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Pampa Brava

      Pampa Brava aboriginal handicrafts and Pre-Columbian museum replicas produced by aboriginal communities in Argentina. These crafts are truly representative of history, tradition, cultural roots and imagery in contemporary forms ...
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Diana Lin Design

      Diana Lin Design : The first product launched by Diana Lin Design LLC is REi Huggable – a huggable lighting pillow. It won the bronze prize for the 18th Koizumi International Lighting design competition in 2005. REi Huggable has also been published in numerous ...
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Atelier Doodle

      Atelier Doodle is a multi-discipline design studio founded by Tim Boyce and Angela Violino in 2006. Based in Milan the couple have been presenting their ideas during the Salone del Mobile since 2004, and in February 2007 their ceramic objects for Industreal, along with other ...
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Etna Wine Agriturismo

      Etna Wine Agriturismo : rural holiday centre
      A wine-growing enterprise with a tradition and roots that go back four generations, the estate extends over approximately ten hectares of land planted with vines. The wines produced are of great character ...
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Tony Ward

      Tony Ward : art sculptured boxes
      Tony Ward started making conventional styled boxes during 2002. He has always admired the skill, craftsmanship, work and passion of others using fine Australian timbers. Since discovering the art ...
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Waumans & Vranken

      Waumans & Vranken : Mieke Vranken offers a wide variety of exclusive and handmade jewels with the best diamonds and pearls. Bart Waumans brings Digital Product Photography and a personal portfolio far beyond the traditional ...
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Carlo Tosin

      Carlo Tosin : contemporary furniture
      My last works are based on energy, violence and dynamism of the sign which becomes, in a provocative way, an immediate display of my own and of an aggressive and pragmatic attitude towards ...
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The CEFIA group

      The CEFIA group is a 100% Italian company working since more than 40 years worldwide in the manufacturing and design HORECA industry. CEFIA is the international market leader in the design and development of turnkey bar, restaurant, winery and pizzeria projects ...
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Domenico Pasqua

      Domenico Pasqua : an apartment in Rome
      The project conceives a design of continuity, that doesn't want to create elements of separation between interior-exterior, high-low, living-sleeping-services areas. A particular attention has been given to ...
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Ted Silverman

      Ted Silverman has been sculpting for over 30 years. He works in Italian and domestic marble, white and colored alabaster and clay. His abstract sculptures evolve from his spirituality and a compelling desire to expend his energy in a way that allows the viewer/owner ...
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