vibration - 280

Friend  someone working in our world for positive work by way of promotion to others . it is a very good thing or today it is very must  for creation of  peace and love in our world . we know some societies and NGO of our world are  working  in this way for promotion of  true work of our world . We know our contemporary communication way is online  communication by this way we are connecting to our world in very short time . today its have a identity and we are calling to it web world . mostly all world is connect to this medium of communication for express or promotion . it is working in all sector of life , it is promoting  and expressing  to education, art, science ,business , or all subject of our life . people can get his or her interest level  subject on this web world . it is a good way for positive action or that’s success. Last six years to I am connect to this online communication web world as a art master. I have registered myself on this web world as a visual art master , on this way I have expressed  my inner art sound and I have promoted to others art sound as a art master  time to time. Because it is my art duty for our world art family . On this way someone are observing  continue to my art work and they are giving me space by promotional sound of them  in this web world . I know  in 2008 I were connected  to a online magazine that’s name is www.ionone.com , when I were connected  to this online magazine  I were shared  my first blog post  ( Art Vibration-1 ) of this art vibration . they were observed  to  my  true art sound in wrong English words . Today 2014 they are connected to me and in this six years they were many time promoted to my art  by this online magazine  in our web world. I can say they have underline  to my art. Last week once again I saw a update from www.ionone.com  on facebook.com they have shared a link  with title Art From Around The World , in that update link  I saw  they have selected  my art painting of MYSELF. I were   shared that  art painting  image,  in year 2008 with www.ionone.com . they have not forgot  my true art work or that’s true art sound . after 2008 I have shared many other art work  visuals with www.ionone.com but they have shared that first painting of  myself  like a underline work. Here  I am going to share that update link of www.ionone.com  or a image of that update. I were collected that image from page of facebook.com. http://www.ionone.com/world.htm in my heart I am once again thankful for team of online magazine www.ionone.com. they are noticing  my art expressions or art visuals on online  and time to time they are promoting to my art sound by web magazine of www.ionone.com . it is a big achievement for me because my art  in underline of a world level online art magazine . I hope this online art magazine will give  me more art energy by right art promotion of myself  art sound in front side of our world art family and I am promising to this online magazine or that’s team  I will live busy in art continue just like past because I want to create love and peace in our world by way of art just like your team of www.ionone.com . I am happy someone are  working and thinking  just like me in ourworld art family so I am with them as a art master of visuals art. I am happy they have underline to me or  my art work . so I said here underline to my art … read more »
Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


A "White Wave" in Milan

The Studio Piuarch is awarded the prize "Italian Architect 2013" and his new building is the symbol of the rising Milan architectural revolution As part of the Porta Nuova urban renewal project, the so called "White Wave" is a building for showrooms and offices, which has become the symbol of the new architectural dynamism of Milan. Designed by Piuarch as project winner of a Competition held in 2006 by Hines Italia.
Bounded on one side by the central square, adjacent to Cesar Pelli's three towers, the White Wave has an area of about 22.500 square metres distributed over five stories and a ground floor for an overall height of 30 metres. This choice was conditioned by the need to respect the heights of the existing residential buildings as well as by the desire to make the new structure a strong and recognizable landmark within the requalified area, in contrast with the general plan which calls for much taller buildings. The simple and sinuous form of the building articulates and integrates the two volumes in a single element distinguished by a deep central fissure. A projecting roof on the southern side runs the entire perimeter of the building, resolving at the base of the first floor to form a sort of container open on the long sides. The design plays with the contrast of the building's two main facades.
The northern facade, on the plaza, is a large, light, transparent glass front that functions as a rigorous backdrop for the pedestrian area and the new Gardens of Porta Nuova.
The southern facade, at the edge of the area bordered by Via Don Luigi Sturzo, with a curved profile, is enclosed by a sunscreen system; the blades mounted on the facade vertically pace the front, regulating internal luminosity. The continuity of the elevation, of about 140 meters, is enlivened by a system of internal courts with colored windows, that penetrate different levels of the building, bringing light to the various levels.
The portico and roof are combined in a unified way: the portico rests on the glass facade of the shops, and its overhang permits a covered walkway along the entire building. The overhang of the roof closes the glass volume and clearly defines the silhouette of the building, making it simultaneously linear, clean and unique. The White Wave rises at the centre of the Porta Nuova urban renewal project - that includes the Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola areas in Milan. An ambitious undertaking aimed at revitalizing over 290,000 square meters of abandoned areas, reconnecting the urban fabric of three neighborhoods that have been separated for over thirty years. The goal of its requalification is to give this vital area back to the city and make it an integral part of the future urban dynamic. Within this multifaceted and complex plan, the White Wave seeks to establish a dialogue with the public part of the area as a whole, configuring itself as an access point to the park, which is situated at a higher elevation with respect to street level, thus the decision to position the building on a sort of podium that connects the two spaces.
On February the 14th Piuarch has been awarded the prize "Italian Architect 2013" by the National Council of Architects in collaboration with Maxxi - National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome. The prize acknowledge and celebrate with an annual event the quality of architectural design, in its broad social and cultural terms. The Committee, presided by Cino Zucchi, has explained that "Piuarch works in Italy and abroad on different themes and scales - from interiors to urban design - shows a very good example of how great architectural and urban qualities can be pursued by dealing with the forces that are driving today the transformation of the environment". The motivation of the jury states that "the firm's collective organization provides a capability for dealing with different cultures, expectations and financial or technical resources. Their buildings (such as the Congress Center in Riva del Garda, Bentini Headquarters in Faenza, Quattro Corti in St. Petersburg, the Subsidized Residences in Sesto San Giovanni in Milan and Porta Nuova Building in Milan) show that, within the continuously changing professional conditions, it its possible to pursue new forms of urbanity and new spaces to live and work" read more »
Piuarch. Opere e progetti-Works and projects (Multilingual) Hardcover

Francesco Fresa, German Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini and Monica Tricario formed the Piuarch studio in 1996 out of a desire to merge different experiences into a shared architectural project. The studio is located in an open space in a former industrial building that once hosted a typography business in Brera, in the centre of Milan. Here, Piuarch designs public buildings, office and residential complexes, commercial spaces, boutiques, shopping malls and even urban plans, with the contribution of consultants from various disciplines. Piuarch has pursued these themes participating in competitions, developing projects from the planning to the final construction phase, elaborating interior design projects. In recent years Piuarch has developed a number of projects abroad. It is active in China, Algeria, Russia, where it has recently opened an operational office, and in Ukraine, with ongoing and realized projects.



Aliantedizioni is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul. A source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers of romances, the Turkish metropolis never ceases to fascinate visitors from around the world, thanks in no small part to its complex architecture and hypnotic Islamic decoration. Indeed the thousand mosques, the Topkapi Palace and the Serraglio, Sultanahmet, Bazar and Beyoglu zones were the stimuli for some photo shoots assembled by Alessandro Loschiavo in 2012, and for their recent post-production by Samantha Acciuffi. This gave rise to a collection of 27 evocative images, the result of a journey of discovery through the city streets and that, in some cases, almost become some 2-dimensional textures. The images, with more or less explicit references to both the ancient and modern city, have now been gathered into a new publication, a pocket-sized illustrated notebook that combines each portrayal with a blank page for one's own observations or sketches. So, a first AlianteNotebook dedicated to Istanbul that seeks to be a travel companion and record of memories and sensations. The book will be printed on recycled paper and published in a limited series of 999 issues.
Aliantedizioni is a collection of interior and table accessories designed for all those individuals in the world that love to chose, to be acknowledged in their own space and having a preference for formal synthesis. The items are especially dedicated to all those who do not want to abdicate life's pleasures. read more »


designphase dba wins ‘Asia’s Top Design Practice’   at prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2014  
designphase dba

19  March,  2014  (Singapore)  –  Singapore-­‐based  firm  designphase  dba  has  been  named one  of  Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  at  the  Singapore  Design  Awards  2014.  Organised  by the  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore  (DBCS)  and  IE  Singapore.   The  awards  also recognised  Joris  Angevaare,  Partner  and  Design  Director  at  designphase  dba,  as  one  of Asia’s  Top  Designers. Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall  economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  were  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore  International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Introduced  for  the  25th  Anniversary  of  the  Singapore  Design  Awards,  the  categories  for Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  and  Asia’s  Top  Designers  recognise  and  profile  the  region’s best  designers  and  design  practices. designphase  dba  was  joined  by  just  12  other  firms  from  the  region  in  the  list  of  Asia’s Top  Design  Practices.  Working  in  three  unique  worlds  of  design  –  corporate,  retail  and hospitality  –  designphase  dba  has  become  known  for  its  consistency  of  industry- leading  work  throughout  the  region.  In  recent  months,  the  firm  has  won  praise  for  its work on restaurant projects  such  as  Bull  &  Butcher,  Café  Melba,  FoodGarden  and Zafferano. Corporate  clients  such  as  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters  and National Australia Bank  have  also  received  critical  acclaim.   More  recently,  the  team’s work  in  the retail sector  with  Robinsons  Orchard  department  store  on  Singapore’s landmark shopping belt, has  set  new  standards  in  the  design  field.     designphase  dba  Managing  Director,  Mr.  Derek  MacKenzie,  said  both  honours  were  a testament  to  their  focus  on  quality  and  the  creative  talent  of  designphase  dba,  both  as individuals  and  as  a  team  unit.  “Over  the  past  30  years,  we  have  worked  towards building  one  of  the  region’s  best  design  teams.   In  this  competitive  environment, innovative  ideas  and  client-­‐centric  thinking  has  consistently  delivered  designs  that  are ahead  of  the  curve.   These  awards  are  recognition  of  those  efforts  and  are  a  great acknowledgment  of  the  team’s  ability  to  execute  with  originality  while  respecting  our client’s  core  principles.” Partner  and  Design  Director,  Joris  Angevaare,  who  has  taken  a  key  leadership  role  at designphase  dba,  was  also  honoured  as  one  of  Asia’s  Top  Designers  with  12  of  his industry  peers.  Since  joining  designphase  dba  in  2007,  the  Amsterdam  native  has created  a  fresh  and  intelligent  portfolio  of  work  at  the  firm,  including  Robinsons Orchard, Zafferano  and  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square.  In  October  2012,  Angevaare became  a Partner  of  designphase  dba  to  reinforce  the  continuation  of  the  firm’s  values and extension  of  its  experience. “It’s  an  absolute  privilege  to  be  named  one  of  the  top  designers  in  a  region  that  has become  known  for  its  pursuit  of  cutting-­‐edge  design  innovation,”  said  Mr.  Angevaare. “These  awards  are  a  credit  to  the  incredible  work  of  our  entire  team  over  the  years, and  to  the  leadership  of  Derek  MacKenzie,”  he  said. “Joris  has  been  an  integral  part  of  our  team  ever  since  he  joined  us  in  2007,  and  the decision  to  make  him  a  partner  in  the  firm  in  2012  was  a  natural  choice,”  said  Mr. MacKenzie.  “We’re  delighted  by  his  achievements  and  are  looking  forward  to  many more successes  together,”  he  said.

About designphase dba
designphase  dba  is  one  of  Asia’s  most  exciting  design  firms.   With  celebrated accomplishments  on  some  of  the  most  prestigious  design  projects  in  the  region, designphse  dba’s  deep  track  record  spans  three  worlds  of  expertise:  corporate  –  retail – hospitality. In  the  world  of  hospitality,  designphase  dba  have  worked  on  an  outstanding  list  of esteemed  projects,  including  The  Exchange,  FoodGarden,  Café  Melba,  Zafferano Restaurant,  Napoleon  Wine  Bar,  Amara  Hotel’s  Element  Cafe  and  The  Singapore Cricket Club.    designphase  dba’s  world  of  retail  has  recently  given  birth  to  the  most  compelling injection into  the  retail  scene,  along  one  of  the  world’s  greatest  shopping  streets.   Robinsons Orchard  is  receiving  worldwide  acclaim  for  is  innovative  design  narrative and its attractiveness  to  customers.  The  bright  and  refreshing  approach  has  challenged traditional thinking  and  become  a  beacon  for  over  280  new  and  exclusive  brands. In  the  corporate  world  of  designphase  dba,  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters and National  Australia  Bank  are  a  testament  to  creativity,  knowledge,  precision  and quality. Each  project  is  highly  individual  and  unique  to  their  brand.   Underpinned  by deep research  and  thoughtful  expression  of  corporate  identity,  both  projects accommodate their employees  in  environments  which  are  as  ergonomically  supportive as  they  are technically advanced. designphase  dba  are  continually  recognised  for  their  groundbreaking  work  with  a number of  prestigious  awards.   They  have  recently  taken  home  trophies  at  the  2012 Singapore Design  Awards  for  their  work  on  The  Exchange  at  Asia  Square,  (Interior Design, Branding),  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square  (Interior  Design)  and  Toby’s  Estate (Interior Design). While  designphase  dba  is  headquartered  in  Singapore,  their  work  spans  the  region.

About  Singapore  Design  Awards  (SDA)
Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  that  aims  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  was  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr.  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Focusing  on  the  creative  minds  behind  the  creative  processes  driving  the  design landscape, the  SDA has  adopted  a  fresh  new  approach  and  introduced  new  Awards categories  to  profile  and provide  recognition  to  the  creators  /  designers  and  the  design systems  that  are  in  place to  bring  forth  outstanding  designs  in  Singapore  and  the region. Organised  annually,  the  premiere  Awards  event  also  celebrates  the  achievements  of the creative  industry’s  excellence  and  talents,  and  spotlights  the  strategic  business value of design  to  economies.

About  Singapore  Design  Awards  (SDA)
Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  that  aims  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  was  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr.  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Focusing  on  the  creative  minds  behind  the  creative  processes  driving  the  design landscape, the  SDA has  adopted  a  fresh  new  approach  and  introduced  new  Awards categories  to  profile  and provide  recognition  to  the  creators  /  designers  and  the  design systems  that  are  in  place to  bring  forth  outstanding  designs  in  Singapore  and  the region. Organised  annually,  the  premiere  Awards  event  also  celebrates  the  achievements  of the creative  industry’s  excellence  and  talents,  and  spotlights  the  strategic  business value of design  to  economies. read more »


Tempi Diversi
Silvia Cecchetti

Silvia Cecchetti began studying opera under the guidance of Prof. Maria Grazia Liguori and Maestro Marco Balderi and then traditional Neapolitan Song with Maestro Gustavo Palumbo. She graduated from CET (Centro Europeo di Toscolano) as pop interpreter and had the opportunity to work side by side with great music professionals, such as Mogol, Lavezzi, Mango, Ornella Vanoni and Oscar Prudente. Her successful participation in the Sanremo Festival in 94- she was among the top finalists in the “Young” category- brought her national attention and appearances on national television; in the same year she guest-starred in TV shows such as “Viva Napoli” and “Festival Italiano” and released her album “Silvia Cecchetti”, produced by Lavezzi and Mogol. After Touring Italy, States and Canada, performing in theatres such as the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles with Andrea Bocelli and Toto Cutugno she studied in Los Angeles with Maestro Seth Riggs. In the following years she worked on a project dedicated to the history of 1900s Song with the “Opera Quintet”, a quintet of exceptionally talented musicians members of the Orchestra of Teatro alla Scala. After yet another tour, she recorded an album “Tempi diversi”, released in 2009, featuring famous Italian songs reinterpreted in a jazz key, arranged by Ricky DT and distributed by Edel Music. In 2010 she worked with a group of Franch doctors and the Human Voice association offering her experience like singer and vocal coach and wrting the book “La voce dei 5 sensi” ed. Carish together with them in May 2011. In that book she has described a new vocal dimension that has the power of stimulate different celebral areas. She recorded a CD of “Voci pluridimensionali” with other musicians and singers.
She has been teached for years and in cooperation with Osteopaths, Postirologists, Acupuncturists, Anthroposophics she found a vocal methodology as a singer and vocal coach that respects the human beeing and the natural need for express himself. In 2011 she put on the show ”150 years of Italian tradition:from Melodramma to Pop” with Sandro Cerino and Romano Pucci singing her ability in Belcanto and Jazz styles. In 2013 she remastered the album “Tempi diversi” writing and recording a new song “Il dopo te” – together with Luca Angelosanti and Francesco Morettini – for the American audience; she took part to the italian song festival in New York winning the second place. In 2014 she won the first price at the same FESTIVAL ITALIAN SONG in New York. read more »
submission date: 3/20/2014
Tempi Diversi - Silvia Cecchetti - March 26, 2014


Piuarch presents

At the 2014 Fuorisalone Piuarch offers its vision of urban renaissance through a redevelopment project for the courtyards of Milan: “from Courtyard to Courtyard” FlyingGarden is the name of the installation that Piuarch (winner of the 2013 Italian Architect Prize) and Cornelius Gavril (garden landscaper, green designer) have developed for the 2014 Fuorisalone. It is a floating installation in which the façade and the interior spaces and walls of the Piuarch studio on Via Palermo 1 are strewn with 150 Kokedama.
Kokedama is an ancient Japanese technique for growing plants using special balls made of clayey, moisture-retaining soil in the place of pots. During the four seasons the plants behavior exactly as they do in nature, changing color, blossoming, bearing fruit and losing their leaves.
FlyingGarden is a metaphor of the possibilities of bringing natural aesthetics into daily work environments. A symbol of a design philosophy that promotes viral dissemination as a method of civil and social progress.
FlyingGarden is made up of aromatic herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme and sage; vegetable plants such as endive, lettuce, and arugula and edible flowers such as pansies, roses and jasmine. The whole creates the feeling of a flying garden, consisting of plants characterized by a small root system and an annual life cycle. The result is a constellation of colors and scents that transforms even the most sterile spaces into a green ecosystem.
FlyingGarden is the first project within the broader from Courtyard to Courtyard project, through which Piuarch takes part in the debate on the city of Milan as it prepares for the Expo and, more generally, on the issue of quality in contemporary metropolitan living spaces. It means applying to everyday life – locally, at home and at work – the analysis and design skills that can change the face of the city. Working on new concepts for the use and functional sharing of common areas is the seed for civic rebirth. Starting with the building where it has its headquarters, Piuarch, through the courtyard it overlooks, contemplates all of the neighboring courtyards as a whole, and then the city block, the streets of the Garibaldi quarter... firmly believing that great transformations take place through small steps. This theme will be the focus around which a network of expertise, visions, professionalism and a calendar of events will be activated. A kind of think tank for the area that hopes to bring about emulative actions of civic initiative.
The first permanent redevelopment project is dedicated to transforming the roof of the Piuarch studio into a new multifunctional “green area.” The garden among the courtyards will be many things in one: a project for upgrading the energy efficiency of the building, a landscaping, decorative, social and food self-sufficiency tool. These will also be “identity-making” actions that want to be a sign of the Studio’s specific work philosophy and design ethics.
During the 2014 Fuorisalone, one wing of the Piuarch studio will become the Think Tank Room. In this room Piuarch will be staging its project and civic vision of topics regarding the contemporary city, and above all it will also be an interactive space for collecting ideas, notices, visions, inspirations and projects and putting them in a network for creating a debate on a different model for area development. Visitors can fuel this debate with their contributions and experiences. A Facebook page created especially for this purpose will post in real time the ideas, drawings, proposals, thoughts and words of those who come and want to leave their own mark on these topics. read more »


Talberg Museum
Zwei Juden in Deutschland: Max Weinberg und Ruben Talberg

Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg (86!) wurde 1928 in Kassel geboren. Seine Eltern flohen mit ihm und seinen Schwestern vor den Nationalsozialisten 1933 zunächst nach Belgien und schließlich 1935 nach Israel. Dort verbrachte er das erste Drittel seines Lebens und nach Abschluss des Kunststudiums kam er 1959 mit 31 Jahren nach Frankfurt am Main.
In Weinbergs Werk treffen das Irrationale und Rationale, das Impulsive und das Kalkulierte, das Chaos und die Ordnung aufeinander. Seine Kunst ist unberechenbar, ordnet sich keinen Trends unter und bezweckt, der Phantasie neue Spielräume zu öffnen.

Ruben Talberg
Ruben Talberg wurde 1964 in Heidelberg geboren. Er lebt und arbeitet in Offenbach am Main. Talberg ist Pataphysiker. Die Pataphysik ist eine Teufelskreis, in dem die schwefeligen Zeichen und Metamorphosen des Rausches verrückt geworden sind, ohne daran zu glauben. Sie entwickelt sich in einem parodistischen Universum, da sie die Resorbtion des Geistes in sich selbst ohne eine Spur von Blut ist. Jean Baudrillard.
The “wrong” side of the canvas becoming the “right” side. The material depth of wood, carvings, other miscellaneous textural and textual inscriptions. The big black scratch signature dipped in the pen of ashes (an imprint of tar). Beyond the visual to the tactile. Art of great significance for semiotic graffiti- style resistance against global capitalism and finance. Alan N. Shapiro, New York / hfg Offenbach.

13. April - 31. Juni 2014
Eröffnung am Sonntag, den 13. April 2014 - 14:00 Uhr

About Talberg Museum
The Talberg Museum was founded 2011 and considers itself as a long-term investment into the cultural landscape of the Rhein-Main area, a high-carat complement with regards to contemporary art. Paramount is TAMU’s task to preserve, to explore and exhibit the art of Ruben Talberg, The TAMU sees itself as a permanent autonomous zone of dialogue which manifests itself through temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and events. Special exhibitions are planned with regards to contemporary Israeli (Jewish) art. The building itself dates back to 1891 when Carl Kraushaar opened a carpenter's workshop. He died in 1939 as his son-in-law Carl Salzmann took over the firm. In 1944 the structure was completely bombed out like the rest of Offenbach. After the war it was gradually rebuilt from the ashes and 1951 on its 60years jubilee Salzmann could reopen his carpentry here.

About Ruben Talberg
Multiple media sculptor and contemporary artist, based in Offenbach/Germany and Southern France. The German-Israeli artist creates abstract works from various materials with hidden references to alchemy, Kabbalah etc. Website features biography, press, photo galleries and contact information. read more »


Willie Cry Records
Record label

We are a record label that started as one of us slinging basically hand-made CD’s out of a backpack. We are focusing on developing our website and ourselves with new releases, both digital and compact disc, and hope to start printing vinyl records soon. Also, we are interested in future re-releasing and linking to many older indy releases of bands that we happen to like, and you can listen to many of these already by following the links on our artist roster. Our policy is we put out what we like, no strict genre rules. Peruse and enjoy! read more »
submission date: 4/3/2014


Art of the Bow
Caleb Vaughn-Jones

A masterclass for violin, viola, cello, and bass players (from beginner to advanced). Learning how to efficiently use the bow as a string player can be one of the most difficult things about playing a string instrument. In this masterclass cellist Caleb Vaughn-Jones will demonstrate a wide variety of tips of how to practice in order to gain the most control with the bow during performance. Caleb will also share a variety of practice tips for the bow which can benefit young students as well as seasoned professionals. Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 07 June 2014 read more »
submission date: 5/10/2014


Shoes Profiling - Shoes sculpture
Angelo Franco Bartoli

The shoes symbol of travel, but most of our introspective journey every shoe is a partial portrait of the wearer, a clue to his personality. The shoes as occasionally silent witness of our lives, our expectations, our identity obvious and hidden. The shoes as a message sometimes obscured even to those who possess them, but ready to read those who can "drive". The question I have asked is : the shoes are the diaphragm that separates us from the ground, protection from bad roads, but mostly because just that pair of shoes among 100 others? For everyone the answer that best fits him. When, 10 years ago, I found in a junk shop some forms of shoes in walnut-1950s, could not resist the urge to withdraw en masse despite not having the slightest idea what to do. What struck me was that on every pair of shoes was hand-written name of the person for which they were produced. This prompted me to imagine the life, character, inclinations belonging to the owners of those objects useless. The thought that these people have left behind a small memory, must have unconsciously touched my imagination. After a decade I have had the desire to create for them a new pair of shoes, starting from their own forms and inspired by the themes of our daily lives.

Points of view
There are moments that leave us changed. Seemingly distant events that weave the web of life in our unconsciousness. Only later, passing over, we can discover the dense network that bound them. Three images of its history, a single framework: that's how I play the HARMONY OF A PASSAGE OF LIFE. The images, assembled with great care, will move in a continuum of sequence able to recreate the excitement of the story, still alive every time you look with careful eyes.

About Angelo Franco Bartoli
Born in Monza on 11 .11.1967 Thanks to his grandfather a painter and a sculptor and his mother a painter he has been in contact since childhood with the art world. He has likened taste and techniques he then refined over time, developing a personal expression that has moved into his versatile artistic activity which includes photography, set design, painting, sculpture and interior design. Over time it has developed a very personal ability to mix materials, with preference for those of recovery, to create objects and installations as expression and communication of its conceptual view of the surroundings. Currently, in addition to the collaboration with manufacturing companies in various sectors as industrial designer, he continued his daily activities experiencing the development of innovative techniques for the use of industrial materials in the field of art. read more »
submission date: 5/11/2014


Record-breaking anti-advertising action hits UK streets

* 360 original artworks by 38 international artists replace adverts by major corporates such as McDonalds, CocaCola, H&M and Morrisons
* Millbank, Department of Business and Innovation, Scotland Yard, Harrods, Oxford Street and Shell Centre in London targeted.
* Entire route of Leeds marathon covered with anti-advertising artworks
* Themes include austerity, human rights, debt, climate change, body image and fracking
This weekend has seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising, as part of the rapidly growing “Brandalism” campaign against what activists have called the corporate take-over of public space. Around 360 adverts in 10 cities across the UK were replaced overnight with specially commissioned artworks by teams of anti-advertising activists.
'Six-sheet' poster displays at bus-stops, free standing cabinets and even a public toilet were taken down in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Oxford and Manchester. The adverts - by companies such as H&M, CocaCola, Fanta, McDonalds, Morrisons and Lyca Mobile - were replaced with artworks exploring the impacts of consumerism, including ecological damage, financial collapse, and gender stereotypes. With the United Nations currently investigating the impact of advertising on human rights [ 1 ], Brandalism seeks to highlight the lack of control that communities have over their public space.
38 international artists participated in the latest round of Brandalism takeovers including Peter Kennard, Paul Insect, Bill Posters, Goldpeg and Radiohead’s artist of choice Stanley Donwood (UK), Princess Hejab (France), Ron English (USA), Peter Fuss (Poland) and Anthony Lister (Australia).
Brandalism first launched in July 2012, when around 40 billboards in five cities were replaced with anti-advertising artworks. Since then the Brandalism project has grown in ambition and scale. The Brandalism website will show people how they can replicate this type of action in their localities. Bill Posters, one of the artists involved in Brandalism, said: “This is a revolt against visual pollution. Advertising is key driver of a system which destroys our future to fulfil the demands of the present, a ceaseless expansion of production and consumption. Communities are taking back control over their public spaces - expect many more actions like this in the near future.”
largest advertising takeover in world history (as far as we can tell).
365 public ads were access replaced with art from 38 international artists including Peter Kennard, Paul Insect, Bill Posters, Goldpeg and Radiohead’s artist of choice Stanley Donwood (UK), Princess Hijab (France), Ron English (USA), Peter Fuss (Poland) and Anthony Lister (Australia).

Brandalism is a revolt against corporate control of the visual realm. It is the biggest anti-advertising campaign in world history and it's getting bigger. Starting in July 2012 with a small team in a van, Brandalism has grown tenfold to include teams in 10 UK cities skilled up in taking back space. The most recent Brandalism Takeover in May 2014 saw the reclamation of over 360 corporate advertising spaces with hand made original art works submitted by 40 international artists. Following on in the guerilla art traditions of the 20th Century and taking inspiration from Agitprop, Situationist and Street Art movements, the Brandalism project sees artists from around the world collaborate to challenge the authority and legitimacy of commercial images within public space and within our culture.
Brandalism has worked with 16 teams of citizens who have been trained in the techniques and tactics of 'subvertising' - the art of subverting advertisements; before heading out onto the streets of the UK’s major cities for two days of redecoration. In Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, London, Brighton, Bristol, and Birmingham the team mounted artworks which they had screen-printed themselves, disguised as outdoor advertising installers.
Brandalism starts from the democratic conviction that the street is a site of communication, which belongs to the citizens and communities who live there. It is a rebellion against the visual assault of media giants and advertising moguls who have a stranglehold over messages and meaning in our public spaces, through which they force-feed us with images and messages to keep us insecure, unhappy, and shopping.
All the artwork is unauthorised and unsigned. This is not a project of self-promotion, and none of the artists names (we forgive you Ludo!) or websites appear on the works: we believe there are already enough private interests taking ownership of our streets.
In Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, London, Brighton, Bristol, and Birmingham, adverts have been replaced over two days with images from artists around the world made especially for the event. Themes explored include the ecological damage of consumerism, debt, gender stereotypes, the right to the city, the disaster of finance capitalism, and the pervasiveness of advertising itself.
The first Brandalism Takeover took place in July 2012. Two friends, sick of the visual pollution of their city, spent 5 days reclaiming 36 billboards in five cities around the UK. Overwhelmed by the positive response from people across the country, we decided to train up other people to do the same thing themselves. Two years later, groups across the country are now taking action in their local areas to reclaim public space from the claws of corporate interests. More Takeovers are expected in the near future.
Brandalism provides resources and support for anyone who wants to reclaim their visual space. Check out the resources page, and get in touch through brandalism@riseup.net

Bonaveri presents
Aloof, the new frontier of mannequin’s design. In London

On 15 May, Bonaveri hosted a special evening for the leaders of Britain’s fashion industry A gala dinner was held during the London leg of The Journey – the Bonaveri road show promoting new concepts in visual merchandising – to present the new Schläppi Aloof collection. The event was attended by the elite of the English fashion industry - visuals, art directors, buyers, architects and designers – who experienced an evening dedicated to creativity “behind the glass”. The guest-list included fashion makers from brands like Burberry, Karen Millen, Stella McCartney, Joseph, and Alexander McQueen, some non-British labels such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton, as well as representatives from London’s major department stores - Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Inside the 600 square meter Louise Blouin Foundation, in the sparkling Notting Hill district, guests were treated to an amazing creative experience in a surreal atmosphere where everything was designed to convey the meaning of the new Aloof collection: from the menus to the floral arrangements, from the sculptural installation of the mannequins on the main stage to the delicate miniatures on the tables. The concept for the evening was designed by Emma Davidge, art director of Chameleon who also co-designed the collection with Bonaveri. The dinner was held between The Journey’s stop in Paris and the main event of the year, the opening of the first Bonaveri showroom in Milan at Via Morimondo 23, scheduled for September. Updates and more at www.bonaveri.com and on the Bonaveri facebook page.
The Bonaveri headquarters and main production facility is located in Renazzo di Cento in Northern Italy. Our 40.000 square foot home is a modern, high tech facility where craftsmen, artisans and administrative staff come together to create our amazing products. Located in a landscaped park, the factory houses body-scanning laboratories, traditional sculpting workshops, production areas, offices and our magnificent showroom. From this single location we produce thousands of pieces every year which are then dispatched to all corners of the world. Take a tour of our home and see how Aloof was made. read more »
submission date: 6/2/2014


Architettura Arte Contemporanea

Lo staff di Architettura Arte Contemporanea vuole testimoniare e promuovere la cultura dell’impulso estetico  ponendo uno sguardo incrociato nei vari ambiti disciplinari del campo visivo ed architettonico. La galleria, luogo di eventi non di silenzi, è uno spazio non unicamente espositivo ma un’agorà contemporanea dove vivere e far crescere l’emozione che l’arte in tutte le sue contaminazioni esprime. Punto dove si espongono artisti famosi ed emergenti con carattere, dove artisti e collezionisti possono trovare la loro collocazione ideale. read more »


Widianto Utomo 
a multi-talents art designer

born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant. His interest in drawing has been shown from very early age by drawing on his parents’ bedroom wall. His east and western style educational background and his intensive travel due to his studies, work related, curiousity, passion for travelling and sense of discovering makes his design unique and culturally rich. It is uniquely passionate and ingenuity design with European delicate-minimalist art touch functional design, harmoniously blend with ingenuity yet colourful Asian beauty and heritage accent. His works: drawings, photography, design a thought/ idea have been exhibited and published in Italy, France, Indonesia, Australia, China, Puerto Rico and Japan.One of his projects with Fellissimo/Unesco/design 21 project has become permanent collection at the Kobe Museum in Japan. His goal, his art /design creation can be enjoyed and can give benefit for more and more people who genuinely love and appreciate art and design as part of their lifestyles. Widianto Utomo has been working/ designing as concept designer ranging from furniture, lighting, daily lifestyle products, watch, fashion, jewellery / body wear, home, lifestyle design. read more »


A Universal Artist

Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist.
The exhibition Michelangelo. Incontrare un artista universale, covering the life and work of this colossus for all times, is to be held at the Musei Capitolini on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome on 18 February 1564. In the heart of the city, in that very Piazza del Campidoglio which the genius of Michelangelo made unique in the world, over one hundred and fifty works, of which around seventy by the Tuscan artist, from many of the leading cultural institutions in Italy and elsewhere, are to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the death of an artist who was so magnificent as to have a lasting influence not only on the arts in Italy but also on all universally known culture.   An exhibition which overcomes the objective impossibility of exhibiting “non-transportable” Michelangelo masterpieces (a prime example being the frescoes in the Sistine chapel) by showing works which can be admired together. These works are in fact displayed, in many cases for the first time, facing each other and side by side in an extraordinary compendium of matchless artistic output, from painting to sculpture and from poetry to architecture, the four genres adopted by Michelangelo, which are to be linked up in nine display sections to focus in this way on the crucial themes of his art. One major example is the extraordinary presence in the exhibition of the great work of art by Michelangelo in a political vein, Brut, on view alongside earlier classical busts, the bronze Brut from the Musei Capitolini and the Caracalla from the Vatican museum, at last on display in a direct comparison with two works which, in different ways and circumstances, were its inspiration. The fil rouge guiding visitors to the exhibition is market by a series of thematic “opposites” used to highlight the difficulties of the man and of the artist in the devising and creating of his works: ancient and modern, life and death, the battle, the victory and imprisonment, rules and freedom, earthly and spiritual love. The contrast of earthly and spiritual love, for example, was particularly felt by Michelangelo, both in art and in life. This is demonstrated by a set of drawings and other works inspired by close friendships and elective affinities such as those for Tommaso Cavalieri and Vittoria Colonna. Each theme, as if mirrored, is to be analysed by comparing drawings, paintings, sculpture and architectural models, as well as a highly select choice of signed writings, i.e. letters and poetry, via Michelangelo’s full personal and artistic career. read more »
Michelangelo. Incontrare un Artista Universale. (Italian) Paperback – 2014 by Capretti E.,Risaliti S. Acidini C. (Author)


Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Ugo Nespolo "Invenzioni italiane"

AAC is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ugo Nespolo "Italian inventions" to reveal the richness and expressiveness of this Italian artist published in the prestigious encyclopedia Treccani and present in foreign museums with the largest number of exhibitions. from 09 May to 12 June 2014
AAC e’ lieta di presentare la personale di Ugo Nespolo “Invenzioni italiane” per svelare la ricchezza espressiva ed appassionante di questo artista italiano pubblicato nella prestigiosa enciclopedia Treccani e presente nei musei stranieri con il maggior numero di mostre. dal 09 Maggio al 12 Giugno, 2014


Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
L'occhio dell'anima - AAC mostra Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.

L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.


Wave Grass
Honey Barbara

The album "Wave Grass" finds the band Honey Barbara exploring a mix of pure instrumentals with a sprinkling of tracks that feature vocals. The surprisingly close, tactile-and, then again dynamic-nature of the acoustic and electric instrumentation resonates well with wholesome sounds and deja-vu-like reverberations that reveal here a country, or there a psychedelic accent all woven in together. Core members James Sidlo (guitars, etc.), Ross Marlow (vocals, keyboards), and Terry Orff (bass) are joined by Dan Tellez (formerly of Aqua Pedestrian) on guitar and Robert Potter (formerly of Pulsating Love Flower) on drums. Additional musicians, as well, join the band on various tracks to further extend the album's sound. Available now in CD, DL and (soon) the LP version in heavy black &white splatter on clear orange vinyl. Pretty keen! read more »
Wave Grass -Honey Barbara - May 11, 2015


The International Graffiti Art Competition From the Creators of the Multi Award-Winning GV Docu-Series
Bob Bryan

In 1997 and 1998 Filmmaker Bob Bryan singlehandedly created, produced & curated the "1st and 2nd International Graffiti Art Competition." This was a first ever event, celebrating Art creations from Spray-Can Artists all around the world. The IGAC took place in the downtown Museum of Art, Los Angeles California. This beautiful & impressive Collectors Edition (ART BOOK 1 & ART BOOK 2) commemorates the vast style diversity of the International submissions and winners. ART BOOK 1 CATEGORIES: ¨ Canvas ¨ Collage ¨ Cyber-Space Art ¨ Multi-Media Installation ¨ Old School ¨ Other Mediums THE GENESIS of GRAFFITI VERITE’: Read the Writing on the Wall "Truth Or Dare" (Featured Article in RAP PAGES MAGAZINE) Graffiti Verite’s Bob Bryan continue to prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder GRAFFITI VERITE’, the incisive documentary on the lives of Los Angeles Graffiti Artists, blew up like no other graff video to date, leaving behind an unprecedented trail of award recognition, media exposure and education about the Art Form. Bob Bryan, director, producer and director of photography on the film, accomplished what no other videographer had yet been able to do: create a graffiti documentary with mainstream crossover appeal. “I managed to promote the documentary in a way that didn’t just reach some of the old heads that were already in the life, but ‘turn-on’ people that didn’t know anything about Graffiti Art or that had a prejudice against graffiti,” Bryan points out. The filmmaker particularly targeted gallery people, educators, librarians and institutions that could be an asset for Hip-Hop and Graffiti Art in a financial sense. Bryan’s aesthetic and technical skills have been acknowledged with film and video competitions worldwide, including the prestigious Council of Int’l Non-Theatrical Events (CINE) Golden Eagle Awards, as well as, a National Educational Media Network, GOLDEN APPLE Award, Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Awards (sponsored by the Association of Visual Communicators (AVC) - not to mention that he’s also up for an Emmy this year. This year also finds Bryan taking it to another level by legitimizing Graffiti Art on an international scale through the creation of the First Annual International Graffiti Art Competition. “I’m taking the credibility that GRAFFITI VERITE’ has established and bringing a lot of Graffiti Art to the attention of major institutions and educational organizations,” he says. “I’ve been successful with being able to bring Los Angeles Graffiti Artists up, and now what I want to do is bring the international community of Hip-Hop and Graffiti Art to the attention of a worldwide audience.” Bryan’s sole purpose for the establishment of the FIRST INTERNATIONAL GRAFFITI ART COMPETITION is to “...create a forum for the serious examination, illumination, appreciation and recognition of this worldwide Art Form and phenomenon...”
-- By Ben Higa, RAP PAGES read more @ amazon »
submission date: 6/13/2014
Graffiti Verite' 25 (GV25) The International Graffiti Art Competition-Art Book 1: First & Second (1997-1998) - Collectors Edition (Graffiti Verite' Docu-Series) (Volume 25) Paperback – June 1, 2015


At the Architecture Biennale of Venice Cino Zucchi
chooses two Piuarch projects for the INNESTI/GRAFTING exhibition

The Quattro Corti project in St. Petersburg and the Dolce&Gabbana building in Milan chosen for the “A Contemporary Landscape” section at the Italy Pavilion
INNESTI/GRAFTING is the title that Cino Zucchi – curator of the Italy Pavilion for the 2014 Architecture Biennale – has chosen for developing the theme suggested by Rem Koolhaas for the national pavilions, “Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014.” Under the section titled “A Contemporary Landscape,” Zucchi has selected two recent works by Piuarch, both of which are significant in regard to the overall theme of grafting: architecture placed in its original setting. Both express Piuarch’s ability to understand the previous historical and cultural context and to propose a vision of the project that is both modern and harmonious. The two projects selected by Zucchi are: the Quattro Corti Business Center in St. Petersburg and the Dolce&Gabbana office building on Viale Piave in Milan. The selection is a matter of great satisfaction for Piuarch, arriving in the very year in which the firm has been awarded the Italian Architect prize by the National Order of Architects. It is a confirmation of the path of excellence the firm has followed in its 16 years of activity, which have had as a constant the capacity to understand and interpret the historical, social, cultural, architectural settings in which the architects were working. The result of this “attitude” is not a univocal style, but rather the ability to create value within the originality of the results.
The two projects selected:
The Quattro Corti Business Centre – opened in 2010 as the result of a competition by invitation – is located in the historic heart of the city of St. Petersburg, very near St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The project involved the creation of a building that is modern, but nonetheless retains the historic façades of two buildings that had occupied the site. They were joined to the new building by means of a metal covering that, with different inclinations, reconnects the different slopes of the roofs in a continuous form. The materials and geometries of this roof blend in with the naturalness of the city’s skyline. Four courtyards (“Quattro Corti”) were created within the volume defined by these limits to provide lighting for the interior spaces, which function as a meeting place open to art installations, exhibitions and other public events. The building has 23,500 sq.m. of floor space on six floors above ground, with a scenic restaurant called “Mansarda” occupying the top floor. From the restaurant’s terrace one can enjoy sweeping views of the city center on one side, and the glass walls of the courtyards on the other.
The Dolce&Gabbana office building built in 2012 on Viale Piave in Milan. The long, narrow shape of the lot and the volume of the pre-existing building have led to a compositional solution involving three parallel buildings. The building on Viale Piave and the one farther back rise seven floors above ground. The central body, connected to the rest of the construction by means of a system of stairs and skyways, has three floors and is suspended over a body that connects the three buildings, perpendicular to Viale Piave and rising four floors above ground. This way a large, deep inner courtyard is created, overlooked by all the buildings. The complex structure of the building reflects the variety of uses of the spaces, with offices, areas for receiving guests and entertainment and coordination areas for the preparation of fashion shows located on various floors, and with common areas and meeting rooms on the ground floor, opening onto the courtyard. The style used for the front on the street, which conveys a sense of transparency and lightness through the use of glass and metal, contrasts with the more austere style of the interior façades.
A Contemporary Landscape
The hall dedicated to this subject represents – also in the way it is set up – the current interpretation of the Italian landscape that, as Gio Ponti said, is created “half by God and half by architects.” In the great shadowy light of the existing hall, large prisms of different shape and profile will hold backlit images of contemporary projects in different settings, which together create an unexpected, ever-changing scenario. Rather than describe the projects being exhibited, the setup puts together in the manner of a large collage the diversity of our country’s urban and rural landscapes, and the different individual responses to the common theme of the relationship between the programmatic randomness of individual works and the collective whole of the country’s building development. read more »


Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima

Amedeo Modigliani - L'occhio dell'anima - Architettura Arte Contemporanea from 20 June to 11 July 2014
Undici disegni realizzati in serigrafia (1912- 1919) con telai a mano su carta del Giappone in tiratura unica d'après.
L'occhio dell'anima, assente e smisurato, posto nel vuoto per descrivere l'immensità interna, è la via che è di noi spirito della mente. L'arte, attraversando disegno e corpo, racconta la possibilità di trasmettere ciò che è oltre la materia ed indaga, disegnando o astenendosi dal disegnare, aspetti del linguaggio dell'anima. Quegli stessi occhi, soltanto accennati da due semplici segni, ignari di cosa possa essere la bellezza dentro, sono in attesa di poter essere segnati e poter dire di se stessi; altri occhi pensanti e assenti, altri ancora indifferenti. Quello che divide lo spazio ne solleva la superficie e inizia a trascendere e svelare l'essenza, la matrice perfetta. Il segno, che porta con sè il dramma della vita, racconta e incide quell'ombra che ne determina il suo esistere. Abbandonati nella solitudine di un sogno dove tempo e spazio si spostano, i piani iniziano a frantumarsi e sciogliersi per svelare le forme dell'esistenza. Raccontano il vuoto e la luce come una cosa sola.


Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - La pittura



Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
Zaven Karapetyan - Discorsi sull'arte

Zaven Nevaz LIVE 2014 - Architettura Arte Contemporanea - October 11 - 31, 2014
E' una attenta riflessione sul mondo quella che Zaven traduce in forza e quindi in colore trasmesso con l'impeto del gesto con pennelli e spatole, per cogliere quell'attimo breve ed interminabile e fissarne l'essenza del segno. Lo spessore della materia, nell'interpolazione tra colori primari, si mescola tra strati sovrapposti, componendosi e ricomponendosi fino al punto in cui la tela diventa luogo di creazione e concepimento. Quella stessa gestualita' che intercorre tra la tela ed il colore trova l'esatta conformazione quando fissandosi staticamente sulla superficie la impressiona, come una pellicola fotografica attraversata dalla luce, permettendo cosi' all'anima di rappresentarsi e rendersi visibile al mondo che la contiene. Colore come parole che parlano e scrivono frasi il cui senso raggiunge l'interno dall'esterno, il bianco dal nero. E' quella parte interiore che parla raccontando il complesso vissuto che separa microcosmo da macrocosmo, miniature da possenti pennellate, luogo dove il gesto misurato e sottile si dilata nell'impatto travolgente del tempo. In questo modo, nelle opere di Zaven, tempo e materia si incontrano attraversando lo spazio per fermarne un frammento che racconta l'intera esistenza di quell'anima che stenta a farsi vedere e riconoscere ma che invece parla eloquentemente attraverso l'opera d'arte. Un perfetto equilibrio tra realismi figurativi e trasformazioni astratte culminanti in un linguaggio simbiotico tra rappresentazione di un mondo apparente ed il suo profilo indefinito, intangibile, in continuo movimento, etereo ed eterno.
Artista armeno dedito alla ricerca del divino, che si esprime nell' arte figurativa delle icone e in quella dell'espressionismo dei suoi quadri. read more »


Live footage of Caleb Performing in Namibia
Caleb Vaughn-Jones

In December 2014, Caleb was invited as a faculty member of the Musikwoche festival in Swakopmund, Namibia. The festival is filled with concerts by Namibian amateur and professionals as well as appearances by musicians from Germany, South Africa, and the USA. Caleb recently uploaded a video of his festival performance of Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum" with South African pianist Vera Malherbe onto YouTube. Hopefully there will be more videos in the near future. read more »