Anthony Ho Ching Kee
Like, pausing in time

My parents are both from Macau but I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. I love this little island. It was my father's mechanical Nikomat that started me taking photos for my secondary school's annual, and from then photography has been with me. Although I haven't received any formal education in photography, I read all photo technique books in my secondary school's library, spent more hours in darkroom than lectures when I was in the law school, and created this photo gallery for an assignment during my graduate studies in communication and new media. "Like pausing in time" was a classmate's comment on my assignment. It was the first time I queried why I take photographs - maybe I enjoy pausing the time, freezing the light that once shined on me, and having the possibility to share with people the faint visuals of life residing somewhere in my mind. This gallery is just a gathering of life's milliseconds, but stories and sentiment are behind the images. Glad to have met you and may I wish you an enjoyable pause in the time.

Marco Pessa
Opere d’Arte Contemporanea

Marco Pessa was born in La Salute near Venice in 1947, and currently lives and works in Seveso-Milan. The nature of his native country gave him a palette gifted with red hot sunschines, black grapes pressed in vats and golden wheat stirred bare footed in barns; each colour a deep plunging, a direct physical intercourse. Painter as free as sensitive, Pessa is present in personal and group exibitions since seventies, at home and abroad. His favourite techniques are distemper, acrilic and enamel, both on paper an canvas. He likes graphic works too, artistic glass windows and researches abaut the unbelivable world of the light. read more »

Sent: June 21, 2005 From: Mohankumar.D
Its really very good eyecatching marvellous picture in the modern art. Regards
Mohankumar.D, Chennai India

Helga Kreuzritter
2005 art exhibition

September 11 is a day that will never be forgotten, as well as its consequences - war. The german artist Helga Kreuzritter´s paintings with the title "2001" ("2001 - The Attack", "2001 - Victory?"; "2001 - Peace?")are her contributions as reminders of this atrocious attack, but they also ask questions: Was the "victory" really a victory? And what about what was called "peace" at the end of the war? Helga Kreuzritter did create these paintings soon after the end of the Afghanistan war. In the meantime, the course of the political developments justifies her scepticism. These paintings are impressive examples for the language of an artist. A network of barbed wire symbolizes the powers of evil ("2001 - The Attack"); a banner at the top of a hill is a signal for victory ("2001 - Victory?"); a crucifix and veiled warriors are representations for the conflict between religions ("2001 - Peace"). These paintings, together with other paintings, sculptures and objects by Helga Kreuzritter, will be on display during an art exhibition in Vienna/Austria, at the well-known art gallery KANDINSKY, from June 6 until June 18, 2005 read more »

Richard Warren
Fashion photographer

An internationally published fashion photographer based in Manhattan’s Fashion District. Richard Warren was born in Houston Texas. His father was a newspaperman. At the age of fifteen Richard moved to the Pacific Northwest where after High School worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and also earned a degree in Graphic arts from Western Washington University. By the time he was twenty-one he had moved to New York and began assisting great photographers: Bill King, Helmut Newton, Denis Piel, Robert Mapplethorpe. Warren was twenty-six when he had his first break while living in Milan; a 30 page Couture editorial in Italian Bazaar photographing Valentino, and other top name couture designers. Work continued in Milan and Paris then onto Sydney Australia for Australian Vogue, Follow-Me, Dolly and Australian Harpers Bazaar. In 1990 Warren returned to New York and started a profitable career in fashion photography. The Fall of 2001 was a set back not only for New Yorkers but for the rest of the world. During this period of reduced commercial work Warren immersed himself in the digital world and the result is a state-of-the art, 22-mega pixel digital studio in Manhattan’s Garment district. While still shooting traditional film on location, Warren has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow from capture to post production with everything being available to clients ‘in-house’. Richard Warren currently lives in New York with his wife, two children, a 150-foot English border, which he maintains, and an old Martin 12-string guitar, on which he plays Robert Johnson style classic Delta Blues. read more »

Arts Online Magazine presents artists, designers, musicians and writers from around the world. The goal of the magazine is to promote the creative lifestyle, whether it's through the collecting of art, the enjoyment of new, original music or the inspiration provided by emerging fashion designers. Home decor is also included with several interesting articles on decorating, purchasing unusual items for the home and setting the interior environment in expressive ways. Submissions from artists, designers, writers and musicians are encouraged. read more »

Michael Sprouse
Contemporary realism

“With nationwide recognition, artist Michael Sprouse has established himself as an important fixture on the Mid-Atlantic and National "contemporary-realism" art scene. Sprouse’s work featuring his unique unmistakably haunting and emotive imagery can be found in galleries and private collections from cost to cost. read more »

Elijah Mirochnik
Big babies

I try using my camera to overcome old learned vocabularies. I created the Big Babies series as a way of challenging myself to talk about young children without relying on the traditional visual language that is readily available for talking about children as cute, adorable little objects. I wanted to resist and challenge images that objectify the child as a doll-like material. In many ways the series was a reaction to the stereotypical Sears-type baby portrait that embodies the cultural stereotype of the cute smiley-faced baby. I find this stereotype to be such a limited and narrow view of young children. In making this series I found that the landscape of childrens' faces are intelligent, thinking, reflective, concerned, and at times intense. Instead of placing the child in a seamless photo studio - instead of yanking them out of their own environments into the photographers studio - the children were photographed within their own spaces and places. I found that use the camera can question the stereotypical standards that influence our conception of children and childhood - standards that lead to overlooking or dismissing the childs intelligence and their ability to express a wide range of thoughts and feelings through an equally wide range of gestures, gazes and expressions.

Nationality: Born in Israel, now an American
Camera: Nikon FE with a 55mm 1:2.8 lens, no filter.
Film: Kodak Max 400 ASA color film.
Where I live: Silver Spring, Maryland

My parents emigrated from Israel to the US when I was a young child. As a five year old I found myself suddenly immersed within an unfamiliar culture and language. As I experienced more and more of the new culture I found myself immersed within I realized that even though spoken language was a barrier, I could make sense of my experience through understanding the unspoken languages of visual form, emotion, and body movement. I was drawn to the study of architecture because buildings speak these unspoken languages. I received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, Masters degrees from Harvard and Columbia (in education and urban design, respectively) and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Maryland. For over twenty-five years I have used the architectural education studio model as the basis for engaging public school children and teachers in new educational practices. My work with children in Harlem (in New York City) led me to numerous collaborations with photographers, artists, and dancers and educators interested in testing out experimental and creative classroom practices that empower students and teachers to change their communities. I have exhibited my photography in small galleries since 1979. Most recently, as a member of a group show, I exhibited I Have A Name a photo/text installation on Jewish and Palestinian identity in Israel at the Attleboro Museum (Attleboro, Massachusetts 2002). In my solo show entitled Big Babies at the Sacramento Street Gallery (Cambridge, Massachusetts 2002), I exhibited large format digital prints made from scanned 35mm color prints.

Passion and Pedagogy: Relation, Creation, and Transformation in Teaching (Lesley University Series in Arts and Education)Jan 29, 2002 by Elijah Mirochnik and Debora C. Sherman
Teaching in the First Person: Understanding Voice and Vocabulary in Learning Relationships (Counterpoints) 1St Edition Edition by Elijah Mirochnik (Author)

Heinz Sterzenbach
Online-Gallery & E-Shop Sterzenbach

Heinz Sterzenbach is a german artist who lives and works in Berlin. His Online-Gallery shows 300 "Views of Berlin". The pictures are originals and in different mediums: etchings / watercolor and oil on canvas. In the gallery you`ll also find a catalogue with 600 surrealistic pictures in various mediums (oil on canvas, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor, etc.). The E-shop enables you to purchase original works of the artist. Also you will find a link-list with top voting and rating system. read more »

Agora Gallery
Contemporary art gallery

Founded in 1984 by a fine artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art. Collectors are provided with a broad range of original artworks through our fine art sales website our biannual art magazine, and the Collectors Corner. read more »

Jurgen Schmitz
Digital paintings

Jürgen Schmitz grew up in Cologne, Germany, and now lives and works in Ancona, Italy. Complete artist, Schmitz only recently decided to dedicate himself to digital art making in a professional way. Thanks to his vivid imagination, he creates works in which he combines formal compositions and various chromatic tones with singular textures of often materic effects. It's essential to the author creating his works with instantaneousness; all his works, unique and never reproduced more than once, are similar to 'snapshots': their birth, their elaboration and their realization is performed in a short time frame in order to take the best advantage from the immediacy, the instant, the magic intuitive and inventive moment. Each phase of the creative process is personally followed with care and precision by the artist; like an 'artisan', he creates and produces his artwork up to the final part of the printing. Schmitz, inventor artist, gets inspiration by the experiences coming from his job in management for an international company, maker of electronic musical instruments, but, above all, by his innate and inexhaustible nature of creative, of searcher; his works reveal and introduce us in a world made of colours, figures, compositions and architectures, all products of an imaginative and immediate path. Paola Trevisan

Ignacio Simal

Presentation of Simal's work Spanish photographer specialized in portrait and humanitarian and documentary photography. Una muestra del trabajo fotográfico de simalcamps Ignacio Simal

Paolo Chirco
Traditional and experimental

Gallery of the chalcography engravings with traditional and experimental technique. Collagraphy, etching, acquatint. Biography and critical cards about the author. Short card about the chalcographic engraving techniques. read more »

Blue Merle
Burning in the Sun

Walking into the club, you look up at the stage in anticipation of the evening’s performance, curious about this band Blue Merle. But instead of the usual array of electric guitars and stacked amps, what you see are acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, upright bass and drums. “The people file in, and they’re looking at the stage, seeing these instruments. And until we step out onto the stage and pick them up, I think they’re expecting something else.” says Blue Merle’s Beau Stapleton “Something else,” indeed. Blue Merle is a band that doesn’t simply defy expectations; it renders them irrelevant. Despite its mostly acoustic instrumentation, the band is well practiced at the art of catching an audience unawares and transporting it to a place of pure rock pleasure. It’s a trick they’ve honed through heavy roadwork — whether opening for the likes of J.J. Cale, Badly Drawn Boy and Jem, or playing festivals ranging from Farm Aid to Bonnaroo — and perfect with their Island debut, Burning in the Sun. Between the scruffy sweetness of Luke Reynolds’ rough, expressive tenor and the orchestral richness of the band’s intricate arrangements, Burning in the Sun is an album that is easy to get lost in. Produced by Stephen Harris (U2, Dave Matthews Band, Kula Shaker), its sound is immediately inviting and disarmingly nuanced. Some songs, such as the string-drenched “Every Ship Must Sail Away” and “If I Could,” are lush with harmony and emotional portent, while others — particularly the insinuatingly propulsive “Boxcar Racer” and “Either Way It Goes” — bubble over with rhythmic energy and melodic allure. Throughout, the music carries the sort of inventiveness and depth of feeling found only in the best rock songwriting.
“We have a rule in this band that the best song wins,” says Reynolds, and whatever it takes to get a song to be as good as it can is what we do. It’s not unusual for us to spend hours in rehearsal, working and re-working a song so that by the time we perform it, everyone in the band is fully committed.” Blue Merle was born when Reynolds met bassist Jason Oettel, and the two began to work on some of the singer/guitarist’s songs. “We really connected,” says Reynolds, and he wasn’t the only one to feel that way. A friend working at Sony ATV studios in Nashville offered some free studio time, and while the two were cutting demos the president of Sony Publishing unexpectedly dropped by. “He offered us a production deal and a publishing deal,” says Reynolds. They ultimately passed on the deal, but were amazed by the offer. “That was four months into our being a band, so it came really fast,” he adds. Despite that auspicious beginning, Blue Merle weren’t in a rush to add members. Reynolds met Beau Stapleton — a mandolin-playing disciple of Neil Young and Sonic Youth — on a trip back home to Vermont, and got on so well that he soon invited Stapleton to join the band. William Ellis, a jazz-trained drummer who had become a successful session player in Nashville, was a college buddy of Oettel’s, and came on to complete the rhythm section not long afterward. It was Ellis who came up with the band’s name. “It’s actually a lyric from a Led Zeppelin song, ‘Bron Y Aur Stomp’ — ‘Tell your friends all around the world/There ain’t no companion like a blue-eyed Merle,’” says Reynolds. “Will is a huge Zeppelin fan, and used to pull out all these fragments from Zeppelin songs, and keep them for potential band names.” Guitar, mandolin, upright bass and drums isn’t typical rock band instrumentation, but that’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Blue Merle. “There wasn’t a lot of thought put into the instrumentation,” says Reynolds. “We just met musicians we really loved playing with, and whatever they played, that was the thing that came.” “It’s actually simpler to work with,” says producer Harris. “It’s a fresh feeling, and pleasing on the ear. You don’t have to knock the listener on the head. And that’s the whole thing with the band — they have subtlety, which is beyond many people these days.” “Subtlety is what makes Blue Merle what it is,” agrees Reynolds. “The lyrics, the melody, the musicianship — it’s all there, but it’s never right in your face. There’s a confidence to it, and you can feel it in the music.” read more @ amazon »

Jerry Avenaim
Los Angeles

For many years Jerry Avenaim has been working with celebrities, models, talent agencies, modeling agencies, and advertising firms all throughout the United States from Los Angeles to New York delivering sexy, stylish photographs that convey a Beauty and Glamour. Jerry Avenaim uses his special techniques that take the work out of being glamorous and council his clients during every step of the way. Avenaim can turn your dreams into reality! read more »

OOM Gallery
Art by Pogus Caesar

Pogus Caesar was born in St Kitts, West Indies and grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom. An award winning broadcaster (Prix Circom Regionale 1995), he has produced and directed numerous programmes for Central TV, Carlton TV ('Xpress' , 'Respect', 'Drumbeat'), BBC TV ('A-Force') and was the first Chairman of Birmingham International Film & TV Festival. In 1993 he set up Windrush Productions Ltd, a film, television and radio production company, and has directed select individuals including Lennox Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Jada Pinkett Smith, Prince, Sir Paul McCartney, Isaac Hayes and the late r&b superstar Aaliyah. At an early age Caesar scribbled and sketched on anything he could find lying around the one room that he shared with his family in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. At 7 years old Caesar found a creative release in drawing and painting, later taking inspiration from the work of Georges Seurat, the French pointillist painter who created pictures using dots, "I couldn't afford paintbrushes so I had to use old fountain pens instead". In his teens he began to sell work in Birmingham's Rag Market, his pointillist paintings were so successful that within a few years he was exhibiting in major galleries like Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, Herbert Art Gallery and the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield. A highlight of this period in his career was presenting one of his pieces to Princess Diana in 1982, a painting called 'A New Approach'. Finding it increasingly difficult to create the fine pointilist images, due to less than perfect eyesight, Caesar's focus moved to photography. The project took him to New York and culminated in 'Instamatic Views of New York' his first touring photographic exhibition, venues included the National Museum of Film and Photography, Bradford (1986). He is best known for 35mm black and white photography and unique and compelling photo montages, created using traditional methods of cutting, burning and breaking images, using his photographs, resin, sand, dirt, pieces of cloth and other household materials. '" I like simplicity and prefer using fixed focus Nikon or Canon cameras, I just photograph the world around me, things I find interesting". Caesar's works are represented in many private and public collections overseas and in Britain including the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Leicestershire Museums, Art Galleries and Records Service and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery. In 2002 Caesar directed his first cinema film drama, commissioned by Artangel Interaction, 'Forward Ever - Backward Never' is a tragic love story set against the backdrop of oppression in 19th century Cuba. Pogus Caesar's life story is documented in the inspirational and moving book 'Portraits of Black Achievement - Composing Successful Careers', written by Jacqui MacDonald and published by Lifetime Careers Wiltshire. Lenny Henry and Paul Boateng MP are also featured in this uplifting book. In 2001 OOM Gallery was established in Birmingham, United Kingdom, our aims are to contribute and promote artistic excellence in the city OOM Gallery proudly presents a life time's work, showcasing Caesar's photography, photomontage and film collections, we will be updating the site regularly with new images and online exhibitions. OOM Gallery is a privately funded organisation.
Located in Birmingham, UK OOM Gallery has established itself as one of Britain's best online gallery spaces. OOM Gallery offers art by Pogus Caesar that suits a variety of spaces, from photographic prints to limited edition montages we will help you to achieve the perfect look for your personal space.

Michael Bell
Celebrity artist

"Painting for me is a dynamic process of self-exploration and a constructive way to give form and meaningful expression to an internal experience. I take on a philosophical and postmodernist approach to the art-making process, investigating problems on a personal and intuitive level. This process is what fuels my mind and informs me, raises new questions, and gives my work resonance. My subjects range from contemporary celebrities in today’s visual culture to metaphorical objects as storytellers. Celebrities bring a sense of decadence and theatricality to my work, while working with objects as metaphors on psychological level often extends meaning deep within my work. The final product becomes a passionate reflection of all that was revealed to me about my subjects during intense moments of personal clarity."
As a professional artist, Michael Bell has painted narrative portraits, by commission, some of the most powerful and famous people of our time, including the late John Gotti and for numerous cast members from HBO's "The Sopranos" and "CSI:Miami." He exhibits regularly throughout the country and is prominently featured in numerous celebrity events and high-profile charity benefits, always promoting the arts and his philosophy of art education. Bell is currently the 2004-2005 Anne Arundel County Teacher of the Year and one of twenty-four selected Maryland State Teachers of the Year. He also teaches the Anne Arundel County Gifted Visual Arts Program and has pioneered the concept of "Visual Journaling", which he has presented to art educators from throughout the country for the National Art Education Association. Bell has a documentary film out on this process vs. product artistic journey.
Michael Bell has a Masters degree (M.ed.) in the Fine Arts from Towson University, working with Dr. Jane Bates, (Thesis Advisor and the Director of Art Education), while studying in studio under Nora Sturges, (Assistant Professor of Painting), Michael Weiss, and Dr. Ray Martens. Michael Bell is a National Art Education Association (NAEA) member served as the Maryland Art Education Association (MAEA) Secondary Division Director from 2002 - 2004. Michael is listed in the 7th and 8th printed editions of "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" and was the 2001-2002 recipient of the MAEA Most Outstanding Career Arts Educator Award. In 2002 Michael created the MAEA's Artists Capturing Mentors Exhibit and in June, 2003 Michael Bell's student artists were commissioned by the Discovery Channel to create 35 works of art for the 15th Discovery Communications, Inc. Art Education Grant Program Exhibit. Michael is founder and current President of ArtQuest, Southern High School's nationally sponsored and professionally juried student art exhibition. Michael's community involvement is extensive, creating partnerships between schools and communities through collaborative projects at Discovery Village in Shady Side, MD, and mural donations for the YWCA's Men Against Domestic Violence. Michael currently instructs the Gifted Visual Arts Program for Anne Arundel County and is represented by Michael Sprouse and the Zwaanendael Gallery of Art in Lewes, DE. Michael has been named the 2004 - 2005 Anne Arundel County Teacher of the Year and was a Maryland State Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist. read more »

Mr. Bell is my teacher at Southern High School. For the past couple years everyone has talked about him and how great he is and how extraordinary his work is. I never really took the chance to meet him or to go to art quest at school to see his work and his students work that he had a part in. Now I have Mr. Bell as my 2-D art teacher and I was looking forward to his class all summer, but when school started and I received my schedule I noticed that his class wasn't on my list of classes. I jumbled up my schedule just to take one of his classes and see what everyone was ranting and raving about, not having any love, respect or trust in him or his work. Now that I have been in his class for almost two months I respect him as a person, a teacher, and an artist. He has done some of the prettiest, original, and breathtaking artwork that I have ever seen. Just last week a student asked him why he was a teacher and not making millions upon billions of money doing his artwork. He had said that he wanted to be around people and create inspiration and help open up peoples minds to different things and create their own artwork. He had also said that he  wanted to teach people how to draw and paint what they feel and what they want to. Art is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable not stressful. Mr. Bell has helped me understand and see that my artwork is all my own and nothing can take that away from me. Mr. Bell if you read this I want you to know that I respect you so much and I look up to you because what you are doing right now in your life and as a living, this is what I have wanted to do since I was little. I just never thought that it would happen, but now I see that it can happen if you fight for it. Thank you so much.
Sent: October 12, 2005 From: Jaime Tucker

Aleksey Kozlov - Marina Khlebnikova
Art of Photography

Contemporary emotional powered photography made by traditional old-known method by coloring photo film. Photo Galleries: Erotica, Beauty, Dream, Fantasy, Expression, Gothic, Strange Games, X-Files read more »

Mohamed Sherif
Graphics design and multimedia

Mohammed Sherif born 11 March 1978 in Egypt. Hobbies : guitar, singing, movies. Education : BSC of Computer Engineering. Skills : Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, Flash, Html, Director Graphic Design & Web Design, Digital Art.

Vijay Bhai
DV-Digital Visions

I am 72 years old from Hindu family of north India settled in Hyderabad. I am an atheist in literal sense. Yet I have absorbed a good deal of mystical, symbolic and ethereal overtones from my culture as well as an over-view of other religions. I believe that too narrow a commitment to one's own religion often leads to denial of, and antipathy to, other religions. I believe in a universal 'religion of man-in-nature' that transcends the narrow limits of physical world (fragmented, distorted, and self-centred) into the world of sublime -- pervasive realm of beauty, love, social-good; and the eternal energy of creation, progression and destruction. I was fond of painting from childhood. I was encouraged by famous artist Sudhir Khastagir of Lucknow to join Kalabhavan (Fine Arts College) at Tagore's university at Santiniketan. I joined Kalabhavan in 1951 but after three months I was shifted to graduate school due to family compulsions. "As an artist you will starve" my father said. While at Santiniketan from 1951 to 1957 first as a student and then as a schoolteacher, I was closely associated with Kalabhavan as a part-time student. I was close to Ramkinker and did many paintings and sculptures at the young age. Only few of those works remain with me now. I lost touch with art after entering a long academic career in social science. After studying literature (M.A., Visva Bharati) and anthropology (M.A., Ph.D. at Lucknow University), I specialised in Medical Sociology abroad (D.Sc. Johns Hopkins University). I spent time whole-heartedly for research and teaching at five different universities including Johns Hopkins University and Howard University. I was in USA for 6 years and returned to Banaras Hindu University in 1976. I shifted to Central University, Hyderabad from BHU in 1979. I retired as Professor of sociology in 1994. The highlight of my academic career was to study and promote the folk culture and practices of ordinary villagers - first in the field of health, hygiene and sanitation, and then in the field of forestry and watershed development. Understanding the richness and limitations of folk culture, and then facilitating development through active and direct participation of primary stakeholders, was my obsession. Despite a lot of lip service and private appreciation of participatory development, this is totally against the mainstream of administration and professions in India. Except for small-scale glimpses of the potential and possibilities of such an approach, particularly when working with voluntary agencies, I was a lone crusader and failed to get support of institutions, administrators & professionals in my mission. But for few close friends and colleagues who worked with me and understood me (or did they?), it was an exciting battle. Getting back to my private world of fine art was a healing consolation for my aging self. An exoposure to the works of great variety of digital artist on the internet, including Pygoya and Ingrid Kamerbeek has opened my eyes to the vast arena of cyber-art. They have encouraged me. I have visited digital art sites on the Internet and I am overwhelmed by the variety, depth and complexity of the digital art today. I am still learning and exploring the possibilities of the digital medium. What I have done so far is nothing but a beginning. Here again perhaps I am up against the mainstream by choosing the digital medium and calling myself an 'artist'. What matters is that I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing. It fills my life with a sense of fulfilment. It has charged the lonely life of an aged widower. Like all artists I like to share and learn what others have to say. During last one year I have displayed my works in a number of art related web sites. It is time I have my own website.

Gautam Narang
The artist and the world

What is photography? What is art? What is the point of it? It's everything around us, and it's yourself, there is no point, it's putting your thoughts on paper, in an instant, expressing more than words can, so many things. Photography and art isn’t limited to the medium, it's more than that, I believe the real art is the artist and the world, this is what inspires us. What catches one person’s eye, but another walks past? With photography I have learnt the value of detail, it has taught me to look for details, to look for things, this is more than clicking a button. The camera simply allows the user to catch the image, it is the artist who sees it. The way I think is life is full of speeded up days, what the camera does is crop this so you can focus on what you want. It takes a moment, and stretches it to infinity, and gives us the calm of observing that moment properly, and life is like this to me, full of clutter, and very special moments. In India, I saw uncensored reality, real poverty, real madness, not the sanitized cleaned up, behind closed doors society of Britain. But why are these themes so interesting to me? Because they are more real, everyone identifies with the underdog, not many can identify with the entrenched falsity of the ruling classes. This is where photography is different, it is designed to raise questions rather than answers, but the result is that artists will remain unfulfilled, because in their quest for answers, they simply raise more questions. Don’t take anything on face value, everything can be doctored even these words words, read them once, forget them, and go make your own art
published in
Aesthetica magazine (front cover), BBC website, pixel press, f-stop magazine, EOS magazine (Top shot best photograph of the month) creative soup zine (a new magazine that publish artwork from emerging artist) , Revolver, Global Tribe is an exciting new program that connects young people around the world through meaningful service projects. Five Photographs used for Boomerang media, a postcard company that distributes postcards to universities, nightclubs & Cinemas, Canon CPS website official site for Canon Pros. TakeGreatPictures. I was also Featured in double dare press magazine for my project on schools in India, the website gets 350,000 hits a month. Artist for with monthly hits of 6-million people my travel photography is on the website. FILE Magazine, Adbusters magazine with a print run of 60,000 it’s a magazine that gets distrusted all around Canada, Sun magazine and arts magazine in India, Smart Photography an Indian magazine that displays emerging artist distributed throughout India, European Magazine free magazine featuring art, exhibitions, travel, hotels, restaurants, fashion ,etc. We have a top class distribution in five star hotels, golf courses, marinas, boutiques, and also in the Thyssen-Bornemitza Museum in Madrid.. Medium Magazine one of the hottest magazine out their for emerging issues my work is in issue two 2005. Published in BJP (British Journal of Photography) one the best know photography magazines on the planet, an essay was published in June’s issue/2005.!

Johnathan Rice
Trouble is Real

Imagine early Bob Dylan meets M.Ward, and you've got Johnathan Rice, the latest singer/songwriter on the streets. The dude grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, hung out in DC and honed his chops gigging at The Living Room in NYC. He recorded his latest album, Trouble is Real, in Nebraska with Mike Mogis (producer for Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, The Faint).
read more @ »
With an impressive 16 tracks the album you can't help but be taken on a journey across a vast amalgamation of musical styles and influences; listening to the album as though your ears were tuning into a number of different radio stations as each track progresses. The lyrics themselves could be bound and published in their own entity; insightful, expressive, emotive, reflective and sincere. My fave tracks changes everytime i listen because each is so different its hard to compare them. Would definitly reccommend this album to music lovers. Music has become so expansive over the last decade that it can no longer be neatly slotted into a genre. So, Johnathan Rice: alternative rock, folk, country, all of the above? Quite possibly so.
April 29, 2005 - Reviewer: Nadia
Talent is Real and clearly evident
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William Joseph

The pop charts were once regularly haunted by the melodramatic musings of pianists like Liberace, Ferrante and Teicher and Roger Williams, a sensibility that eventually gave way to the more New Age-y affectations of George Winston and his fellow Wave-format-friendly ivory ticklers. But if producer David Foster has his way, young Phoenix native William Joseph will do for instrumental piano music what the Foster-mentored Josh Groban, Michal Buble and Renee Olstead have done for classical crossover and crooner revivalism. Joseph is blessed with a forceful technique and an ear for drama (he composed the theme for his hometown NHL Phoenix Coyotes when just a teen) that recalls Williams in his prime, and approaches his material with a kitsch-be-damned, crowd-pleasing verve that occasionally invokes 1970s' prog-rock excesses (the artist's own title track and "Piano Fantasy") without apology. Bolstered by Foster's usual back-row-of -the-balcony production sensibility, Joseph tackles everything from the classics ("Ave Maria," "Eternal"'s reworking of Chopin) to Led Zeppelin (a version of "Kashmir" that's as over-the-top as the original), Kansas (vocalist Garou guests on the bathos-drenched "Dust in the Wind") and even Muse ("Butterflies and Hurricanes" as MOR melodrama) with supreme confidence, if considerably less subtlety. Jerry McCulley read more @ amazon »

When a musician loves his piano by Kerry L. Marsala
When passions give way to emotions the fulfillment of dreams blossom forth producing a rare and beautiful melody. A melody brought to full fruition by the talented concert pianist William-Joseph. As a child, William Joseph (an Arizona native) began his path towards what has now culminated into musical grandeur forming the highest peaks of bliss. At the age of eight William-Joseph, a talented prodigy was taught, disciplined, and nurtured by Russian musician, teacher, and friend Stella Saperstein. Ms. Saperstein has much to be proud of, her dream student has gone from organ player for the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey team to the grandest of achievements bestowed or desired by all great musicians, the status of musical genius. William-Joseph is now a legend in the making and the world of music has welcomed him into their arms as one who is truly elegant, and has attained the ardent status of those masters of music who have gone on before him. In a rare appearance at a intimate location, William-Joseph treated family, friends, and guests to an intimate evening of piano fantasy and the Liberace status of majestic entertainment. Flavored well with his own trademark of style, passion, and grace William played for the captivated audience his moving magical songs that he has written himself, and/or with David Foster. On his debut CD, William has recreated a few well known hit songs too, (classic rock artist- Led Zeppelin Kashmir, 80’s rock band- Kansas Dust in the Wind and Butterflies and Hurricanes by indie-rockers Muse) all leaving his audience breathless and desiring his way of defining emotion. His passion driven music leaves his audience filled and satisfied but still needing and desiring to hear more. His style is hauntingly beautiful and stirs something deep within the soul. William Joseph just recently finished his world tour with talented singer Josh Groban. With William-Josephs debut CD, Within released on Reprise Records, success has only begun to take this master concert pianist on the voyage of unforgettable beauty. An inexplicable beauty that can only be experienced, as you become a part of his world through the striking of the ivory keys. William Joseph a man created to fulfill humanities desire to hear and feel the passionate desires of what art truly epitomizes… and that is what William-Joseph delivers. He stands as a giant within the realm of the great lovers of astounding abilities to write, compose, perform and to those who just appreciate what emotional power can do for the soul. For more information, and concert performances on William Joseph:
May 11, 2005 - Kerry L. Marsala

Paula Rosa
Traditional and digital

I was born in Lisbon in 1970, where I lived until the age of 6. From Lisbon, I moved to the south margin of the river Tagus, to Amora, a place at the Atlantic coast, where I've lived for 29 years. My interest in drawing and painting started at an early age. I remember me playing with colour pencils for hours and hours, at a time when it was even hard to handle the materials. I used to draw on most curious surfaces as the walls, the floor... everywhere I could. I believe I've always hated limiting frames and I certainly like to experiment on new materials. The material world is a giant canvas and an infinity of mediums, as well as the mind. Experimentation means to me real apotheosis, the quintessence of knowledge. I'm a perfectionist and maybe insane, although I'm conscious that I will never reach perfection. I've been enjoying this endless road. I've studied Art and Design at school, since I was 14. Later at university and always for a lifetime. To live is to learn, to learn is to experiment and vice versa. It's a constant in my life. I finished my studies at university some years ago and since then I’ve been working in my studio in Lisbon and as a freelancer. Simoultaneouly, I've dedicated some time to artistic activities as painting and sculpture. In 2003, as I was conscious of the importance of digital technologies and how they revolutionize the arts, I started experimenting several techniques in digital painting or mixed medium (traditional/digital). I believe that a new aestetics has grown and expanded from the digital media, allowing the artist more freedom during the creative act, in which the computer represents both, the material and the medium, being a powerful tool as fast as imagination. It's not easy to answer when I'm asked to define my art in a few words. I've always faced it as “... a product of dreams with eyes opened widely, a journey through the human brain, exploring its darker places, opening imaginary doors to empty imaginary rooms... or maybe not.” I'm a member of ARTES- Seixal Cultural Association and member of Surrealists (Surrealist International). I'm represented in several national and international exhibitions and I've some permanent galleries online

Gallery 198
Contemporary Art by Culturally Diverse Artists

The 198 Gallery seeks to enhance the cultural perceptions of the wider community through the comprehension and appreciation of culturally diverse visual art. It aims to provide a platform for a new and fresh visual art language that represents the cultural diversity of British society and give the opportunity for an analysis and appreciation of this work through interpretation and education. The 198 Gallery was established in 1988 after the Brixton riots to support the work of black artists by meeting their needs for exhibition space. The 198 Gallery is now a venue for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and has gained a profile for innovative issues-based exhibitions and critically acclaimed work in the field of multicultural art education

Urban Vision-METROPOLIS (6/23 – 7/29/05)
198 Gallery in Brixton showcases the work of the young people who have taken part in the Urban Vision digital media arts education programme. 198 Gallery is proud to cement its position as a key contributor to both the wider community and the London art scene. Since its creation, in 1988, after the Brixton riots, 198 Gallery has been at the leading edge of creative education in Lambeth. Designed to provide young people aged 13-19 with access to new media technology, Urban Vision is 198 Gallery’s unique new media arts programme addressing young peoples creative needs. The Urban Vision - Metropolis exhibition gives talented budding graphic designers, photographers and illustrators an opportunity to exhibit their innovative work and celebrates the integration of the urban lifestyle to the UK culture. This year, the Urban Vision – Metropolis exhibition includes artworks created in partnership with the Youth Advocate Programme (ISSP) Digital Expressions (YAP) and the Lambeth Youth Offending Team. The exhibition is presenting pieces that have been produced through the new ‘Pix and Mix’ programme in Graphics, Photography, and Illustration. It will also include video projects such as the Africa Remix film ‘Brixton Bytes’, in collaboration with Digital Extensions-Hayward Galley. This show is the young people’s response to the urban sprawl expressed through photography and Graphic Art. They are the new lifeblood of the British Art scene and this will be their debut.

Kyo Design by Christophe Francois

Hilow is the new collection created by Kyo-design, a design agency run by Christophe Francois During the latest Maison & Objet Fair, our booth has appealed to many specialists, whose attention was mainly focused on the Hilow Cube “One”.   Materials  All products from the Hilow range (Cube, Tripod & Flower) have : - a structure made with polyether foam of high density. A second layer of foam with a lower density has been added for a comfortable sitting. A soft polyamid cotton tissue is sewed for a nice appearance and finish. - Four standard colours : black, grey, red and orange. Every other colour can be produced in case of important order. Cube "One" has specific characteristics : - a gas spring (hydrolic damping element) is used to pull up the tray; the gas spring is fixed in the structure. An easy pressure (150 Newton / 15 Kg) has to be exerted on the aluminium push button to pull up or down the tray. Height adjustment of the tray is maxi 20 cm, but the gas spring can be locked in any stroke position desired. - The Acrylic tray is screen-printed and protected by a UV varnish. This means that it is very easy to customize this product Maximum load supported by the tray : around 3 Kg (perfect for a laptop) - Total weight : around 13 Kg   "Tripod" Mixing different sizes is definitely not a good idea, because it would not be steady. These items have thought to be put either on the ground (20 cm & 40 cm - as a seat) or on a seat (4 cm - to give some fun and some more comfort).

Pinina Podestà
Contemporary surrealist

Grégoire Debailly
Contemporary painting

Gregoire Debailly was born in 1961 in Dijon in côte d'or in France, resulting from a family of artist (Auguste Pinel painter portraitist and friend of Courbet). He expresses as of his childhood his taste and his aptitude for the drawing and painting. After studies of right, it is initiated with the technique of painting while following the lesson of Xavier de Langlais before perfecting its training in Switzerland with Zürich, then in Berlin where it takes part in many performances in the years 1990, before installing its workshop in Prague where it will remain until 2001. On its return in Paris he becomes member of the house of the artists. He exposes his works each Saturday on the market of creation. Painter side Artprice 2005 in the auction-room Drouot Neuilly, the painting of Gregoire Debailly strikes by the extraordinary promptness of his colors, the audacity of his pallet and by the quality of his work. Currently it lives and works in Paris. "For me the problem of painting, it is that of an effectiveness which has as an aim, by any means, the sudden appearance of an image, of something of new. This known as it is not enough to be expressed to render comprehensible itself the research of the direction is essential for a painter. The image reveals instantaneously all the contents, it is not like a history with a beginning, a development and an end, all occurs here, now, it is instantaneous. A picture it is the last image of a history the last tangible trace which begins its crossing of time. It is there the essential point of my work, it is that which holds all my attention, which I seek to seize on each one of my fabrics it is this moment: the moment when all is done and demolishes in a miraculous and transitory tremor, this vibrating moment of the urgency, the urgency of living." "For me the gesture of the painter remains more recognized who is because it is the gesture which consists in affirming its individuality while resisting the standardization, by being opposed to any form reductionnism. Worst spite than a table can make us would be to leave itself completely indifferent " read more »

Karkau Pierre Thomas
Fashion and advertisement

Pierre Thomas Karkau loves life as he loves women. Women were the subject of the black and white photographs of his previous book Models Secret, and they are again the topic of the colour photographs in his newly published work Colorotic with which PTK further develops his interpretation of the female aura and eroticism. For PTK women ­ mainly shown as semi-nudes or nudes ­ are beautiful, highly feminine creatures of great sensuality, erotic vibrancy and allurement. This does not solely emanate from the women's bodies and forms but also from their lust (for life), their assertiveness, strength and sometimes even from the positions, gestures, facial expressions and other body signals that serve to demonstrate their predominance and power. In PTK's photography men only play very subordinate roles, if any at all ­ but they are the main addressees of his artful play with emotions, fantasies, ambitions and needs. It is a masterful interaction of perspective and light, underlined and accentuated by powerful predominantly warm colours. After years as assistant to top photographers in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, New York and Düsseldorf under his belt, PTK is an internationally renowned photographer who mainly works for the fashion and advertisement industry. However, he continues his artwork with COLOROTIC which has been influenced not only by the classic ideas of visuality of the last decades but is also inspired by recent trends in colour photography. As a result PTK has been published the world over in magazines such as FHM, GQ, MAX, MAXIM, PLAYBOY, RED HOT, WIENER and many more. This latest development should particularly delight his friends and admirers; the collectors of his work will certainly welcome his increasing artistic proximity to such great names of his trade as Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Testino and Helmuth Newton. You can gain further insight into PTK's work under where you will find impressive examples of his photographic oeuvre from different fields of fashion photography. -- Martin Fervers read more @ amazon »
Colorotic (Compact Books Photo) (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish Edition)
Models Secret (Multilingual Edition)

Robert Radi
featured in Young Designers Americas

The recently released volume features 61 of the most innovative industrial, furniture, and product designers in the Western Hemisphere. Edited by Carissa Kowalski Dougherty and published by daab, this 400-page, full-color publication is now available worldwide. Beverly Hills, CA July 12 2006 - The creativity and design of Robert Radi, an award-winning designer based in Beverly Hills, California, has been recognized in a new editorial project by Fusion Publishing (Los Angeles – Stuttgart). The beautifully executed book celebrates the inspired work of 61 pioneering designers who represent the new American generation. In her introduction, Carissa Kowalski Dougherty explains that designers in The Americas—including North, South and Central America—are as diverse as the cultures within which they work. “It is difficult to talk about them as one cohesive group; their passions, design strategies, and formal outcomes cannot be summed up in a simple mission statement, nor should they be,” says Dougherty. “The lack of a single, hegemonic style does not mean designers in The Americas are afraid to commit to an aesthetic ideal. Instead, it signifies a dedication to the nature of design and the restlessness of human creativity.” Radi is featured in an eight-page spread with some of his most successful designs—including Personal Microdermabrasion and Consumer Electronics projects —that have collectively generated more than $100 million in sales. The products highlighted demonstrate Radi’s attention to detail, his unique sense of styling, and his ability to come up with humorous, original concepts for household products. Radi grew up in Northern Italy, borne into a rich tradition of design and invention within his family lineage. He moved to the United States some 15 years ago and has gone on to achieve considerable acclaim, winning in excess of a dozen design awards in the last four years alone. Radi has designed products for mass and limited production for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, DermaNew, Paramount, Mattel, Revlon, Colgate, Toyota, Neutrogena, Avery Dennison, Aroma Houseware, and Berkshire Hathaway (GINSU Brand)—to name a few. In 2005, Robert Radi launched his Limited Edition Eyewear line. He is currently working with several of his high-profile clients on products that will be released in 2007
Young Designers Americas by daab (Author), Carissa Kowalski Dougherty (Editor)

Fusion textile design studio

Yaga textile design studio creates handmade exclusive fabrics with unique texture effects based on patented technology. New trends are developed for high fashion, stylish interiors, exclusive accessories, classical and avant-garde theatre. Yaga fusion textile design studio being at the intersection of ancient traditions and up-to-date hi-tech achievements, bravely breaks the bounds between art and craft, daintiness and luxury. Goddess, Mother of all creatures, is the only one, but She has many faces. She is eternal and exists simultaneously in triune: virgin, mother, and crone. All-bearing and all-absorbing, creator and destroyer, she is beautiful Aphrodite and horrible Medusa, Lada and Mara, Vasilisa and Yaga, Kali and Lakshmi at the same time. Yaga is one of the incarnations of Great Goddess, she is Mistress of flora and fauna and triple goddess of fate; she is both a wise helpful adviser and a redoubtable enchantress. Yaga is a guru or a mistress of initiations. Earthly ignorance of youth is burning in the magic fire of her hearth. Through annealing in magic fire young initiates enter the world of sacred knowledge. Yaga is powerful. She ties and tears the threads of fate. Yaga fabrics find their place not only in avant-garde fashion, but also in pret-a-porter. Yaga textile design studio creates fabrics which can be used in manufacture of accessories (bags, gloves, belts, ties), in interior decoration (portieres, screens, lamps, drapery, capes, coverings, wall panels). Texture expressiveness, wide color spectrum and bulk effect allow to create unique theatre costumes and scenographic elements. Moreover, the special fabric compositions can be placed inside a frame and displayed in show rooms as "painting" of a new trend. Ready-made Yaga patterns own unique effects, plasticity, texture, and the depth which has never been achieved in textile design. Each pattern is guaranteed to be a single unit due to its original design, handmade work, and technological secrets of manufacturing. Welcome to Yaga's world woven by us.

Sonia Gil
Maps of future landscapes

"I am absolutely fascinated by cities. Because of this passion, I graduated in architecture in Rio de Janeiro. While at the university, I started my art studies at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro and experienced different kinds of media and techniques, from oil painting to jewelry making, but after being fully introduced to watercolour it soon became another passion. I started off with small sized watercolours, then I moved on to work with large scale canvas and acrylic colours, trying to achieve the same effects as in watercolour. My works grew stronger, with more intense and explosive colours. It was while coordinating a group of geographers and urbanists that I developed a growing interest in the connection between maps and art, inspired by the aerial views and sattelite photos of cities which emerged from my computer screen. These beautiful abstract forms influenced me to develop the theme Urban Colours. I am now developing a new work entittled XXI Century Maps, an evolution of the series of Imaginary Maps. The XXI Century Maps are the future landscapes of a changing world." read more »

Carlo Tosin
Design 2004

Particularly nowadays, what the object exhales is very important, because it let us recognize and love a place and becomes a vehicle of values expressed by the designer such as art witnesses, in the full sense of the word. Its aim is not only an economic target for the firm, but also the extension of the cultural field. Our era has engaged to extend this cultural field with the new awareness of photography, fashion, graphics,architecture.....and design. Art is being enriched by another field considered undeserving till nowadays due to well-known prejudices. Who makes 'design'at present has to cultivate himself in poetry, music and art, because especially in these fields there are incitement and sensibility for a possible verification.
2004 My first artistic study goes back to 1984, but I had already drawn since I was a child, whit a range of drawings on paper investigating abstract themes with constructive patterns of a strong chromatic impact using primary colours inside geometric schemes whith a rationalistic definition. The following development led to a succession of works based on sign interactions given by geometric signs and shapes with a variable density over different points of view which drive me towards more expressive researches. (1984-1985-1986). After some years (1988-1989-1990)supports went from paper to wood with a series of works in which the gestural and informal matrix added to the previous researches with the contaminations of different materials: cardboard, sheets, fibreglasses, sands mantaining a project structure inside the work which can be actually detected in the late works (2003-2004). In these works there is a more and more architectonic research of the painting which combines different materials on staggered bodie and planes with an almost sculpturesque sensation, on the whole. The work arises from a well-definite project, in which the formal creation defines what I call 'TOTEM' with a strong symbolic value, emphasizing intersecting and superimposing, shapes and materials creating a strong-tone and strong-identity connotation.
1997 My last works are based on energy, violence and dynamism of the sign which becomes, in a provocative way, an immediate display of my own and of an aggressive and pragmatic attitude towards reality, which is a logical consequence of a life spent every day without deceptions. My painting has no uncertain terms: the work becomes pure energy of life to be caught in the sign purposes of the space, a daring provocation which exalt action but not contemplation on of the reality which manifests itself in the sign-gesture taking on the fourth-dimension values. I carry out a direct system in painting using very clean colours and counting on a psychic automatism which,in my opinion, is an italian concept which goes back to Boccioni (personal opinion). I try to avoid every preciosity in the art looking for an aggressive structure which gives tone originality in its expressive and provocative force. read more »

Lisbeth Scott
Passionate Voice

I sing and create music to comfort, heal, move, transport and awaken the divine voice within us all. Lisbeth Scott is an award winning singer/songwriter whose voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and television shows many of which are Oscar and Emmy winners including Shrek, Narnia, AVATAR, Spiderman, Passion, Munich (in which John Williams wrote a 5 minute solo specifically for Scott), Ironman and Trueblood. She has simultaneously developed her career as a solo artist producing and recording over 9 albums and is currently working on her tenth. Her work has spent over 10 weeks in the top ten of the Billboard charts and she has toured the world appearing both with orchestra and her band. Scott has recently stepped into the role of film composer and has scored several feature films to date, working with directors Louie Schwartzberg and Adam Christian Clark among others. She is also writing with Nathan Barr as co-composer on the new Amazon children's series Tumbleaf, premiering early 2014. Her composing work will also be gracing Broadway in the next few years in two well known musical adaptations. Lisbeth began her career as a classical pianist headed for a concert career, but as soon as she could, ran away to California to literally find her voice.Someone heard her singing and playing piano for a modern dance class in the hills of Idyllwild and suggested her voice for a score by composer Hans Zimmer. That was all it took. Scott's uniquely moving and shiver-inducing voice was launched. Her voice, songs and compositions are largely influenced by her upbringing and travels, which were steeped in every kind of music imaginable. She was surrounded by classical music as a child not only due to her piano studies, but also because her sister was a professional ballerina.Her parents were award winning ballroom dancers and exposed her to everything from the Mills Brothers to Peggy Lee, to Duke Ellington Judy Garland and Tommy Dorsey. Her Armenian grandparents sang her the songs and sounds of their country. A close family friend was a blues harmonica player and gave Lisbeth an in depth blues education that lead to a love of African rhythms and jazz. Scott spent many years studying African drumming with Baba Olatunji and several others. She also spent a year and half in London studying medieval music and traveled through Ireland for a long while to immerse herself in Celtic sounds. All along the way Scott picked up instruments and learned how to play them...6 and 12 string guitar, dulcimer, harmonium, and calimba to name a few. This combination of sounds and influences translates into a uniquely mesmerizing and powerful sound. A sound that John Williams has called "absolutely ravishing" and Variety has called "...perfection".
read more @ amazon »

Ted Silverman
Abstract sculptures

Ted Silverman has been sculpting for over 30 years. He works in Italian and domestic marble, white and colored alabaster and clay. His abstract sculptures evolve from his spirituality and a compelling desire to expend his energy in a way that allows the viewer/owner the opportunity to feel his or her own positive energy. The sensual qualities are liberating for both the artist and the observer. Ted studied in Pietrasanta, Italy with Bruno Breciani and Leo Mutti, both of whom have executed works for Henry Moore, Jacques Lipchitz and Fernando Botero. He continues his studies at the Marble Symposium held every Summer in Marble, Colorado.

Satu Makkonen
Retro print from the Finnish tradition

Finnish designer Satu Makkonen designs home and fashion accessories for her own label Hau Hauz.Hand-screend-printed-designs on 100% linen fabric. Modern and yet timeless, the HauHauz products are manufactured of first class linen. The design has a strong emphasis on trends, but only in a way that fits to the Hau Hauz concept. The combination of Scandinavian design and use of traditional materials gives the products a fresh impression. The starting point for the designs are to create simple, clean shapes and colours which make it easy to create a bold interior effect. The prints are heavily influenced by Finnish and Scandinavian style and design. Strong colour combinations and large prints are part of the style and design. Ideas for the prints come from many sources; the current assortment is strongly influenced by nature: Lotus-flower, Pelargonium and climbers. In addition we have tried to draw some exotic influences from the east with the India Print. Whereas the Stripe Print is a retro print from the Finnish tradition. Despite the varying types of influences in the designs, we have tried to make the designs and patterns interact as a whole. Whereby the designs, whether it be the India print or Stripe print, can easy be combined together to create one whole very modern impression. In our colour schemes you will find both traditional and bold colours, in which traditional linen gets a totally new look.

Fun Bucket
Scanned head, distorted scan ..

moving heads and faces...
1. Get an old crappy scanner (new ones lamps are not bright enough)
2. Start scanning with your head in front of the scanner and move your head about to get some freaky results.
3. Send your picture to us (remember we only use the raw pics so don’t edit the picture first – no photoshop)

Elizabeth Mañasco
Digital Art

Elizabeth Mañasco, was born 1959 in Gibraltar. Graduated 1979 in Arts Applied in Corunna. Graphic Designer since 1992.
"With the computer I find a personal artistic tool and a means to express my sensibility, capturing scenes and special moments" read more »

Damon Hope

Damon is based in London but has traveled widely in his search for better imagery. Working for some of Londons best fashion and news agency's as well as freelancing and artistic work. In the last few years he has spent time documenting Faithless the UK dance act as their official "live" photographer.