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Yogendra Kumar Purohit

  • Art Vibration - 280

    Friend someone working in our world for positive work by way of promotion to others. it is a very good thing or today it is very must for creation of peace and love in our world. we know some societies and NGO of our world are working in this way for promotion of true work of our world.

    We know our contemporary communication way is online communication by this way we are connecting to our world in very short time. today its have a identity and we are calling to it web world . mostly all world is connect to this medium of communication for express or promotion . it is working in all sector of life , it is promoting and expressing to education, art, science ,business, or all subject of our life . people can get his or her interest level subject on this web world. it is a good way for positive action or that's success.

    Last six years to I am connect to this online communication web world as a art master. I have registered myself on this web world as a visual art master , on this way I have expressed my inner art sound and I have promoted to others art sound as a art master time to time. Because it is my art duty for our world art family.

    On this way someone are observing continue to my art work and they are giving me space by promotional sound of them in this web world . I know in 2008 I were connected to a online magazine that's name is www.ionone.com , when I were connected to this online magazine I were shared my first blog post ( Art Vibration-1 ) of this art vibration . they were observed to my true art sound in wrong English words.

    Today 2014 they are connected to me and in this six years they were many time promoted to my art by this online magazine in our web world. I can say they have underline to my art.

    Last week once again I saw a update from www.ionone.com on facebook.com they have shared a link with title Art From Around The World , in that update link I saw they have selected my art painting of MYSELF. I were shared that art painting image, in year 2008 with www.ionone.com . they have not forgot my true art work or that's true art sound . after 2008 I have shared many other art work visuals with www.ionone.com but they have shared that first painting of myself like a underline work.

    Here I am going to share that update link of www.ionone.com or a image of that update. I were collected that image from page of facebook.com. http://www.ionone.com/world.htm

    in my heart I am once again thankful for team of online magazine www.ionone.com. they are noticing my art expressions or art visuals on online and time to time they are promoting to my art sound by web magazine of www.ionone.com . it is a big achievement for me because my art in underline of a world level online art magazine.

    I hope this online art magazine will give me more art energy by right art promotion of myself art sound in front side of our world art family and I am promising to this online magazine or that's team I will live busy in art continue just like past because I want to create love and peace in our world by way of art just like your team of www.ionone.com.

    I am happy someone are working and thinking just like me in our world art family so I am with them as a art master of visuals art. I am happy they have underline to me or my art work. so I said here underline to my art ...

    Yogendra Kumar Purohit
    Master of Fine Art
    Bikaner, INDIA

  • Art Vibration - 109

    This is a real fact and a historical recorder of my art journey . I am remembering when I were joined to online network and I were learning about this new medium. that time I were alone on online , no one for guide line and no one for help to me for my art communication . In that movement I were wrote a very first note on my art work of Myself . that was in 500 something words in English in that note I were wrote perfect impression of my heart and mind but my English was not perfect .

    When I were wrote that note then I were started search for share to that art note for world art family. Because by mail process that was very complicated for me so I were found a blog space by google network . I were created my own blog by support of google .com, did I gave name to that first art post Art Vibration . but that time I were not knew one day this blog link will really vibrate to world art family by sound of my true art . after google blog post . I got a short link for share with all on online. i did shared that link to 5000 something web page of our world art family by online network . some one reply or some one not but i were busy in sharing work of my first blog post with our world art family continue . that was open challenge for me and i were completed that . here I want to share with you that first blog post link for your notice. http://yogendra-art.blogspot.in/2008/07/art-vibration.html it was published on blog in year 2008 .

    In 2008 I were very busy in communication and in search of art web site links because in that movement I were not connected to any online network and I did not knew much more knowledge about online use, so I were working with safe mode , I think that was must for me and I were lived with that mode . one day I were found a website link that was world wide art web site . I got that web page mail id and sent my blog post link with a short information about my art journey . after a one week I were received a reply by that web site owner . the Director of That Web Site was wrote in that mail yogendra we have published your art work image and your art note on our web site blog so you can visit our web page link ionone.com , I were got happy because first time a international online web site was selected my art work and they were published my work with title of PAINTING OF INDIA. When I saw that page then I were felt proud on myslef because my art work was representing to my nation Name with my art sound . that day I were knew the real definition or meaning of online and I were knew my real duty on this online network , because on this network we are representing to our nation with our self vision so it was very responsible job for me, after that first online art publication . that was my first online art relation , it was started by this online network tool . I were noticed its fast result and impressive effect for true art.

    After 2008, I am continue in touch of ionone.com and they are watching my art journey as a true art critic or as a art promoter . it's a natural art fact of my art journey. In 2010 I were connected to ionone web site page on facebook . on facebook I were visited lots of art concept and I observed idea of ionone for true art promotion . in this time they have been shared my many art visuals for world art family by ionone.com facebook page . that was a real art promotional work from ionone .com team about my art journey. So I am thankful for them .

    IN this month Before two week I were completed my 1000 drawing on concept of Myself . that concept starting work image was published by ionone.com site in 2008 . After 1000 drawing work I were shared a post on this art vibration blog and that's link I were shared with ionone.com by luck last week they were visited and noticed to my blog post and my art energy or that's result . after that they have added my blog link on main page of ionone.com with my full name . It was a true reward to my art journey by team of ionone.com. international online art promoters .

    This post is just a thanks to director or team of ionone.com and a special art news for my online world art family . because I have found a right art promoter in this true art journey in year 2008 and that day to till today a one international art observer is walking and moving with me on this international online art communication path .we were not meet live and face to face but our art sense is connected with deep feeling relation and its mixed in our daily art life just like water and fresh air .. so I am saying www.ionone.com

    Yogendra kumar purohit
    Master of Fine Art
    Bikaner, INDIA

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ionone world | Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
    • My art vision Base is Myself..i think every human being live for self and its fact of human life. So i have start from basic of life through my art vision, I am master in painting and last 15th years to continue i am doing art work, like a painting, Design, Sculptures, Installation, Craft, Drawing, Sketching, Art movie and conceptual art work and this visual you can visit at www.yogendra-art.page.tl, then you can understand my art vision and my talking way about my art. I think art is a journey and its end with artist death.. The last point of the art journey is artist death. i know it, because i have lots of example in art history just like that, the artist Vinsent Wongong, Sezaan, Picaso, Kurbe, Michelangelo, Jamini Roy, Amrta Sergill, Liyonardo the vinchi and lots of artist in our world art.i can't write all Artist name so sorry.. The painting mean for me.. The painting is a very strong way for catch the self of artist and painting giving way of live peace full life journey with colour, with love, with feeling,with nuture, with self for others. In painting not importent if how to you painting it and what you paint it but its very importent why artist paint a painting, what he want from canvas,colours,forms and from his self.. its exapmple is Vincent Vangogn.. He Had paint a paint my shoe.that time vincent was very alone and he was feel very unfit. that time he saw his shoe and thought it, My shoe care my feet when , that time i was walk alone on the road..its mean he want to say thanks to his shoe because he feel the shoe care and support to vincent in alone time.so i want to say every artist live his art life and then he think somthing and then they paint, i can say ,i am also on this track from my art Vision .. as a painter ... as a master of art...art is giving a new way to stop life in every time and in any condition of human life,,art have power of life base..art have vision,, art giving creative life and thought and confidence!