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The Common Project

  • Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

    The Acapulco Chair is one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th Century. This year The Common project is celebrating the chair's 60th Anniversary with a very special Limited Edition. The 60th Anniversary Edition consists of a chrome-plated frame with a translucent shell. The choice of materials evokes refinement and sophistication and brings the classic design into the 21st Century. It has been transformed from a fun patio chair into luxury indoor and outdoor seating. Only 600 chairs were produced.

    The Common Project produces the authentic classic born in 1953 in Acapulco, Mexico and highlights its rich history in the world of design. The chair is also available in the 4 classic colors: black, white, mustard, and turquoise.

    The 60th Anniversary Acapulco Chair is available for a limited time at The Common Project.

    submission date: 11/6/2013

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ionone world | The Common Project
    • The Common Project was established in 2009 by architects and designers in Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City as a platform to promote modern authentic furniture and design. At the core of the project stands the philosophy to achieve intelligent and original products with high aesthetic value, functionality, and the highest manufacturing refinement. We celebrate the processes and stories behind each product.