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    • Time Shrine Foundation | Anne de Carbuccia | Sep 16 – Nov 21
      photo edition berlin | KURT BUCHWALD | May 8 - June 29
      MIYAKO YOSHINAGA | Close to the Edge: New Photography from Japan | April 21 - May 28
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      OCCCA | XPHOTOX presented along with 12 Years Reflected | March 5 - 26
      lacda | Mei Xian Qiu "I Love You" | Jan 14 - Feb 20
      janinebeangallery | Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer "Séance" | Jan 9 - Feb 20
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      The Metropolitan Museum of Art | In and Out of the Studio | Aug 31 – Jan 3
      janinebeangallery | Séance - Kathrin Guenter and Tanja Selzer | Jan 9 – Feb 20
      Emmanuel Fremin Gallery | Antoine Rose “Up in the Air – Dawn to Dusk” | Sep 17 – Oct 31
      Mobile Photo Awards | 5th Annual Mobile Photography Awards
      SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show | Basel 2015 | June 16 - 21
      Purpose | Jean-Jaurès by Gilles Raynaldy | Release date 11 June
      Photo Contemporary | Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee | May 1 - 3
      Galería MÜ | ALBÜM - Call for Entries: Brazil and the Eastern Region | April 15 – May 31
      Agora Gallery | Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography | April 24 - May 14
      The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Artist Project | Beginning March 2015
      Emmanuel Fremin Gallery | JULIAN LENNON “Horizons” | March 12 – May 2
      Tate | Conflict, Time, Photography| Nov 26, 2014 – Mar 15
      Mobile Photo Awards | 4th Annual Mobile Photography Awards
      An Exhibition of Photographs by Anne de Carbuccia

ionone world | photography | Time Shrine Foundation | ONE • ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE

      Hosted by Time Shrine Foundation Westbeth Center for the Arts 155 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014

      Anne de Carbuccia’s photographs make ingenious use of vanitas art, a tradition that dates back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which features the skull and the hourglass as symbols of vanity andtime. Using these objects, organic elements, and found objects she creates an installation—a shrine—in symbolically significant environmentsto draw attention to that particular location or to honor its beauty.This bold reimagining of classical still life composition might be called “live life” imagery. These images and a short film were made on expeditions to which de Carbuccia traveled with a very small crewand an instinctive sense of purpose. Her photographs are both an homage to their subjects—water, forests, endangered species—and an exposé on the ruinous effects of pollution and war. They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while also serving as a plea to reimagine a new world.

      The Installation
      The indoor exhibition will take place in what was once the WestbethSculpture Room. During Hurricane Sandy, the space was completely flooded. The installation will reproduce the effect of the flood as a reminder of that event and a call to action, as climate change caused by human activities continues to disrupt weather patterns. The entrance to the exhibition is on the top floor, above the main gallery and photo coves, providing visitors with a bird’s eye view of the space. Reflections on the pools, the sound of water dropping, and the gradual descent into the main gallery sets the mood for the exhibition experience. Visitors discover the photographic works as they navigate the main gallery and four separate photos coves via a wooden deck. The theme of the main gallery is wonder and hope. Each photo cove is like a chapel consecrated to a different theme: extinction, water, war, and plastic. A short film narrated by de Carbuccia takes visitors behind the scenes on the photographic expeditions and illuminates the intention of the work. A spectacular exterior component of the exhibition will take place on a part of the Highline that has never been used before. This inaccessible stretch of the Highline will be “re-wilded” with fifty-four trees interspersed with three teleidoscopes—a kind of kaleidoscope with a lens and an open view that creates kaleidoscopic patterns from objects both inside and outside the instrument. The trees and the “game of lights” projections will be visible from Washington Street. Playful and unexpected, the Highline installation aims to surprise, amuse, and suggest possibilities for creating green urban environments. ONE • One Planet One Future is an extended two-month live event with dynamic projections, an interactive public installation, and an immersive experience. About Anne de Carbuccia
      Anne de Carbuccia was born in New York and grew up in Paris. She attended Columbia University in New York City where she studied anthropology and art history, specializing in 17th- and 18th-century art. She returned to Paris and worked for Drouot, one of the oldest and most respected auction houses in the world. She later developed an interest in using photography and films as a means of seeing primitive culture and art in a contemporary context. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco hostedWater at Dusk, a solo exhibition of images from Anne’s time shrines project (January 30¬–February 28, 2016). Private collectors in Europe and the U.S. have acquired her photographs and video art portraits.

      Time Shrine Foundation
      In 2015, de Carbuccia founded the non-profit organization, Time Shrine Foundation, as a way to fund efforts to raise awareness and protect vulnerable environments and cultures. The exhibition ONE is another way in which the Foundation seeks to promote these goals. All proceeds from the sale of de Carbuccia’s original artworks support environmental efforts in the places she photographs and films.

      September 16 – November 21, 2016
      Entrance Free of Charge

      submission date: 8/25/2016

    • Mei Xian Qiu "I Love You"

      by Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

      "I started to think towards two divergent rivulets. One, the phrase "I love you" as used in daily parlance, aggressive, vulnerable, necessary, and common simultaneously, the most important frightening thing; it was also a gateway to what you, yes, as an individual with a perceived sense of identity, believe others want you to say to them; it was a qualifier to other more alluring and emotionally specific concerns. How do we trade in love, sex, happiness?"
      An inspiration for the series had been "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe" by Edouard Manet, depicting a nude woman at a picnic with 2 well dressed men. Painted in a rough, bold manner, this painting caused controversy in 1862 for its shocking and raw depiction of gender inequality, revealing the nude tantalizing figure as both a probable prostitute as well as an allegorical muse. Again, there is the study of contrasts -- the feminine versus the masculine, the naked versus the clothed, the elite versus the commonplace, and the innate aggression versus the vulnerability of the act of nudity itself.
      Which led to secondly, maybe not so divergently, the fetishization and objectification of inspiration, of the muse, of all passion—the shattering, obvious, hard edge of this that tail gates easier romanticized views. The series, "I love you” examines the intersections of adoration and desperation, victim and aggressior, oppression and self oppression, globalism, even colonialization and provincialism."
      submission date 1/16/2016
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    • Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer "Séance"

      by janinebeangallery

      The janinebeangallery announces the upcoming exhibition "Séance ", featuring artworks of the photographer Katrin Günter and the painter Tanja Selzer. January 9th – February 20th 2016
      Kathrin Günter knows all about the illusions of eternal fame and of everlasting love. She is familiar with the mechanisms of the media and all the different forms of manipulated adoration. For more than 15 years Kathrin Günter has been observing and studying every celebrity moment, particularly the simultaneous longing for attention and a desperation to stay out of the permanent spotlight. Kathrin Günter sees and records everything for what we call eternity. Tanja Selzer lives and works as an artist in Berlin since 2003. Her paintings resemble snapshots of a dream, enchanted and unreal. Seemingly incoherent motifs are combined by the artist as a sequence of an ecstatic and dream-like plot, reflecting everyday sceneries, but continuously evading mere causality.
      submission date 1/5/2016
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    • Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy

Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy
Release date 11th June 2015
 Available in bookstores and on

      For several years magazine has been offering space to well-known and unknown photographers who question our world, bringing together photography and contemporary musical compositions. Today we are opening our work to the publication of books, magazines, fanzines… with the creation of PURPOSE ÉDITIONS. We are delighted to present our first publication: Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy. During three years, Gilles Raynaldy observed the everyday life of students, professors and staff of a school establishment in Montreuil near Paris: “the cité scolaire Jean-Jaurès”. Gilles Raynaldy’s photographs are both distant and very close to their subjects, they capture the multiple facets of a complex reality: individual gestures, movements of groups, attitudes, postures and signs of adolescence. As in a film, the book moves through the seasons of the school year; it opens classroom doors, it shows playgrounds, laboratories, kitchens, the dining hall… places that are sometimes bustling with people and sometimes silent. Shots of the exhibition which was organized by the photographer in the “cité scolaire” mingle with these black and white and colour photographs. This exhibition in situ accompanied the students’ life for a few months, forming one body with the buildings’ walls.
      Release date 11th June 2015 Available in bookstores and on
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    • SCOPE Basel


      BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Celebrating nine years in Basel, SCOPE Art Show returns to its pioneering location in Klybeckquai. A wellspring of cultural development for Basel Stadt, SCOPE is the initiator of extraordinary happenings centered on the New Arts District on the Rhine, including the founding of a world class Art & Culture Hall. SCOPE Basel will welcome 85 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries, and a selection of Juxtapoz Presents galleries offering a view of the contemporary art market available nowhere else. Exhibitors hail from four continents and over twenty countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. Following its tremendous success in Miami, SCOPE is honored to present the second edition of Feature | Korea, in collaboration with the Galleries Association of Korea. Sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this curated section offers a glimpse at the current art trends in Korea and shines new light on the country’s contemporary cultural practice.
      janinebeangallery: booth A13
      artists: Inna Artemova, Grigori Dor, Dario Puggioni, Florian Fausch
      June 16-21, 2015 - SCOPE Basel, Uferstrasse 40 CH - 4057 Basel, Switzerland
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    • ALBÜM

      Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia
      ALBÜM is a virtual and print magazine specializing in contemporary Latin American photography created by Galería MÜ. In order to identify new talents, we have opened four call for entries per year. Each one of our editions is focused on a region of Latin America: Southern Cone; Brazil and the Eastern Region; Andean Region; and Central and Mezo America and the Caribbean. The call for entries begins with each season according to a region. The selected artists receive 3 spreads (6 pages in total) that include images and text about the selected series and a resume at the end of the magazine. The call for entries are open to artists born in Latin American countries, foreigners that have lived for a minimum of 5 years in a Latin American country, or collectives in which at least half of their participants are Latin American. We only accept projects with photography or derivations thereof, including but not limited to: collage, scanography, image appropriation, etc. ...
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    • Zwei Juden in Deutschland: Max Weinberg und Ruben Talberg

Talberg Museum

      Talberg Museum
      The “wrong” side of the canvas becoming the “right” side. The material depth of wood, carvings, other miscellaneous textural and textual inscriptions. The big black scratch signature dipped in the pen of ashes (an imprint of tar). Beyond the visual to the tactile. Art of great significance for semiotic graffiti- style resistance against global capitalism and finance. Alan N. Shapiro, New York / hfg Offenbach ...
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Patrick Demarchelier

      Patrick Demarchelier is a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer whose work has appeared regularly in dozens of magazines worldwide. He currently has an exclusive relationship with Harper's Bazaar. Demarchelier was the first non-British photographer to be invited ...
      art | world | photography | Patrick Demarchelier »

Jerry Avenaim

      Jerry Avenaim : professional photographer
      For many years Jerry Avenaim has been working with celebrities, models, talent agencies, modeling agencies, and advertising firms all throughout the United States from Los Angeles to New York ...
      art | world | photography | Jerry Avenaim »

Karkau Pierre Thomas

      Karkau Pierre Thomas : fashion and advertisement
      Pierre Thomas Karkau loves life as he loves women. Women were the subject of the black and white photographs of his previous book Models Secret, and they are again the topic of the colour photographs ...
      art | world | photography | Karkau Pierre Thomas »

Richard Warren

      Richard Warren : fashion photographer
      An internationally published fashion photographer based in Manhattan's Fashion District. Richard Warren was born in Houston Texas. His father was a newspaperman. At the age of fifteen ...
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Wang Qingsong

      Wang Qingsong
      (2004) As economic development takes top priority in China's national policies, the country has changed, and its people have changed even more. Everyone appears full of aspiration and seems satisfied ...
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Agnes Donnadieu

      Agnes Donnadieu : fashion/people/digital
      The work of photographer Agnes Donnadieu has been called brooding and sexy, edgy and glamorous, erotic and slick. What nobody has ever called it is "Midwestern," though Donnadieu has lived and worked ...
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Franco Donaggio

      Franco Donaggio
      classic photography and digital art
      In this space, Donaggio suggests a wide gallery of his images range between classic photography and digital art ...
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Ignacio Simal

      Ignacio Simal : fotografo
      Presentation of Simal's work Spanish photographer specialized in portrait, humanitarian and documentary photography. Una muestra del trabajo fotografico de simalcamps Ignacio Simal ...
      art | world | photography | Ignacio Simal »

Ronald T Simon

      Ronald T Simon : rehearsing with gods
      "I never thought a book could do justice to the magic, the beauty, the power of Bread and Puppet. But Rehearsing with Gods does just that, with the poetic, profound commentary by Marc Estrin, and ...
      art | world | photography | Ronald T Simon »

Stu Jenks

      Stu Jenks
      circles & spirals - form shape design
      Universal symbols from all cultures, representing everything from festive pinwheels to the internal journey of the soul ...
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Cyril Bruneau

      Cyril Bruneau
      specialist in retouching
      Corporate photographer in Paris. Retoques Fotograficos Con Photoshop. Retouches photo avec Photoshop. Reportage, tutorial ...
      art | world | photography | digital | Cyril Bruneau »

Pascal Molliere

      Pascal Molliere : performing arts photographer
      All aspects of photography interest me greatly including reportage, film stills, studio portrature etc. Primarily I'm a people photographer and I particularly like shooting the performing arts, televison, film and ...
      art | world | photography | Pascal Molliere »