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    • Paris London Hong Kong | Mel Pekarsky - Desert | Jan 29 - Mar 12
      Graffiti Verite' | GV25 ART BOOK 1 Collectors Edition | June 13
      The Metropolitan Museum of Art | The Plains Indians | March 9 – May 10
      OCCCA | Drawing in Space - Artwork by Echo Lew | May 2 - 30
      SOLOWAY | Arnold Joseph Kemp HEADLESS | April 19 – May 23
    • The International Graffiti Art Competition

      From the Creators of the Multi Award-Winning GV Docu-Series
      GV25 ART BOOK 1
      In 1997 and 1998, Filmmaker Bob Bryan single-handedly created, produced & curated the 1st and 2nd International Graffiti Art Competition. This was a first ever event, celebrating Art creations of Spray-Can Artists from all around the world. The IGAC took place in the downtown Museum of Art, Los Angeles California. This beautiful & impressive Collectors Edition GV25 ART BOOK 1 commemorates the vast style diversity of the International submissions and winners.
      submission date: 6/13/2014
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    • Record-breaking anti-advertising action hits UK streets


      * 360 original artworks by 38 international artists replace adverts by major corporates such as McDonalds, CocaCola, H&M and Morrisons * Millbank, Department of Business and Innovation, Scotland Yard, Harrods, Oxford Street and Shell Centre in London targeted. * Entire route of Leeds marathon covered with anti-advertising artworks * Themes include austerity, human rights, debt, climate change, body image and fracking This weekend has seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising, as part of the rapidly growing “Brandalism” campaign against what activists have called the corporate take-over of public space. Around 360 adverts in 10 cities across the UK were replaced overnight with specially commissioned artworks by teams of anti-advertising activists ...
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    • Art Vibration - 109 by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Art Vibration - 109  by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

      This is a real fact and a historical recorder of my art journey. I am remembering when I were joined to online network and I were learning about this new medium. that time I were alone on online, no one for guide line and no one for help to me for my art communication . In that movement I were wrote a very first note on my art work of Myself . that was in 500 something words in English in that note I were wrote perfect impression of my heart and mind but my English was not perfect ...
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Denis Brown

      Denis Brown works on vellum, glass, paper and mixed media Ireland's rich heritage of ancient calligraphy in manuscripts such as The Book of Kells, was inspiration for Denis Brown as a schoolboy. Later, his rigorous formal training in traditional calligraphy was at London's ...
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Alexander Chubar

      Alexander Chubar "Art, unlike science, is not measured by its progress Its evolution reminds one of concentric circles on the surface of water that has been disturbed by a rock. Similarly, arts of cultures and civilizations stand independently, but at the same time they are ...
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Bernard Dumaine

      Bernard Dumaine : graphical experiments
      I have been drawing for years, mostly "organic" shapes without any preliminary plan. Actually, I create pictures using Photoshop and I sometime use them as sketches to paint ...
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Rezo Kaishauri

      Rezo Kaishauri : Surreal and fantasy art
      "Design, as I see it, is an attempt to harmonize the visual appearance with the inner content. Hence, the best design is not what looks the best, but what reflects the essence the best. Unlike art, design is ...
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Tim Seaward

      Tim Seaward "We are not just material beings. There are too many questions that have inadequate answers. There are too many happenings which are outside the 'norm' of existence. And our individual lives seem to be filled with quests and drives that move us ...
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Giovanni Giaconi

      Giovanni Giaconi : the Villas of Palladio will show you the unique and exclusive watercolors collection of the villas, palaces, churches and arches planned by Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and other commissioned ...
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 Tara Hutton

      Tara Hutton : I paint to amuse myself, I paint what I like, I like to experiment with different painting techniques. I like sharp definitive lines and geometric shapes. I like to paint eyes. I like to 'Paint Pretty' even though it angers Art Instructors and Art Critics. ...
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Petrus Boots

      Petrus Boots
      Detailed Paintings and Pencil Drawings:
      Lithographs, Prints Expressing Spiritual and
      Personal Truth ...
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Harvey Rayner

      ROOT2art : Harvey Rayner
      I describe my work as being created in and derived from a unique system of geometric metre. This is the metre of visual composition as opposed to the metre found in poetry although the formalising ...
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Paolo Chirco

      Paolo Chirco : Gallery of the chalcography engravings with traditional and experimental technique. Collagraphy, etching, acquatint. Biography and critical cards about the author. Short card about the chalcographic engraving techniques ...
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interview with Adamo Macri  by Claudio Parentela

      interview with Adamo Macri by Claudio Parentela
      ... CP: What is your creative process like? AM: It's a segmented cycle which involves writing, drawing, sculpture and photographic work. In my mind there must be this metaphysical activity which mimics ...
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Andrew Mariano

      Andrew Mariano : I see the evolution of my work when I look over the slight change ups in themes and symbology over the years. I've been keeping notes for what can be called "Interactive" art. Work which can change w/ the perspectives of the viewer as they change over time ...
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