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    • Live footage of Caleb Performing in Namibia

      Caleb Vaughn-Jones
      In December 2014, Caleb was invited as a faculty member of the Musikwoche festival in Swakopmund, Namibia. The festival is filled with concerts by Namibian amateur and professionals as well as appearances by musicians from Germany, South Africa, and the USA. Caleb recently uploaded a video of his festival performance of Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum" with South African pianist Vera Malherbe onto YouTube. Hopefully there will be more videos in the near future.
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    • Honey Barbara: Wave Grass

      The album "Wave Grass" finds the band Honey Barbara exploring a mix of pure instrumentals with a sprinkling of tracks that feature vocals. The surprisingly close, tactile-and, then again dynamic-nature of the acoustic and electric instrumentation resonates well with wholesome sounds and deja-vu-like reverberations that reveal here a country, or there a psychedelic accent all woven in together. Core members James Sidlo (guitars, etc.), Ross Marlow (vocals, keyboards), and Terry Orff (bass) are joined by Dan Tellez (formerly of Aqua Pedestrian) on guitar and Robert Potter (formerly of Pulsating Love Flower) on drums. Additional musicians, as well, join the band on various tracks to further extend the album's sound. Available now in CD, DL and (soon) the LP version in heavy black &white splatter on clear orange vinyl. Pretty keen!
      submission date: 6/13/2014
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    • Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy

Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy
Release date 11th June 2015
 Available in bookstores and on

      For several years magazine has been offering space to well-known and unknown photographers who question our world, bringing together photography and contemporary musical compositions. Today we are opening our work to the publication of books, magazines, fanzines… with the creation of PURPOSE ÉDITIONS. We are delighted to present our first publication: Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy. During three years, Gilles Raynaldy observed the everyday life of students, professors and staff of a school establishment in Montreuil near Paris: “the cité scolaire Jean-Jaurès”. Gilles Raynaldy’s photographs are both distant and very close to their subjects, they capture the multiple facets of a complex reality: individual gestures, movements of groups, attitudes, postures and signs of adolescence. As in a film, the book moves through the seasons of the school year; it opens classroom doors, it shows playgrounds, laboratories, kitchens, the dining hall… places that are sometimes bustling with people and sometimes silent. Shots of the exhibition which was organized by the photographer in the “cité scolaire” mingle with these black and white and colour photographs. This exhibition in situ accompanied the students’ life for a few months, forming one body with the buildings’ walls.
      Release date 11th June 2015 Available in bookstores and on
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    • SCOPE Basel


      BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Celebrating nine years in Basel, SCOPE Art Show returns to its pioneering location in Klybeckquai. A wellspring of cultural development for Basel Stadt, SCOPE is the initiator of extraordinary happenings centered on the New Arts District on the Rhine, including the founding of a world class Art & Culture Hall. SCOPE Basel will welcome 85 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries, and a selection of Juxtapoz Presents galleries offering a view of the contemporary art market available nowhere else. Exhibitors hail from four continents and over twenty countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. Following its tremendous success in Miami, SCOPE is honored to present the second edition of Feature | Korea, in collaboration with the Galleries Association of Korea. Sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this curated section offers a glimpse at the current art trends in Korea and shines new light on the country’s contemporary cultural practice.
      janinebeangallery: booth A13
      artists: Inna Artemova, Grigori Dor, Dario Puggioni, Florian Fausch
      June 16-21, 2015 - SCOPE Basel, Uferstrasse 40 CH - 4057 Basel, Switzerland
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Las Vegas Market

      LAS VEGAS – (May 1, 2015) – Las Vegas Design Center (LVDC) announced today the creation of a new design awards program titled “ANDYZ,” in partnership with the California Central/Nevada Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID,) to recognize and celebrate the year’s best interior design. Projects by interior designers, architects and design students based in the region will be honored in nine categories at the inaugural ANDYZ awards during the Summer 2015 Las Vegas Market, August 2-6, 2015 ...
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    • AAC - ionone

      Architettura Arte Contemporanea in association with ionone
      Guido Moretti: Riflessioni
      AAC - Architettura Arte Contemporanea Brescia, Italy
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    • RUFUS La Serie - Episodio #0 ft Gionata Mirai - L'inferno

      Casa Lavica
      Rufus is an audio/video project based on a series of episodes accomplished with several different video techniques. The main character of the series is Rufus, a "junky" rat. Episodes have no dialogues, they are instead replaced by music. Each episode has a collaboration, in fact the projects involves several among the most influential underground artists in Italy (I'm from Naples). The project has a strictly artistic and experimental non-for-profit nature, but it will be broadcast one episode at a time over the web by our staff. Here is the link of the episode 0 (featuring Gionata Mirai from "il Teatro degli orrori"), location: Hell.
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    • Winners 2015 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine

      eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Skyscraper Competition. The award was established in 2006 to recognize outstanding ideas for vertical living. Since then, the publication has received more than 6,000 projects that envision the future of building high. These ideas, through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments. In 2015, the Jury, formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields selected 3 winners and 15 honorable mentions. eVolo Magazine received 480 projects from all continents. The winners were selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and understanding of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities ...
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    • IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona


      IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona, in partnership with Beyond Building Barcelona and Fira de Barcelona present the PAVILION OF INNOVATION 2015, an exhibition of select projects and prototypes as part of the international event BEYOND BUILDING BARCELONA.
      19 - 23 MAY 2015. GRAN VIA VENUE
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    • Piuarch Designs the ENEL Pavilion for EXPO 2015


      A virtual volume made with 650 polycarbonate vectors expressing the innovation of the smart grid
      In designing the ENEL Pavilion for Expo 2015, Piuarch wanted to express the concept of “energy sharing” in an architectural theme. Not through a “building-container,” but rather with the creation of a virtual volume: a place, generated by a grid onto which 650 polycarbonate vectors are grafted. The arrangement of these constantly changing, illuminated vertical elements defines the volume that encompasses within itself a series of other volumes and green courtyards ...
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    • Marmomacc 2015

      The 50th Anniversary Edition Will Feature an Impressive Program of New Business Opportunities, Continuing Education and Celebrations
Marmomacc 2015

      The 50th edition of Marmomacc (, the International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology, will be held at Veronafiere from Wednesday the 30th of September to Saturday the 3rd of October 2015. As in 2014, Marmomacc will be co-located with Abitare il Tempo, Veronafiere's b2b exhibition for professionals from the contract sector, which showcases the latest in materials, interior finishes and décor ( For four days, Marmomacc will, once again, turn Verona into the capital of the entire natural stone sector: marble, granite, stone, machinery and technologies will be on display, during an increasingly business-oriented and international 50th Edition hallmarked by innovation, design and professional education ...
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    • Pavilion

      presents "The Space In Between" March 19 - April 4
Pavilion presents
The Space In Between

      With Felicia Ferrone’s training in architecture in the US and years working in Milan and Christopher Gentner's as a metalsmith at the Cleveland Institute of Art, each come to the same result from opposites ends of the spectrum with highly original, well designed, and exceptionally crafted work. Delivering the unexpected through a seemingly simple gesture, is one of the driving forces behind Ferrone's work. With her modernist roots and a minimalist aesthetic, the work is highly resolved and incorporates a mastery of proportion and meticulously considered details. Working with the best artisans in their respective mediums, Ferrone's work is produced in limited run editions. Gentner's work is rooted in the language of sculpture, character defining detail, world renowned craftsmanship, and is at the crossroads of art and design. The work exhibited in “The Space In Between” has an intimacy about personal expression and the hand of the artist.
      Pavilion 2055 N. Damen Ave Chicago, Il 60647 Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-5:30
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    • I AMsterdam YOU BErlin

      Contemporary art from Amsterdam and Berlin – „HIDDEN TREASURES“
I AMsterdam YOU BErlin

      April 30th – May 3rd 2015 at St. Johannes Evangelist-Church | Auguststr. 90 | 10117 Berlin
      AMSTERDAM: Galerie AdK, Galerie Bart, Galerie Brandt, Cityscapes Gallery, Livingstone gallery, Vriend van Bavink, Galerie Wit
      BERLIN: C&Kunterwegs Galerie, janinebeangallery, Jarmuschek+Partner, lorch+seidel, Petra Riez Salon Galerie, seifert | lardon, Wichtendahl Galerie
      For the third time Amsterdam and Berlin based galleries organise a collaborative exhibition that displays current positions of Contemporary Art. Titled as I AMsterdam YOU BErlin works of international artists will be shown in the St. Johannes Evangelist church in Auguststraße. Parallel to numerous exhibition openings in Berlin, I AMsterdam YOU BErlin presents thereby a concrentrated insight into the vivid contemporary art scene of two cities with a rich background of artistic tradition. With 10 participating galleries and 4.000 visitors at one weekend, the second issue of I AMsterdam YOU BErlin has already been a great success. This year the sacral environment stirs again a special interaction with the space, whereby it invites to include the spacial component for the presentation. Works of 37 artists from 11 nations will be displayed. The focus is therefore set on painting and drawing, but also genres like installation, photography and sculpture are represented. Entitled as “Hidden Treasures“ the exhibition holds for the first time a concrete metatopic, of which every of the 14 galleries is inspired by. Therefor it creates on a superior level a diverse metatopic-related exhibition of different positions. The aim of this event is the intercultural exchange and the presentation and imparting of Contemporary Art. Each artwork is linked to the exhibition topic and of course can be purchased. The entrance is free. The project takes place in collaboration with the Kulturbüro Elisabeth. During the opening on 30th of April the artist and musician Melle presents at 8 p.m. a musical performance.
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    • Record-breaking anti-advertising action hits UK streets


      * 360 original artworks by 38 international artists replace adverts by major corporates such as McDonalds, CocaCola, H&M and Morrisons * Millbank, Department of Business and Innovation, Scotland Yard, Harrods, Oxford Street and Shell Centre in London targeted. * Entire route of Leeds marathon covered with anti-advertising artworks * Themes include austerity, human rights, debt, climate change, body image and fracking This weekend has seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising, as part of the rapidly growing “Brandalism” campaign against what activists have called the corporate take-over of public space. Around 360 adverts in 10 cities across the UK were replaced overnight with specially commissioned artworks by teams of anti-advertising activists ...
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    • 1564-2014 MICHELANGELO

Musei Capitolini

      Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist.
      Musei Capitolini Rome, Italy. From 27 May to 14 September 2014
      The exhibition Michelangelo. Incontrare un artista universale, covering the life and work of this colossus for all times, is to be held at the Musei Capitolini on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti in Rome on 18 February 1564. In the heart of the city, in that very Piazza del Campidoglio which the genius of Michelangelo made unique in the world, over one hundred and fifty works, of which around seventy by the Tuscan artist, from many of the leading cultural institutions in Italy and elsewhere, are to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the death of an artist who was so magnificent as to have a lasting influence not only on the arts in Italy but also on all universally known culture ...
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    • Winners 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine

      eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Skyscraper Competition. The 2014 edition marks the ninth anniversary of the competition established in 2006 to recognize outstanding ideas for vertical living through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations. eVolo Magazine received 525 projects from 43 countries in all continents. The Jury, formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields selected 3 winners and 20 honorable mentions ...
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    • Angelo Franco Bartoli: Shoes Profiling - Shoes sculpture

Angelo Franco Bartoli

      Angelo Franco Bartoli
      The shoes symbol of travel, but most of our introspective journey every shoe is a partial portrait of the wearer, a clue to his personality. The shoes as occasionally silent witness of our lives, our expectations, our identity obvious and hidden. The shoes as a message sometimes obscured even to those who possess them, but ready to read those who can "drive". The question I have asked is : the shoes are the diaphragm that separates us from the ground, protection from bad roads, but mostly because just that pair of shoes among 100 others? ...
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    • Bonaveri presents Aloof, the new frontier of mannequin’s design. In London


      On 15 May, Bonaveri hosted a special evening for the leaders of Britain’s fashion industry A gala dinner was held during the London leg of The Journey – the Bonaveri road show promoting new concepts in visual merchandising – to present the new Schläppi Aloof collection. The event was attended by the elite of the English fashion industry - visuals, art directors, buyers, architects and designers – who experienced an evening dedicated to creativity “behind the glass” ...
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    • A "White Wave" in Milan


      The Studio Piuarch is awarded the prize "Italian Architect 2013" and his new building is the symbol of the rising Milan architectural revolution As part of the Porta Nuova urban renewal project, the so called "White Wave" is a building for showrooms and offices, which has become the symbol of the new architectural dynamism of Milan. Designed by Piuarch as project winner of a Competition held in 2006 by Hines Italia ...
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    • Above & Beyond Acoustic

      Live from Porchester Hall
      After months of anticipation, Above & Beyond will today premiere the full concert film from their critically-acclaimed acoustic project. The premiere will take place on Vice's THUMP channel at 4pm EST/1pm PST, and will be immediately followed by a Google Hangout with the band at 5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST. The release of Above & Beyond's acoustic studio album will follow on Tuesday January 28 via Anjunabeats/Ultra Records ...
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    • istanbular


      Aliantedizioni is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul. A source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers of romances, the Turkish metropolis never ceases to fascinate visitors from around the world, thanks in no small part to its complex architecture and hypnotic Islamic decoration. Indeed the thousand mosques, the Topkapi Palace and the Serraglio, Sultanahmet, Bazar and Beyoglu ...
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    • Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 
The Common Project

      The Common Project
      The Acapulco Chair is one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th Century. This year The Common project is celebrating the chair's 60th Anniversary with a very special Limited Edition. The 60th Anniversary Edition consists of a chrome-plated frame with a translucent shell. The choice of materials evokes refinement and sophistication and brings the classic design into the 21st Century ...
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    • Art Vibration - 109 by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Art Vibration - 109  by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

      This is a real fact and a historical recorder of my art journey. I am remembering when I were joined to online network and I were learning about this new medium. that time I were alone on online, no one for guide line and no one for help to me for my art communication . In that movement I were wrote a very first note on my art work of Myself . that was in 500 something words in English in that note I were wrote perfect impression of my heart and mind but my English was not perfect ...
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Patrick Demarchelier

      Patrick Demarchelier is a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer whose work has appeared regularly in dozens of magazines worldwide. He currently has an exclusive relationship with Harper's Bazaar. Demarchelier was the first non-British photographer to be invited ...
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Agora Gallery

      Agora Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery established in 1984, dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing original fine art to established and emerging collectors and catering to special events in support of fine art organizations that ...
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 James Clar

      James Clar : interactive lighting design and retail environments
      line, 3D display cube V3, voltron, square eclipse, infinity case, block head, baby cube, four square, pke meter, 3D display cube V1, digital music, exclamation ...
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Stu Jenks

      Stu Jenks
      circles & spirals - form shape design
      Universal symbols from all cultures, representing everything from festive pinwheels to the internal journey of the soul ...
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Damon Hyldreth 

      Damon Hyldreth : Abstract Sculpture
      I render the sensual and organic forces of nature in materials that are clearly man-made, seeking to blur the divide between nature and structure. My work reflects a refined balance of positive and negative ...
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Denis Brown

      Denis Brown works on vellum, glass, paper and mixed media Ireland's rich heritage of ancient calligraphy in manuscripts such as The Book of Kells, was inspiration for Denis Brown as a schoolboy. Later, his rigorous formal training in traditional calligraphy was at London's ...
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Franco Donaggio

      Franco Donaggio
      classic photography and digital art
      In this space, Donaggio suggests a wide gallery of his images range between classic photography and digital art ...
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Chris Oakley

      Chris Oakley UK videoartist
      An artist based in the UK and working with video and digital imaging, Chris Oakley?s concerns are focused on mediated experience in its many forms, including mainstream media, amateur photography ...
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Sonia Gil

      Sonia Gil : maps of future landscapes
      "I am absolutely fascinated by cities. Because of this passion, I graduated in architecture in Rio de Janeiro. While at the university, I started my art studies at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro ...
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