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Angelo Franco Bartoli

  • Points of view

ionone world | art | Angelo Franco Bartoli  | Monza, IT

    There are moments that leave us changed. Seemingly distant events that weave the web of life in our unconsciousness. Only later, passing over, we can discover the dense network that bound them. Three images of its history, a single framework: that's how I play the HARMONY OF A PASSAGE OF LIFE.
    The images, assembled with great care, will move in a continuum of sequence able to recreate the excitement of the story, still alive every time you look with careful eyes.

    Shoes Profiling - Shoes sculpture

    The shoes symbol of travel, but most of our introspective journey every shoe is a partial portrait of the wearer, a clue to his personality. The shoes as occasionally silent witness of our lives, our expectations, our identity obvious and hidden.
    The shoes as a message sometimes obscured even to those who possess them, but ready to read those who can "drive".
    The question I have asked is : the shoes are the diaphragm that separates us from the ground, protection from bad roads, but mostly because just that pair of shoes among 100 others?
    For everyone the answer that best fits him.
    When, 10 years ago, I found in a junk shop some forms of shoes in walnut-1950s, could not resist the urge to withdraw en masse despite not having the slightest idea what to do. What struck me was that on every pair of shoes was hand-written name of the person for which they were produced. This prompted me to imagine the life, character, inclinations belonging to the owners of those objects useless. The thought that these people have left behind a small memory, must have unconsciously touched my imagination.
    After a decade I have had the desire to create for them a new pair of shoes, starting from their own forms and inspired by the themes of our daily lives.

    submission date: 5/11/2014

  • About Angelo Franco Bartoli

ionone world | art | Angelo Franco Bartoli  | Monza, IT
    • Born in Monza on 11 .11.1967
      Thanks to his grandfather a painter and a sculptor and his mother a painter he has been in contact since childhood with the art world. He has likened taste and techniques he then refined over time, developing a personal expression that has moved into his versatile artistic activity which includes photography, set design, painting, sculpture and interior design.
      Over time it has developed a very personal ability to mix materials, with preference for those of recovery, to create objects and installations as expression and communication of its conceptual view of the surroundings.
      Currently, in addition to the collaboration with manufacturing companies in various sectors as industrial designer, he continued his daily activities experiencing the development of innovative techniques for the use of industrial materials in the field of art.