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Widianto Utomo

  • a multi-talents art designer

    born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant. His interest in drawing has been shown from very early age by drawing on his parents’ bedroom wall.
    His east and western style educational background and his intensive travel due to his studies, work related, curiousity, passion for travelling and sense of discovering makes his design unique and culturally rich. It is uniquely passionate and ingenuity design with European delicate-minimalist art touch functional design, harmoniously blend with ingenuity yet colourful Asian beauty and heritage accent.
    His works: drawings, photography, design a thought/ idea have been exhibited and published in Italy, France, Indonesia, Australia, China, Puerto Rico and Japan.One of his projects with Fellissimo/Unesco/design 21 project has become permanent collection at the Kobe Museum in Japan.
    His goal, his art /design creation can be enjoyed and can give benefit for more and more people who genuinely love and appreciate art and design as part of their lifestyles.
    Widianto Utomo has been working/ designing as concept designer ranging from furniture, lighting, daily lifestyle products, watch, fashion, jewellery / body wear, home, lifestyle design.

    submission date: 5/20/2014

  • The designer and the design

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    • >>PROJECTS, recent
      Premio Murano 2013,Venice-Italy, Opera Lab, The designing identity/identity of design for Teatr Wielki- Opera Narodowa, Warszawa- Poland, Luftansa cabin bag-Future of hand luggage, Germany Braun Prize 2012,Next Design Challenge- Porsche 911, Breil-Design Boom, Venice Design Week, The World Expo 2010 Shanghai China Mascot, Next Generation Camera-JVC, Beyond Silver-Macef2009, UNICEF-Ideas from Children Campaign, LEGO-Global Viral Campaign, Good 50x70/ Unicef-Greenpeace-Lila, Extraordinary-Every day Travel Contest, Adam'o Eva, Selezione Progetti Fotografici per Ciclo di Mostre, Arteingenua, Macef Design Award 2008, Wallpaper Design Contest, International competition for the design and the brand and logo of the city of Syracuse, Quiksilver-Europe, Muji, Premio Vico Magistretti, Idee 2007, Diesel Wall, Permanent Research Lab/Lumen Center, Magis, Ligne Roset, Driade, Cappellini, Alessi, Koziol, Pier 1, Ventura, UMBRA.

      >>ACADEMIC research paper projects/ exposure
      -August, Odysseus, The unlimited worlds of urban nomads' lifestyle (Odysseus, where the world without limit), a brand extension study case.www.widiantoutomo.blogspot.com
      -April, International on line Conference: Urban Design in Contemporary Society,www.archiport.it/utomo.htm, Italy, "Urban Nomads: a lifestyle transformation from passive to fully mobile integrated being".
      -December, 2nd ed. Convivio web-zine (Winter 2004- issue 2), "Urban Nomads: a lifestyle transformation from passive to fully mobile integrated being"-position paper. www.daisy.cti.gr/webzine/Issues/ Issue%202/Position%20Paper/index.html
      -October, Generative Art 2004, Milan, Italy, "Transit Space: nomads mobile place. An urban nomads lifestyle evolution" www.generativeart.com/papersGA2004/b2.htm.
      -October, online publication TeknoKultura Vol. 4, http://teknokultura.rrp.upr.edu/Teknosphera/utomo/UTOMO_RES.htm http://teknokultura.rrp.upr.edu/rev_31_01_05/Teknosphera/utomo/UTOMO%0RES.htm, University of Puerto Rico/ Universidad de Puerto Rico, "Urban Nomads: a lifestyle transformation from passive to fully mobile integrated being".
      -August, Transit Space: nomads mobile place. An urban nomads lifestyle evolution.
      -May, The Creative Partnership in the New Made in Italy, Domus Academy, Master in Business Administration and Innovation Competition, "Alessi-Sony, New Strategic Business Alliance Scenario" www.widiantoutomo.blogspot.com
      2003, -March, Bamboo as bamboo, a brief introduction of bamboo as bamboo, Indonesia bamboo and bamboo in design context. On the occasion of Toys from Bamboo and other Materials, 1st Chinese UNESCO Creativity Workshop, Anji, Zhe Jiang province, People Republic of China, UNESCO Germany- Spielmittelmwww.widiantoutomo.blogspot.com
      -February, Epson Trends Design Research, Milan, Italy, "Envy".
      2002, -November, Use(r) Conference, Centro Portuguese de Design, Lisboa, Portugal, "Urban Nomads: a lifestyle transformation from passive to fully mobile integrated being" (accepted paper submission).
      -September, Generative Art 2002, Milan, Italy, "Future Museum= Virtual Museum = Contemporary Art? " (accepted paper submission).
      1999, -July- October, A new image for the Museum of Contemporary Art- Sydney, A place of art or a place for art? Bachelor Interior Architecture Dissertation, The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia.

      >DESIGN selections and awards
      2009, -August, Made in Macef," sharky", cheese crater- pizza cutter, special mentions, Milan,Italy.
      2007, -Enough visual communication, Trama Visual A.C. Mexico, Argentina. -Heart of Venice, Italy, finalist. -Progetti di Luce,Italy, short-listed.
      2006, -Premio d'Arte UN MENU PER LA COLOMBA, purchase prize, Italy. -Shelter in a cart, International Design Competition, Italy, short-listed.
      2005, -Prix du Concours du Chateau Royal de Quierzy, Arts et Culture d'Europe, France, 6ème place -Beck's bar, 2nd Beck's Prize Competition, Italy, short-listed. -REAL13-Eating Anywhere, Italy, selected project.
      2004, -The Creative Partnership in the New Made in Italy, 2nd prize, -Light in the Wind, Italy, 2nd prize.
      2003, -THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL BRANDS, selected for the first stage selection. -Concours Maroquina, France, preselected work/prototype. -Lineapelle Spa-digital design exposure, Italy, the selection list.
      2002, -Premio Macef Design, Italy, finalist/prototype. 2001, -BraunPrize 13th, Braun GmbH, Germany, 2nd stage submission/prototype. -Young and Design, Italy, finalist.

      >EXHIBITIONS (published)
      2010, -May, 28 May 2010, Toys for rehabilitation, Kreishaus Gummersbach, Cologne, Germany in conjunction with the 16th International Symposium, Workshop and Exhibition, Fordern durch Spielmittel-Spielzeug fur behinderte Kinder e.V, Obersbergisher Kreis, Gummersbach, Germany.
      2009, -September, 4-7 September 2009, Internazionale Made in Macef, Centro Servizi Fiera Ingresso Pta Sud, Milan, Italy. -April, 4 April 2009, City Move, Interdesign 2009 ICSID- SVID Workshop Arena, Gellivare, Sweden.
      2007, -Palermo Design Week, Palermo,Italy. -Open Box, Isi Criù- Comune di Venegono Inferiore, Italy. -"THE HEART OF VENICE" at the Casino of Venice, Italy. -"THE HEART OF VENICE" at the Museo del Vetro di Murano, Italy.
      2006, -La Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in St. Bevilacqua, Premio un menu per la Colomba, Italy.
      2005, -Concours des Mangeoires a Oiseaux- Arts et Culture d'Europe, France. -Mangiare Ovunque, Milan Furniture Fair, Italy. -Milan Furniture Fair, 2nd Beck's Prize, Italy.
      2004, -Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne, France.
      2003, -The Bamboo Museum, Toys from Bamboo and other Materials, People Republic of China.
      2002, -Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France. -Premio Macef Design, Italy.
      2001, -Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Italy. -"Design 21" at the Fashion Museum, Kobe, Japan.
      2000, -Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2000, Exhibition at CCCL de Surabaya. -Chic Chinois Design21 at China Nationality Palace, People Republic of China.

      2007, -Progetti di Luce 06 "Atmosphere of Light", Italy.
      2006, -Urban Design in Contemporary Society, curatore /a cura di Fabrizio Zanni, CLUP, Milano, Italy.
      2004, -Azimuts Hors-Serie, Biennale Internationale Design 2004, France.
      2002, -Azimuts no: 21/22, Revue de Design, Biennale Internationale Design 2002, France. -1st Premio Macef Design Competition, Italy.
      2001, -Gd'A- Il Giornale Dell'Arredamento, Anno 20, Numero 10, October 2001, Italy. -MAC- Materiali Accessori Componenti per I'industria del Mobile, Anno 25 no 10, October 2001, Italy. -Sigradi 2001, Ubiobio.cl, Acquired, Mexico,"Future Museum = Virtual Museum = Contemporary Art?" (CD publication).
      2000, -Azimuts no: 18-19, Revue de Design, Biennale Internationale Design, France.

      >PUBLICATIONS portfolio, E-book CD-restricted limited edition.
      -E-book1 1990-2001, Widianto Utomo, designer (school folio, early works).
      -E-book2 2000-2004, Widianto Utomo, designer (early professional works).
      -E-book 2005, Widianto Utomo, designer, half decade in design.
      -E-book 2006, Widianto Utomo, designer.
      -E-book 2007, Widianto Utomo, designer.

      >PROFESSIONAL memberships
      2003-2004, o2 Global Network-Indonesia Liaison, o2 International Network on Sustainable Design (www.o2.org).
      2002, Art Director Club New York (ADCNY), young professional member.
      1997, Australian Graphic Designer Association (AGDA), student member.