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  • Bonaveri presents Aloof, the new frontier of mannequin’s design. In London

    On 15 May, Bonaveri hosted a special evening for the leaders of Britain’s fashion industry
    A gala dinner was held during the London leg of The Journey – the Bonaveri road show promoting new concepts in visual merchandising – to present the new Schläppi Aloof collection. The event was attended by the elite of the English fashion industry - visuals, art directors, buyers, architects and designers – who experienced an evening dedicated to creativity “behind the glass”. The guest-list included fashion makers from brands like Burberry, Karen Millen, Stella McCartney, Joseph, and Alexander McQueen, some non-British labels such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton, as well as representatives from London’s major department stores - Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Inside the 600 square meter Louise Blouin Foundation, in the sparkling Notting Hill district, guests were treated to an amazing creative experience in a surreal atmosphere where everything was designed to convey the meaning of the new Aloof collection: from the menus to the floral arrangements, from the sculptural installation of the mannequins on the main stage to the delicate miniatures on the tables. The concept for the evening was designed by Emma Davidge, art director of Chameleon who also co-designed the collection with Bonaveri. The dinner was held between The Journey’s stop in Paris and the main event of the year, the opening of the first Bonaveri showroom in Milan at Via Morimondo 23, scheduled for September. Updates and more at www.bonaveri.com and on the Bonaveri facebook page.

    submission date: 6/2/2014

  • about the factory

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    • The Bonaveri headquarters and main production facility is located in Renazzo di Cento in Northern Italy. Our 40.000 square foot home is a modern, high tech facility where craftsmen, artisans and administrative staff come together to create our amazing products. Located in a landscaped park, the factory houses body-scanning laboratories, traditional sculpting workshops, production areas, offices and our magnificent showroom. From this single location we produce thousands of pieces every year which are then dispatched to all corners of the world. Take a tour of our home and see how Aloof was made.