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"You" 2009 Ionone painting
"Gate" 2016 Ionone photography
"Musician house" 1993 Ionone architecture
"Spiritual bodies" 2017 Ionone illustration
"Anima unveiled" 2015 Ionone music - Anima unveiled


Anima Unveiled. Single by ionone. Listen for free on Spotify and major digital streaming platforms. Now available for download on Amazon, iTunes, Google play, eMusic
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Revelation - Fourth movement. Voice: Silvia Cecchetti. Music composed and arranged by ionone.
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Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone. Zaven Karapetyan 2014.
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Musician house 1993
Ionone architecture
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Anima unveiled 2015
Ionone illustration
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You 2009
Ionone painting
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Spiritual bodies 2017
Ionone photography
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firmly believes that art is a natural process like life itself, and that has to be shared for the growth of the whole mankind. 11HellHeaven is a cultural symposium, an experimental circle of arts and ideas with a strong focus on innovation and contemporaneity. beyond the limit of “average”. With respect to our artists ...
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world sculpture

Manfred Kielnhofer
The Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer at Public Art Basel. The “Guardians of Time” tour through worldwide museums and exhibitions for many years. The time traveler of the world of Art always seem mystical to their viewers. They walk like monks through the world. No one knows exactly where they will appear next ...
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Canaletto & the Art of Venice
Seventh Art Productions
A new film shot in ultra HD 4K, based on the much anticipated exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. In cinemas nationwide from 26th September 2017. Directed by David Bickerstaff. Co-written by David Bickerstaff and Phil Grabsky. EXHIBITION ON SCREEN open ...
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Frank Morris
In his youth, he was fascinated with cameras and started taking photographs with a Voigtlander SLR and teaching himself photography. He uses 35mm Nikon,  medium format Hasselblad, Large Format Toyo 45 and Wista Folding. His work covers a wide variety of events that can be seen on this site: portraits, glamour, fashion ...
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Anima Unveiled

Music by ionone. Images from Palazzo Spada, Castel St. Angelo, Santa Maria Maggiore and Trevi Fountain in Rome IT, Taormina IT, Bellagio, Palms, World Market Center, Buffalo Bills in Las Vegas NV

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This is truly a cut above. I'm listening through "Revelation." In order, this time, and it is fantastic. You seem to have achieved a very modern sound while yet remaining intensely accessible and palatable; a difficult feat!.

Zack Cart - Classical / Art Synth / Experimental
Brunswick, ME

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From ionone world

Yogendra Kumar Purohit. Master of Fine Art. Bikaner, INDIA

This post is just a thanks to director or team of ionone.com and a special art news for my online world art family. because I have found a right art promoter in this true art journey in year 2008 and that day to till today one international art observer is walking and moving with me on this international online art communication path ... ionone world | 2013 | painting »