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designphase dba

  • designphase dba wins ‘Asia’s Top Design Practice’   at prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2014  

    Partner and Design Director Joris Angevaare recognized as ‘Asia’s Top Designer’ for Singapore based design firm

    19  March,  2014  (Singapore)  –  Singapore-­‐based  firm  designphase  dba  has  been  named one  of  Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  at  the  Singapore  Design  Awards  2014.  Organised  by the  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore  (DBCS)  and  IE  Singapore.   The  awards  also recognised  Joris  Angevaare,  Partner  and  Design  Director  at  designphase  dba,  as  one  of Asia’s  Top  Designers. Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall  economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  were  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore  International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Introduced  for  the  25th  Anniversary  of  the  Singapore  Design  Awards,  the  categories  for Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  and  Asia’s  Top  Designers  recognise  and  profile  the  region’s best  designers  and  design  practices.

    designphase  dba  was  joined  by  just  12  other  firms  from  the  region  in  the  list  of  Asia’s Top  Design  Practices.  Working  in  three  unique  worlds  of  design  –  corporate,  retail  and hospitality  –  designphase  dba  has  become  known  for  its  consistency  of  industry- leading  work  throughout  the  region.  In  recent  months,  the  firm  has  won  praise  for  its work on restaurant projects  such  as  Bull  &  Butcher,  Café  Melba,  FoodGarden  and Zafferano. Corporate  clients  such  as  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters  and National Australia Bank  have  also  received  critical  acclaim.   More  recently,  the  team’s work  in  the retail sector  with  Robinsons  Orchard  department  store  on  Singapore’s landmark shopping belt, has  set  new  standards  in  the  design  field.    

    designphase  dba  Managing  Director,  Mr.  Derek  MacKenzie,  said  both  honours  were  a testament  to  their  focus  on  quality  and  the  creative  talent  of  designphase  dba,  both  as individuals  and  as  a  team  unit.  “Over  the  past  30  years,  we  have  worked  towards building  one  of  the  region’s  best  design  teams.   In  this  competitive  environment, innovative  ideas  and  client-­‐centric  thinking  has  consistently  delivered  designs  that  are ahead  of  the  curve.   These  awards  are  recognition  of  those  efforts  and  are  a  great acknowledgment  of  the  team’s  ability  to  execute  with  originality  while  respecting  our client’s  core  principles.”

    Partner  and  Design  Director,  Joris  Angevaare,  who  has  taken  a  key  leadership  role  at designphase  dba,  was  also  honoured  as  one  of  Asia’s  Top  Designers  with  12  of  his industry  peers.  Since  joining  designphase  dba  in  2007,  the  Amsterdam  native  has created  a  fresh  and  intelligent  portfolio  of  work  at  the  firm,  including  Robinsons Orchard, Zafferano  and  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square.  In  October  2012,  Angevaare became  a Partner  of  designphase  dba  to  reinforce  the  continuation  of  the  firm’s  values and extension  of  its  experience.

    “It’s  an  absolute  privilege  to  be  named  one  of  the  top  designers  in  a  region  that  has become  known  for  its  pursuit  of  cutting-­‐edge  design  innovation,”  said  Mr.  Angevaare. “These  awards  are  a  credit  to  the  incredible  work  of  our  entire  team  over  the  years, and  to  the  leadership  of  Derek  MacKenzie,”  he  said.

    “Joris  has  been  an  integral  part  of  our  team  ever  since  he  joined  us  in  2007,  and  the decision  to  make  him  a  partner  in  the  firm  in  2012  was  a  natural  choice,”  said  Mr. MacKenzie.  “We’re  delighted  by  his  achievements  and  are  looking  forward  to  many more successes  together,”  he  said.

    submission date: 3/19/2014

  • About designphase dba

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    • designphase  dba  is  one  of  Asia’s  most  exciting  design  firms.   With  celebrated accomplishments  on  some  of  the  most  prestigious  design  projects  in  the  region, designphse  dba’s  deep  track  record  spans  three  worlds  of  expertise:  corporate  –  retail – hospitality.
      In  the  world  of  hospitality,  designphase  dba  have  worked  on  an  outstanding  list  of esteemed  projects,  including  The  Exchange,  FoodGarden,  Café  Melba,  Zafferano Restaurant,  Napoleon  Wine  Bar,  Amara  Hotel’s  Element  Cafe  and  The  Singapore Cricket Club.   
      designphase  dba’s  world  of  retail  has  recently  given  birth  to  the  most  compelling injection into  the  retail  scene,  along  one  of  the  world’s  greatest  shopping  streets.   Robinsons Orchard  is  receiving  worldwide  acclaim  for  is  innovative  design  narrative and its attractiveness  to  customers.  The  bright  and  refreshing  approach  has  challenged traditional thinking  and  become  a  beacon  for  over  280  new  and  exclusive  brands.
      In  the  corporate  world  of  designphase  dba,  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters and National  Australia  Bank  are  a  testament  to  creativity,  knowledge,  precision  and quality. Each  project  is  highly  individual  and  unique  to  their  brand.   Underpinned  by deep research  and  thoughtful  expression  of  corporate  identity,  both  projects accommodate their employees  in  environments  which  are  as  ergonomically  supportive as  they  are technically advanced.
      designphase  dba  are  continually  recognised  for  their  groundbreaking  work  with  a number of  prestigious  awards.   They  have  recently  taken  home  trophies  at  the  2012 Singapore Design  Awards  for  their  work  on  The  Exchange  at  Asia  Square,  (Interior Design, Branding),  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square  (Interior  Design)  and  Toby’s  Estate (Interior Design).
      While  designphase  dba  is  headquartered  in  Singapore,  their  work  spans  the  region.

    • About  Singapore  Design  Awards  (SDA)

      Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  that  aims  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  was  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr.  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Focusing  on  the  creative  minds  behind  the  creative  processes  driving  the  design landscape, the  SDA has  adopted  a  fresh  new  approach  and  introduced  new  Awards categories  to  profile  and provide  recognition  to  the  creators  /  designers  and  the  design systems  that  are  in  place to  bring  forth  outstanding  designs  in  Singapore  and  the region. Organised  annually,  the  premiere  Awards  event  also  celebrates  the  achievements  of the creative  industry’s  excellence  and  talents,  and  spotlights  the  strategic  business value of design  to  economies.