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    • Tate | Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture | Nov 11 – Apr 3
      MoMA | Picasso Sculpture | Sep 14 – Feb 7
      Architettura arte contemporanea | Guido Moretti - Scultore | until Oct 24
      The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Plains Indians | March 9 – May 10
      MCA Chicago | BMO Harris Bank Chicago Works: Faheem Majeed | Mar 10 – Aug 16
      SOLOWAY | I Know What You Did Last Summer | June 14 – July 11
      Manfred Kielnhofer | The Guardians of Time at Public Art Basel
      SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show | Basel 2015 | June 16 - 21
      Paris London Hong Kong | Wyatt Grant Dreamer gets another dream | Jan 30 – March 7
      The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Artist Project | Beginning March 2015
      Chesterwood | Boston Sculptors Gallery at Chesterwood 2015 | May 23 - Oct 12
      Polk Museum of Art | 15th Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition | March 2015
      le Sm'art | Salon Méditerranéen d'art contemporain et d'art abstrait | 7 - 11 May
      Sculpture in the Park | 32nd Annual Sculpture in the Park | August 8 - 9
      ARTwalk | Call for Entries - Napa ARTwalk 2015-2017 | by January 31, 2015

    • The Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer

Manfred Kielnhofer

      The Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer at Public Art Basel. The “Guardians of Time” tour through worldwide museums and exhibitions for many years. The time traveler of the world of Art always seem mystical to their viewers. They walk like monks through the world. No one knows exactly where they will appear next. The Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer has created the mystical figures. He has been a freelance artist and worked as a painter, sculptor and photographer for many years.
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    • SCOPE Basel


      BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Celebrating nine years in Basel, SCOPE Art Show returns to its pioneering location in Klybeckquai. A wellspring of cultural development for Basel Stadt, SCOPE is the initiator of extraordinary happenings centered on the New Arts District on the Rhine, including the founding of a world class Art & Culture Hall. SCOPE Basel will welcome 85 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries, and a selection of Juxtapoz Presents galleries offering a view of the contemporary art market available nowhere else. Exhibitors hail from four continents and over twenty countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. Following its tremendous success in Miami, SCOPE is honored to present the second edition of Feature | Korea, in collaboration with the Galleries Association of Korea. Sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this curated section offers a glimpse at the current art trends in Korea and shines new light on the country’s contemporary cultural practice.
      janinebeangallery: booth A13
      artists: Inna Artemova, Grigori Dor, Dario Puggioni, Florian Fausch
      June 16-21, 2015 - SCOPE Basel, Uferstrasse 40 CH - 4057 Basel, Switzerland
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    • AAC - ionone

      Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
      Guido Moretti: Riflessioni
      AAC - Architettura Arte Contemporanea Brescia, Italy
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    • Giacomo Filippini - Ferro

      by AAC in association with ionone
ionone world | art | Architettura Arte Contemporanea | Giacomo Filippini - Ferro
    • Giuliana Geronazzo - Vetro

      by AAC in association with ionone
ionone world | art | Architettura Arte Contemporanea | Giuliana Geronazzo - Vetro
    • 1564-2014 MICHELANGELO

Musei Capitolini

      Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist.
      Musei Capitolini Rome, Italy. From 27 May to 14 September 2014
      The exhibition Michelangelo. Incontrare un artista universale, covering the life and work of this colossus for all times, is to be held at the Musei Capitolini on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome on 18 February 1564. In the heart of the city, in that very Piazza del Campidoglio which the genius of Michelangelo made unique in the world, over one hundred and fifty works, of which around seventy by the Tuscan artist, from many of the leading cultural institutions in Italy and elsewhere, are to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the death of an artist who was so magnificent as to have a lasting influence not only on the arts in Italy but also on all universally known culture ...
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    • Angelo Franco Bartoli: Shoes Profiling - Shoes sculpture

Angelo Franco Bartoli

      Angelo Franco Bartoli
      The shoes symbol of travel, but most of our introspective journey every shoe is a partial portrait of the wearer, a clue to his personality. The shoes as occasionally silent witness of our lives, our expectations, our identity obvious and hidden. The shoes as a message sometimes obscured even to those who possess them, but ready to read those who can "drive". The question I have asked is : the shoes are the diaphragm that separates us from the ground, protection from bad roads, but mostly because just that pair of shoes among 100 others? ...
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    • Zwei Juden in Deutschland: Max Weinberg und Ruben Talberg

Talberg Museum

      Talberg Museum
      The “wrong” side of the canvas becoming the “right” side. The material depth of wood, carvings, other miscellaneous textural and textual inscriptions. The big black scratch signature dipped in the pen of ashes (an imprint of tar). Beyond the visual to the tactile. Art of great significance for semiotic graffiti- style resistance against global capitalism and finance. Alan N. Shapiro, New York / hfg Offenbach ...
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