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Helga Kreuzritter

      Helga Kreuzritter : September 11 is a day that will never be forgotten, as well as its consequences - war. The german artist Helga Kreuzritter's paintings with the title "2001" ("2001 - The Attack", "2001 - Victory?"; "2001 - Peace?") are her contributions as reminders of ...
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Marco Pessa

      Marco Pessa born in La Salute near Venice in 1947, and currently lives and works in Seveso-Milan. The nature of his native country gave him a palette gifted with red hot sunschines, black grapes pressed in vats and golden wheat stirred bare footed in barns; each colour ...
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Ivan Domeyko  

      Ivan Domeyko : An aproach to the digital canvas creating directly from the stylus in the digital canvas, sketching, drawing and painting into the screen allowing me to capture the gestual energy involved, then processing with a wide range of digital tools, not emulating art ...
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Mohamed Sherif  

      Mohamed Sherif : new horizons of digital art
      born 11 March 1978 in Egypt. Hobbies : guitar, singing, movies. Education : BSC of Computer Engineering. Skills : Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, Flash, Html, Director Graphic Design & Web Design ...
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Stefan Beyst

      Stefan Beyst 'An analysis of Yeat's 'Leda and the swan' against the background of his work and the history of art'. Whatever your stance on Yeats' poetry, you would not deny that the man has written a poem the charms of which no devotee of art can possibly resist ...
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Vincenzo Balsamo

      Vincenzo Balsamo : 1935 - Balsamo was born on the 27th of June in Brindisi. 1946 The second of seven children, he loses his father, a sailor, following a work accident. This event plunges the family into economic ruin forcing Balsamo to leave his studies and look ...
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Kent Senecal  

      Kent Senecal 1966 - Born to Lise and Jean-Guy Senecal June 9th in Montreal. 1969 - Stomach pumped for a potentially fatal aspirin overdose. 1971- Featured eating french-fries in a television commercial for the Montreal Expos baseball franchise. 1976 - Family owned ...
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Konstantin Kachkachev

      Konstantin Kachkachev : Kosta Fine Art
      contemporary surrealist paintings.
      Konstantin Kachkachev Born in 1961 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Now living and working in Holy Land of Israel ...
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 Tara Hutton

      Tara Hutton : I paint to amuse myself, I paint what I like, I like to experiment with different painting techniques. I like sharp definitive lines and geometric shapes. I like to paint eyes. I like to 'Paint Pretty' even though it angers Art Instructors and Art Critics. ...
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Jurgen Schmitz  

      Jurgen Schmitz grew up in Cologne, Germany, and now lives and works in Ancona, Italy. Complete artist, Schmitz only recently decided to dedicate himself to digital art making in a professional way. Thanks to his vivid imagination, he creates works in which he combines ...
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