Claudia Reinhardt

Claudia Reinhardt began taking photos at the age of 18 with the goal of becoming a fashion photographer. She assisted various photographers and worked as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer. Subsequently she studied at the School of the Arts in Hamburg. In 1994 she founded the art magazine Neid. She lives currently as a freelance artist and an assistant professor in Berlin and Norwa read more »

Armor For Sleep
What to Do When You Are Dead

Armor For Sleep hit the guitars a little harder for their second album What To Do When You Are Dead, and the results are incredible. Moving from emo to more post hardcore territory, the album contains a lot of energy and emotion that feels very raw, similar to Thursday. Despite being a concept album nothing about What To Do When You Are Dead feels too confined or pretentious. It's still the same old Armor For Sleep, just a little heavier and little more mature. Reviewer: Schmoo (Detroit), January 25, 2006 read more @ amazon »

Salvo Sciacca
Art over computer

Salvo Sciacca was born in 1979 in Catania, Italy. His art name is AOC meaning art over computer. He is working as an auto body repair man. In the last 6 years he has developed a passion for photography.

Kami Lerner
Original paintings

Being a self taught artist, I have learned to use art as a medium for personal interpretation into my thoughts and experiences. My inspirations come from many different places, on many different levels, wearing many different faces, taking on many different forms. This is me...This is my life. read more »

Emanuele Carpenzano
Photographic World

Emanuele Carpenzano was born 37 years ago in Sicily, he lives in Adrano where he works as a professional photographer. His works are supported by a continuous personal research and characterized by his love for the traditions, landscapes and faces of Sicily. His participation in many contests and exhibitions has earned him great success with the public. He is President of the Sikanie Photographic Association, which was founded in 1996 in Catania. He is also a sensitive interpreter of wedding photography. He engages himself with the couples by understanding their emotional investment and with his artistry helps create one of the best days of their lives. Emanuele wants to promote the "Photographic World" through his shows, exhibitions and artworks. read more »

C. W. Marsens
Fine art photography

fine art photography and contemporary art. Presentation of the photographer C. W. Marsens and his work. "Leitung in betrieb", "Oradour", "View", "Bosnia-Herzegovina"… a glance on human cruelty read more »

Pascal Molliere
Performing arts photographer

I started taking photographs when I was about 10. My father gave me a Zenith 35mm SLR. My Grandfather was a street portrait photographer in Versailles and my father studied photography in Paris before he came over to England in 1965 and it was he who first showed me how to use a film camera..
Theatre Stills Photographer
My career in this creative field has grown over the years. I became involved in theatre stills photography several years ago when I worked with John Haynes at the MacCowen Theatre in London. Shortly after I was asked to photograph for the Linbury Theatre and LAMDA.
Performing Arts Photographer
All aspects of photography interest me greatly including reportage, film stills, studio portrature etc. Primarily I'm a people photographer and I particularly like shooting the performing arts, televison, film and theatre. The light, the fast changing subject matter and the rich expression of the stage is a great challenge and I enjoy creating art out of art.
Theatre Photographer
I've been lucky enough to have worked with a variety of different directors and theatre companies in recent years - Crispin Bonham-Carter, Helena Kaut-Hausen, Greg Doran - The Linury, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The MacCowen theatre and I continue to take on new challenges within the performing arts arena including The Circus Space and BBC television. Actors Headshots I offer a very comprehensive and flexible photography service to actors and students. Whether you need a studio shoot or an outdoor or location shoot, I can offer some of the most attractive rates in the business - If you are busy perfroming or if you are in between rehearsals, I can even set up a studio where you are to save on time. You can even see your contacts in a personal and secure on-line section that you can share with your agent or manager. read more »

Geert Wachtelaer

My work concentrates on universal human experiences, birth, death and the secrets of the human conciousness, and found its roots in the psychoanalytical foundation and the esoteric world. Living in a city and experiencing the world through my eyes. A lot of artists are aware that they're working for the museums of tomorrow. Others dream of an art without a museum, they only want to transmit to the future a contaminated piece of art of their present memory. I'm always making movies. It's really what I do. They are arty bricolages of pictures, videofootage and selfmade sounds. In all of them are some hidden clues. People do not know if they necessarily enjoy the video's.... I also do not claim to be an artist.... I'm a researcher, an observer, a thinker and a dreamer.

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram is a professional Freelance Photographer based in Cobar. Mark recently moved from the Far North Coast of New South Wales where he photographed extensive, coastal landscapes and seascapes, river scenes, sunrises and commercial images. Mark is now living in Cobar where he captures landscapes and nature images of the outback. The outback is a dry barren landscape which has rich colours of the earth and clear blue skies. The landscape plagued by drought is rarely noticed by the majority of people in Australia, Mark's images showcase the real outback. Mark Ingram Photography is a photography service that caters for a vast range of services. Packages are available for function and portraiture, studio lighting is used to capture natural skin tones. Images are printed by professional digital labs on a variety of mediums. All images are captured using Canon SLR cameras, images are processed using Adobe Photoshop CS2 software. . Whether you need a studio shoot or an outdoor or location shoot, I can offer some of the most attractive rates in the business - If you are busy perfroming or if you are in between rehearsals, I can even set up a studio where you are to save on time. You can even see your contacts in a personal and secure on-line section that you can share with your agent or manager. read more »

Kyo Design by Christophe Francois

Hilow is the new collection created by Kyo-design, a design agency run by Christophe Francois During the latest Maison & Objet Fair, our booth has appealed to many specialists, whose attention was mainly focused on the Hilow Cube “One”.   Materials  All products from the Hilow range (Cube, Tripod & Flower) have : - a structure made with polyether foam of high density. A second layer of foam with a lower density has been added for a comfortable sitting. A soft polyamid cotton tissue is sewed for a nice appearance and finish. - Four standard colours : black, grey, red and orange. Every other colour can be produced in case of important order. Cube "One" has specific characteristics : - a gas spring (hydrolic damping element) is used to pull up the tray; the gas spring is fixed in the structure. An easy pressure (150 Newton / 15 Kg) has to be exerted on the aluminium push button to pull up or down the tray. Height adjustment of the tray is maxi 20 cm, but the gas spring can be locked in any stroke position desired. - The Acrylic tray is screen-printed and protected by a UV varnish. This means that it is very easy to customize this product Maximum load supported by the tray : around 3 Kg (perfect for a laptop) - Total weight : around 13 Kg   "Tripod" Mixing different sizes is definitely not a good idea, because it would not be steady. These items have thought to be put either on the ground (20 cm & 40 cm - as a seat) or on a seat (4 cm - to give some fun and some more comfort).

Fabio Ruggiero

fashion, n.i.p ( not important person ), stories, gallery read more »

Chris Oakley

International video artist Chris Oakley has launched a website aiming to redefine the way video art is traded and consumed. The website offers the facility to preview Chris Oakley’s videos online, with the option to download high-resolution digital video files of the artist’s videos. Out of frustration with existing sales and distribution models, Chris Oakley built the website in part as a way of taking control of the distribution of his work and as a response to internet piracy of his videos. Previously, commercial galleries selling exclusive high-priced artist’s editions, typically 5-10 DVDs, to private collectors, drove video art sales. Chris Oakley aims to offer a more democratic model for video art sales based global access to specialist. Emerging models for the distribution of video offer a new means for artists to challenge the commoditization of video and new media forms by the contemporary art market. An artist based in the UK and working with video and digital imaging, Chris Oakley’s concerns are focused on mediated experience in its many forms, including mainstream media, amateur photography and mass communications. In the past 3 years, Oakley’s works have received widespread media attention within Europe and beyond. His works have been shown alongside those of established masters such as Tony Oursler, Jozef Robakowski, and Pipilotti Rist, and at major media arts festivals, in gallery exhibitions and on television. He is currently working on a feature length artist’s video to be completed in summer 2007 read more »